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"Hi, my name is (removed for privacy) i'm from Onion lake Sask. and I'm emailing you in regards to all the lights we've been seeing around here the past few years or so and i'm wondering if anyone else from Onion lake has contacted you with these stories of the strange lights. The first time i heard about these lights i was very skeptical as i'm sure most people are..until i seen em myself and recorded them but have since lost the recordings they looked like stars but were in r atmosphere not far up. They would do little zigzags and float around all goofy up there then blink out and reappear a few seconds later..but the most amazing happened one night in the summer of 2008 when me and my late brother were sitting outside our parents house when what we thought we saw was a meteor or shooting star make a v shaped turn at such fast rate of speed it looked like it left a vapor trail but it was a black streak or haze in the night sky. My relatives still see lights it seems like a weekly occurrence but just shrug it off or choose to ignore it because there's no answers or don't know who to ask as to what they are or could be. So I am asking if you can look into it or even just a little insight as to what you think it could be if its from our world or theirs. thnx"


"We live on a farm south of Smeaton in north east Sask. This multiple sighting took place at from 11:00pm till well after 12:00am last night (September 2/2012). We were outside in the hot tub with some friends when my buddy said "hey look at those "2" satellites (pointed west). We all agreed that they were indeed NOT satellites as the pair were moving in the exact same direction at the exact same speed and maintaining the exact same distance apart from each other. The pair got very bright, then disappeared. Approximately 10 minutes later another unexplained (single) light appeared and followed the identical path as the 2 before, got very bright, then disappeared. Ten minutes later same thing. This went on 3 more times spaced the same time apart as the last lights! We finally called it a night after that. I don't know how long the lights went on for after. They did not appear to be aircraft (too bright and no blinking strobe light, and simply vanished when a second before it was visible), and we've never seen satellites behave that way..... (especially the first identical pair flying in tandem). Satellites you can usually follow across the sky for a longer period of time, as these things only lasted for like 10 seconds at a time. The objects flew from south to north and then appeared to veer off to the west, then disappear."


"i was fishing at E. B. Campbell power station, this is located on the end of Tobin lake Sask, on the river side of the station. i was looking into the sky, i have always been interested in locating the different constellations, i looked down to cast my line, then back up while i retrieved continue star gazeing. directly above me to my right a bit, there is 3 perfect circular, dark shapes with white light auras around them, then they pulsed, a type of light i have never seen, this light, the best i can describe it, it was like fluid mercury and pulsed outward from the objects twice, during the second pulse, it appeared that this was just part of a larger body or structure, then it was gone, i fished for another 5 or 10 minutes, not sure of what i had just seen, i packed up my gear and went back to the lodge i was staying at. i didn't sleep." Tobin Lake August 9th 2012


We were driving outside of Yorkton coming in from the country and I noticed some jets in the sky and then two dots that were beside each other that looked like stars but it seemed too early for stars! So I watched them and one slowly disappeared than the other one did, and in a couple minutes they came back red and disappeared  and then some black thing was in the sky, and by then we were in yorkton, and couldn't see them yet. It scared me a lot. It was very weird September 23rd 2012 6:30


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