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The following report was sent to us in May 2011, but the actual event occurred in September 1968 at approx. 1pm:


"In 1968 my father and I were driveing south of Watrous Sask on hwy 2 we were approximately 5 miles south when we saw a object at the edge of a field  and approximately 30 to 40 feet off the ground. There were other cars and trucks stopped, but they were stopped farther down the road. We stopped right beside it. It looked like a piece of stainless steel pipe about eight feet long and two feet thick with a orange flame coming out one end. The flame came out the size of the pipe then tapered down to a point the length of the flame would be about 8 feet. But what was really strange was that the object was almost horizontal  and it had no point on the front no windows no door on the side we were on . The object never moved at all absolutely still we watched the object for 30 min and no movement had happened . it was a nice day in the fall warm out no wind you could hear it burning. It was still there when we left we saw other people with cameras, but never stopped to talk to them. The time of the sighting would have been about 1pm." 


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