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On Thursday April 19 was still at work in NE Saskatoon by airport. At about 945pm came out for a break and while standing by the back of truck, noticed bright light to the East, very close to the airport. At first I thought it was a plane on decent for landing, but it was much to low and had the wrong angle. Then I thought it might be a helicopter because it was not lined up to the runway. Almost as soon as I thought this I knew it was not because there were no flashing lights visible and it started to move erratically. I tried to get a picture of it but had trouble getting camera set up in the dark and by the time I came back to look it was gone. Then, as I walked back to the cab on Passenger side, I saw it to the South, going strait up. It stopped quite high, my guess anywhere from 5-10 miles and stayed in the same are, but was almost continually moving. I called and told two people, one stayed in bed, the other said there were too many trees to see anything. I had to go back to work and when I came back out at 1015 it was still there and when I reached home about 1040 is was still there. I worked at Saskatoon airport for about 7 years and know the layout of the runways, and after that I worked for another 8 years at Medicine Hat airport, so I know what to look for when I am seeing a helicopter or aeroplane, If you were to stand facing south, with the big dipper over the left shoulder, the first time I saw it was a about 10 degrees to the south of my shoulder, and when I saw it climbing it would be strait in front. I missed how it got from where I first saw it to where it got to before it climbed, as the truck is a 10 foot high cube van that blocked my view.

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