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James Smith Cree Nation - June 2011


"I am not sure of the exact date. I was sitting outside on the steps with the yard lights off at my in-laws smoking around 3 am with my girl friend. She went inside and as I was looking south into the sky i noticed a light getting brighter in the corner of my eye to the east and when I look it got so bright I called my girl friend to come see but when she got outside the light was already faded like a star. Then the light started to move father away I think because I watched the light float away until I could no longer see it. It was almost like it was coming for me until I yelled for my girl friend to come out side.  Maybe she remembers the date I really did see this but I forgot about the date. I've been trying to find a website to state my sightings because in James Smith Cree Nation we seem to see something floating around or flying by in the sky almost every night. Its a guarantee to see something going fast or slow or zigging and zagging in the sky. I've even seen a triangle fly over prince albert fair around 1 am 3 years ago there was 5 of us that witnessed it."

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