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Created: Thursday, 25 June 2015 15:02
Written by Julie Pitt

witness photo 1


The above photo was provided by the witness. The light in question is light blue above the tree line.


June 1, 2015 - Documented by researcher Julie Pitt

U.F.O.s and alien beings, ghosts, 'orbs' and psychic abilities, these are all phenomena that can be placed under the heading of 'paranormal'.   Paranormal can be defined as' any phenomena, that in one or more respects exceeds the limits of what is deemed physically possible, according to current scientific assumptions'.   Though these phenomena can all be thought of as paranormal, frequently they are not considered in any way related to one another. 

But is there any connection at all between them? 

When it comes to encountering strange events, often times we find witnesses who have been fortunate to experience a variety of these different aspects of the paranormal.  Sometimes what is witnessed, though perplexing, is brief and fleeting, while occasionally witnesses find themselves privileged to see something extremely dramatic.  This also leads to wondering if differing circumstances create more of an opportunity for paranormal elements to present themselves?  If we consider the case of Shawn Prentice, it would seem that, living in certain geographical areas can be a precursor for some fantastic U.F.O. Sightings, not to mention encounters with other-worldly beings.

Shawn Prentice* 36, of London, Ontario is a business man who is dedicated to raising his two adolescent daughters.  He came forward to PSICAN in May, hoping to share some of what he has been through with others.  Shawn is someone who has overcome many obstacles in his life, mostly stemming from a difficult childhood.   He feels thankful for now being able to have a peaceful life and is a spiritual person.   Shawn recalls that while growing up he came to be aware that some members of his family were involved in different spiritualist activities, which included psychic readings. As a teenager Shawn learned of having some psychic abilities of his own.   His life after growing up and moving out in his own direction was interspersed with various anomalous phenomena.

An especially striking memory  of his past goes back to a fall night in 2004.   Shawn was trying to get to sleep after a long day and was lying on his back.  His wife was asleep beside him.  He turned from his back to his side and that was when he was amazed to see a brightly glowing ball of light, about the size of a softball hovering the bed.  He closed his eyes to make sure that he was not imagining it.  When he reopened them the glowing orb of light was still there.  He stared at it for approximately 10 seconds taking notice of the intricately patterned details of its interior.   He closed his eyes again and this time when he opened them it was gone.  Throughout the years Shawn has taken many photographs in the various places he has lived in the London area.  Many of his photos reveal what are known as 'orbs'.  Though the concept of 'orbs' has been 'debunked' in recent years by some researchers studying the phenomena, it is interesting to note that some of the 'orbs' in Shawn's photos, look very much like what he saw in his room in 2004.

It was when Shawn moved into a high-rise apartment building on the outskirts of London in 2012 that he began to experience some very dramatic phenomena.  The building was adjacent to a forested area, that included some large ponds throughout.   Shawn and his girlfriend would enjoy looking out and seeing deer during the day and coyotes at night.  The forested area was also mostly shielded from city lights and the darkness provided for great star-gazing from his 5th floor apartment.  During his nights sky watching he saw what he believed to be U.F.Os many times.   There were a few different types of objects that he would see but there was one type in particular which he described as 'fireballs'.

witness photo 2


Another photo provided by the witness. Again note the light appearing above the tree line.


In the early spring of 2013, it was about 8pm when he noticed two brightly glowing objects heading north at about 1500 feet of elevation.  One of the 'fireball' type of objects was slightly behind the other and was emitting a red flame-like tail.  Shawn watched the objects travelling north until they suddenly seemed to lose their illumination.  He could still see them but after losing their light they looked like two black objects.  He watched until they were out of his vision range.   Another night about two weeks later, he once again saw two of the 'fireball' type of objects.   He took some photos of them and immediately after doing so he saw, a dark, 'ash-like' (as Shawn describes it) fog seemed to move rapidly across the sky. It encompassed the entire area and within minutes he could see that it was rapidly covering the entire city.  Shawn saw an object similar to this type on one other occasion in December of 2014.   This time the object remained stationary for ten minutes.  It would fly in and out of a cloud over and over.  He said that he felt like it was playing hide and seek.

Shawn and his family continued to enjoy the view from the balcony.   He regularly saw mysterious objects, not always as striking as the 'fireballs'  that he had seen, but still intriguing.  As entertaining as he found his sky watching hobby, he could never have predicted how much more 'up close and personal', things were about to become for him. 

Shawn recalled  watching television in June of 2013, one evening around midnight, when something extraordinary happened.   He was sitting there relaxing when suddenly felt the strong sensation that he was being watched.    He turned his head suddenly to look out of the sliding glass door leading to the balcony.  As he cast his gaze in the direction of the balcony, an extremely bright, white flash occurred instantly.  What was even more amazing that the flash itself left behind a glowing trail of white light ,about four feet long that lasted for a couple of seconds.  When this happened Shawn recollected that he had experienced this previously,  while camping up north, near a private lake, approximately eight years before. Shawn took note of the flash incident, but otherwise continued on with his normal day to day life. 

One night in early September of 2013 Shawn returned home late from a busy day.  He entered his apartment, looking forward to his relaxation time.  He stopped dead in his tracks in the doorway of the entrance.   He was stunned by what was before his eyes.  Standing in his living room, staring , as if very interested in a painting of horses that was hanging on the living room wall , was a being of unknown origin.  It was extremely tall, over seven feet by Shawn's recollection and had the appearance of a typical 'Grey' type of alien however much larger.  Shawn exclaimed a little and jumped by the shock of what he confronted but as he reacted, his reaction in turn startled the being,  who was seemingly transfixed by the horse painting.  The being started physically as if it were itself shocked by Shawn's sudden arrival.  It turned its head from the painting to look at Shawn.   They stood there each looking at the other, Shawn in awe, for a few seconds but which must have seemed like an eternity.   Shawn states that as he stood looking at it, he could see that its appearance was becoming 'less-solid' with each passing second.  It was gradually fading out.   He was able to see through it eventually until within about 5 seconds it was completely gone from his vision.   The being was tall and thin with very long thin arms   It had long thin hands with very long fingers.  Its legs were very long and thin.  Its head and hands were of a much light colour so it had the appearance of wearing a suit of black.  It had very large almond shaped eyes of pure black.  He could not see a nose or a mouth. Shawn describes feeling disturbed by witnessing the being, but because of his background he was able to gradually let the incident fade from his mind.   

When putting all of these events together, it may seem as if, after all his time studying the sky and the U.F.O.s that he was witnessing , that maybe something was out there, that in turn took note of Shawn's dedicated and persistent observing presence.   In retrospect Shawn asserts that he does not feel that he is particularly special because of his experiences.   He believes that he is someone who, sees and understands; recognizes and is sensitive to, aspects of reality that others cannot, or do not want to see.   He likens his abilities to being able to tune into different frequencies of different channels.  He has the sense that there is much more happening around us then what we can see through visible light.   As for the U.F.O.s and the being who visited him, he believes that these types of things have always been here and references the depictions of them in many antiquities and ancient works of art.   Whatever the reasons for Shawn being the one to experience these phenomena, his generously sharing his story, gives those of us who are interested, an inspiration to continue observing the world around us with an intent and watchful eye, like he does.

*Shawn Prentice is a pseudonym given to the witness in order to protect the privacy of his family.

Our thanks goes out to the witness for generously sharing his time, photos, and these experiences with us. It takes a lot of courage to come forward and we greatly appreciate the information he has provided us with and the ability to share it with you our readers. If you have experienced something that you believe may be a UFO in Ontario or UFO like phenomena please contact us at or fill out our reporting form here Your privacy will be protected and confidentiality is assured.