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Written by Albert S. Rosales

Map of Ontario


As far as UFO and alien encounters go, the Canadian Province of Ontario has always been very active, (followed closely by Quebec) with hundreds (if not thousands) of such reports from all over the Province and from people of all walks of life. The following is a listing of known cases taken from sources worldwide during years of endless search. I don’t claim that all these events are real facts I just collect them and put them out there for the readers to make their own decision.


Albert S. Rosales




Location. Near Warwick Ontario Canada

Date: October 3 1843                              Time: daytime

A man was laboring in a field under a slight rain when soon the sky became clear and the witness heard a distant rumbling coming from the west, he did not see anything so he kept working. The rumbling sound became louder and seemed to approach. The witness looked again and saw a strange cloud approaching and underneath the cloud, the saw three men, all three completely white in color. These men sailed through the air one following the other. The three men passed directly above the witness at treetop level. The men were motionless and seemed to emit “moaning” sounds. The moans sounded like loud “Woe’s.” The three figures eventually drifted out of sight.


HC addition # 1335

Source: John Robert Colombo, UFOs over Canada                    Type: C? Or E






Location. Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

Date: October 5 1890                                                              Time: evening

On Sunday evening (October 5), a few minutes before 7 o’clock, three men were standing before Vorsad’s grocery store at St. Catharine in conversation. Suddenly one of them exclaimed: “That man will fall and be killed.” He directed the attention of his companions to a house just across the street, where, outlined against the sky, was plainly seen the figure of a man walking along the ledge of the roof from the chimney to the edge of the eave trough. The figure appeared to be about eight feet in height and balanced above his head he held a long pole, such as is used by tight-rope walkers. The trio looked breathlessly at the spectacle, expecting every moment to see the man fall to the ground. Turning slowly around, the figure ascended the roof again, walking on the extreme edge, poised for a moment on the point of the roof, then appeared to diminish in size, finally disappeared altogether. The three men were almost terror-stricken, and rushed across the street into the yard, expecting to find that the man had fallen, but no trace of the man or pole could be found. The men who saw the weird sight are respectable and reputable people, and they agree in their recital of the story, with the single exception that one of them says the man was in shirt sleeves and had a dark vest and trousers, while the others say that he had a full suit of dark clothes on. A sharp watch has been kept on the spot since, but the spook has not reappeared.


HC addendum

Source: Jerome Clark, Magonia exchange quoting Macon (Georgia) Telegraph October 16 1890                                                                                                                          Type: E?




Location. Deux Rivieres, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

Date: April 18 1892                                                   Time: 22:30

A strange phenomenon was observed in the heavens on the night of Monday, the 18th by four members of the family of one of our villagers. About 22:30 on the night in question the gentleman referred to, when preparing for bed, noticed in the part of the heavens where the planet Venus is situated at present, a curious illumination, at first appearing like a vapory cloud, but afterwards seeming to take the shape of a group of human figures, who seemed to be moving about in an illuminated space in the firmament. After watching the strange sight for some time he called his wife and two daughters, who had already retired, and they all watched the strange appearance until about midnight when it finally disappeared.

The figures had all the appearance of human beings rather indistinctly seen. Were the parties who witnessed the strange sight people of a superstitious turn of mind, one might assume that imagination had a good deal to do with it, but they are far from being such. The only solution the writer can hazard to account for the phenomenon is that it was a case of mirage, representing some driver’s camp on one of the small streams which flow into the Ottawa River, as there are usually plenty of them at this time of the year. No doubt some folks who are superstitiously inclined will arrive at a very different conclusion to the above.


HC addendum

Source: Kay Massingill in quoting “The Ottawa Journal (Ottawa, Ontario, Canada) 25 April 1892                                                     Type: E





Location. Georgian Bay Ontario Canada

Date: Late August 1914                          Time: 1700

William J. Kiehl, 18, with 7 other people and a deer, watched a strange machine floating in a cove, with 5 little men in light brown clothes & square helmets taking a hose out of the water. When one of these went into the craft, Kiehl could see inside “a light green cone” with “some kind of net in the center & some pipe in front.” The vessel was gray, looking like dented lead, perhaps 15 ft high, with a silver band around it. It emitted multi-colored flashes, then (although one little man was still hanging on outside) it rose about 12 ft. After pausing while water drained from its “square looking” bottom, it took off silently, trailing white vapor.


Humcat 1914-2

Source: Letter to J. A. Hynek                                                                                              Type: A





Location. Windsor, Ontario, Canada

Date: early March 1918                                         Time: night

Scores of Windsor residents, including members of the police force, stoutly affirm they witnessed a startling phenomenon last Thursday night in the form of an angel who appeared surrounded by a circle of flaming red, in the western sky. Following as it does, reports from France that soldiers have seen Joan of Arc and St. Michael leading them into battle, as well as the apparition of the angel of Mons, the experience of the Windsorites is attracting more than ordinary attention.

Patrolmen on duty Thursday night, skeptical over reports received over the telephone, walked out where they could view the section of the sky in which the phenomenon was reported. They declared they beheld the blood red circle high in the heavens though the angel’s figure, if it had been there, had disappeared. Another member of the police force, however, is authority for the statement that he previously saw the angel, circle and all. Many Detroit residents declare they, too, had seen the angel in the red circle, a striking coincidence with the experience of the Windsorites. All descriptions of the apparition agree that it was far too bright, vivid and well defined to have anything to do with the aurora borealis, which was faintly visible Thursday night from this part of the continent.


HC addendum

Source: Kay Massingill in quoting The Bridgeport Telegram, Tuesday, March 12 1918, Bridgeport, Connecticut




Location. Near Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada

Date: March 8 1918                                                                 Time: night

The “Thunder Eagle”, sacred among the Ojibwa Indians as personifying the spirit of the “Maineto” supposed to have its nest on the Sleeping Giant, 1400 feet above Thunder Bay, was seen depicted in fire in the brilliant display of aurora borealis here last night. The figure of the eagle was sharply defined, traveling swiftly southward over the bay, accompanied by huge splashes of red and green fire which shot about it like meteors. A coincidence was a dispatch received here from Duluth telling of the appearance of an eagle in the aurora borealis there Friday night. The form of the Thunder Eagle was seen, not only by Indians, but by scores of white people. The Ojibwas say the Thunder Eagle has not been seen for many years and that its appearance portends wonderful happenings in the world.


HC addendum

Source: Kay Massingill in quoting Idaho Statesman (Boise Idaho) Saturday March 9 1918                                                                     Type: X

Comments: Consider the events that took place around the same time at Windsor Ontario Canada was there any connection to this?






Location. Mattawan River area, Ontario Canada

Date: June 1920                        Time: afternoon

16-year old Albert Coe was on a canoeing holiday in Ontario with his friend Rod, when while he was alone one day, he heard a voice crying for help from below the rocks over which he was climbing. He said he located the source of the voice, a young man of human appearance who had become trapped in a cleft in the rocks. Coe said he rescued the man, who thanked him profusely and said that he had been fishing when he accidently stumbled into the cleft. He was described as handsome, blond-haired, young, and dressed in a strange, silver-gray suit. He told that he had a small aircraft in a nearby clearing, and when Coe helped him return to it, he realized that it was unlike anything he had ever seen; a 20 feet diameter disc, resting on three landing struts. The alien had Coe swear not to say anything opened a hatch in the underside of the craft and climbed in, and then took off with a high-pitched whine. Coe further claims that six months later he received a short note requesting a lunchtime meeting at the McAlpine Hotel in Ottawa. It was signed, “Xretsim”, i.e. Mister X spelt backwards. Coe went to the hotel, and met again the young man he had rescued; although this time he was dressed in an ordinary suit. At lunch the young said his name was Zret and that he was part of a survey team charged with monitoring Earth’s scientific progress. His race, he said, comes from planet Norca in the Tau Ceti star system, that begun to dehydrate and 14,000 years ago, forcing the inhabitants to migrate to another system. They explored our solar system and chose it as their new home. According to Zret 243,000 Norcans embarked on the journey of colonization in 62 huge spacecrafts, that all fell into the sun because of a navigation error, except for one which crash-landed on Mars, killing 1,300 of its 5,000 passengers. The survivors colonized Mars, and then moved on to Venus and Earth, where they founded Atlantis and Lemuria. Zret went on to state that the Norcans now live mainly in Venus, although they maintain several research bases on Mars. Coe claimed he maintained contact with Zret and other Norcans for the next sixty years meeting them on average once a month.


Humcat 1920-2

Source: Jack Helsel also Albert Coe “The Shocking Truth” 1969                          Type: G




Location. Port Burwell Ontario Canada

Date: Summer 1925                                Time: night

The five-year old witness woke up and felt compelled to go outside into the backyard; she then saw a large “train-like” craft approaching. It was emitting a loud whining sound. A light approached the witness and she recalled floating up into the craft. Several small gray beings with large eyes, set far apart took her gown off. The beings were slender with whitish gray skin, large heads, and bulging eyes and were wearing tight fitting satin like outfits. She is later floated up and apparently examined with various instruments. She is eventually released.


HC addition # 288

Source: Cuforn Bulletin May-June 1988                                         Type: G




Location. Port Burwell Ontario Canada

Date: late summer 1925                        Time: daytime

The witness was lying on the grass outside when she saw a flat silvery disc land nearby; several beings with wrinkled yellow skin came out. She was then apparently taken inside the craft and given a ride. The disc flew at a very high altitude and the witness was returned later.


HC addition # 289

Source: Cuforn Bulletin May/June 1988                                        Type: G




Location. 150 miles W of Toronto Ontario Canada

Date: May 4 1932                     Time: night

During a period of personal crises of his theology, the witness, now a retired pastor, found himself in a city of 16-17 thousand 150 miles west of Toronto, in a street lit up by a brilliant white light. Looking up, he saw the light came from a round cloud with a scalloped edge, about 200 yards overhead; from it streamed down a light like a laser beam. Standing beside him, he saw a young man with golden hair, dressed in a suit of a similar color; he had radiant blue eyes, and was about 5.5 feet tall. He smiled at the man and told him that his work would be in that city, and reminded him “the cottage in the rear of the mansion is as important as those who dwell in the mansions.” He said the witness would be there for 6 years and would work his way to the west coast. According to the man’s account, the prophecies were fulfilled.


Humcat 1932-1

Source: John Musgrave & Ted Bloecher                                                                         Type: C?





Location. Near Port Colborne Ontario

Date: Winter 1936                   Time: unknown

The fifteen-year-old witness watched a metallic saucer shaped craft fly low overhead and land on a nearby field. He approached the object and apparently encountered some human-like occupants and was invited inside the object where he was shown some “machinery.” No other information.


HC addition # 304

Source: Robert E. Bartholomew, Ufolore quoting Musgrave                               Type: G Direct communication and contact with aliens.




Location. Near Ramore, Ontario, Canada

Date: 1947                   Time: various

Local farmers reported seeing a gigantic black bird-like creature that would attack and injure their cattle. It had a hooked beak, huge claws, and large yellow eyes “the size of silver dollars”.


HC addendum

Source:                                                    Type: E






Location. Svastika Ontario Canada

Date: 1948                  Time: unknown

A Mr. Galbraith observed a disc-like object land on the ground; an entity left the object and collected samples of vegetation. The object transmitted a “force field” which pushed the witness to the ground. The same witness again observed an object on the ground, three entities who smiled at him were observed outside the craft. A police patrol saw a light in the nearby woods, but couldn’t approach it because of an “invisible wall”.


Humcat 1948-3

Source: Jacques Vallee, Passport to Magonia                                                 Type: C


Location. Sawbill Bay. Ontario Canada

Date: July 2 1950                       Time: evening

After feeling a blast like vibration, Mr. & Mrs Gordon Edwards looked at the lake and saw a large shiny object on the water, less than ¼ mile away. It looked like “one saucer upside down on another,” with round portholes around the edge. A hatch on top was open; about 10 “queer little figures” less than 4 ft tall were visible. A hoop shaped antenna was slowly rotating. The topmost figure wore a red skullcap; the others dark blue; all had “a shiny metallic substance over the chest,” and appeared to lack faces. Moving like automatons, they seemed to be drawing water through a bright green hose and discharging it through another. When the witness next looked, the beings were gone and the craft was about 8 ft up; it appeared about 48 ft wide and 15 ft thick. It tilted to 45 degrees and took off northward, with a blast of wind. At the end of July at the same location, Gordon Edwards and another man observed a similar “saucer” above the bay. They only observed it for a few seconds as the hose was reeled in. The craft took off with a high pitched whine, with one entity hanging aboard.


Humcat 1950-9

Source: Gordon Evans & John Brent Musgrave “UFO Occupants & Critters” Type: B



Location. Near Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

Date: August 1953                                   Time: late afternoon

Several witnesses including the 8-year old main witness (reporter) were in the barnyard when their attention was directed to a high pitched engine type noise. They looked towards the noise and in the air at tree top level appeared what looked like a twin engine sized aircraft with propellers turning. The object was about 300ft away and had larger type portholes down its left side. Several occupants were observing the witnesses from the portholes; these could be seen perfectly as could those in the other portholes. They appeared to be wearing snow white flight suits extremely large white helmets and extra-large round dark “sunglasses”. The witnesses looked at them and they looked at the witnesses who had the impression that they were almost as surprised to see them as the witnesses themselves. The speed of the craft was that of walking speed but there appeared to be some quick movements in the cockpit and the vehicle then performed a side slip to its right and disappeared behind a small hill. They ran toward what they believed was the crash site expecting an explosion but nothing appeared to be there. About a month later the main witness and a school friend observed a large barrel shaped object with what looked like cast-iron pipes at right angles protruding from it. A large cloud was over it and what appeared to be a rope or cable was hanging from it. No noise was evident as the object was at tree top level and only about 200 feet away. The object then briefly followed them and then eventually disappeared behind some taller trees.


HC addendum

Source: Type: A





Location. Garson Ontario Canada

Date: July 2 1954                      Time: 1730

Ennio La Sarza, 35, said that he saw a spaceship 25 ft in diameter land at the Garson mine; it had a square center with a telescopic projection, 2 ear like spurs on its “head,” 3 sets of arms with claws, and 6 legs. From it emerged 3 beings about 13 ft tall, “built in much the same manner as the ship,” who held him with a hypnotic stare. La Sarza ran for the mine’s First Aid Station, where he fainted.


Humcat 1954-40

Source: Humcat quoting Newspaper source                                                                               Type: B




Location. Fort Erie, Ontario, Canada

Date: 1956                   Time: various

Years after the incident the witness recalled that as a young boy he was visited in his bedroom on several occasions by several men dressed in black that would take him out of the room while his parents slept. They would perform tests on him and it was almost always on his spinal cord. On several occasions he attempted to scream but was unable to. The dark garbed “doctors” warned him that he should never speak of them or else he would be in danger. The “treatments” continued for a while then finally just stopped. The witness has peculiar “scars” on his back to this day.


HC addendum

Source: NUFORC                                                                                      Type: G




Location. Owen Sound Ontario Canada

Date: Summer 1957                                Time: afternoon

A young boy on his way to a store encountered a silvery disc shaped object sitting on top of a hill, next to the object stood a small silver suited humanoid. The humanoid had large black eyes and gray hands; it and another similar creature were apparently working around the object. The witness was taken inside the object where he saw a large screen. He was then placed on a metallic table where his mind was apparently examined. He saw multicolored lights and strange symbols and figures. He was later released and taken to a place near his house.


HC addition # 294

Source: Lawrence J Fenwick, SBI Report # 40                                              Type: G





Location. Forest Hill, Ontario, Canada

Date: 1958                                                   Time: early morning

Mrs. Peggy Robinson was awoken by a brilliant glow in her bedroom. Upon going to the window she observed what looked like a group of 5 or 6 children in a circle underneath a street light. She then realized that they were dwarfs, no more than 1m tall, which moved in a strange, stiff fashion. One, who appeared to be giving orders to the others, turned and looked straight at her. The others also stopped and looked at her. She pulled the curtains and went back to bed and fell asleep again.


HC addendum

Source: David Haisell, p. 58, citing his own investigation                      Type: E





Location. Toronto Ontario Canada

Date: May 24 1958                   Time: late evening

The witness was in bed, but suddenly felt compelled to go to the front porch area, there he met his mother and brother and they all watched a large bright light descend and land on a nearby orchard across the street. The object had bright rotating lights, which dimmed as it touched the ground. Moments later two persons came from the direction of the orchard field and walked past the witness. One was a tall man wearing long black boots and a belt, he had a tanned complexion and sandy blond hair, the other was a woman that wore a gray uniform and black boots and belt, and she had long black hair. The witness apparently followed the two who then entered a nearby grocery store. The young witness entered the store and inside was confronted by both the man and the woman, the witness felt a strong sense of love and understanding emanating from the pair. The woman then asked him several questions and mentioned something about “time travel.” She spoke with her companion in an unknown language. The witness also remembers the woman mentioning “Jesus Christ” and that someday he would know the truth about him. The pair eventually walked back into the orchard field and left in the object. The next thing the witness was able to remember was walking back into his house with his mother and brother.


HC addition # 1337

Source: John Robert Colombo, UFOs over Canada                                                    Type: C






Location. Bells Corner Ontario Canada

Date: August 18 1958                              Time: 2245

Mrs. Couturier glanced out of her window and noticed a patch of bluish light about 25 ft south of the house. She called to her son, and the two of them went outside to investigate further. Although, Mrs. Couturier was brave and walked up to within a couple of ft of the light, her son was anxious and stayed further away urging extreme caution. He only observed the bright blue light the whole time. However, when Mrs. Couturier walked right up to the light she observed what appeared to be a small person lying face down on the ground with its face lifted so its eyes were visible, but not the lower part of the face. The light seemed to be radiating from the entity’s eyes. She felt calm and peaceful as she watched for about a minute before the pleading of her son convinced her to return into the house.



HC addition # 32

Source: John Brent Musgrave, UFO Occupants & Critters

Quoting Wilbert Smith and Jack Buchanan                                                  Type: E





Location. Owen Sound, Ontario, Canada

Date: 1959                                                   Time: unknown

4-year old Jack was playing at home when something shot out from behind the couch and drew blood painlessly from his leg. The device quickly left his ankle and retreated behind the couch.


HC addendum

Source: Lawrence Fenwick in Mufon Journal 183 p11                                              Type: X






Location. Atikokan, Ontario, Canada

Date: summer 1960                                                                 Time: afternoon

A couple picnicking at Duckbill Lake heard a low humming sound and climbed up a hillock to look down on the lake. They saw a large, green, circular object near the lake and four dwarfs with hosepipes attached to their suits, syphoning water out of the lake. When the woman screamed the beings entered the object, which took off. The male witness suffered harassment at work following the event.


HC addendum

Source: Vicky Cameron 1995 p. 25                                                                    Type: B






Location. Near Welland, Ontario, Canada

Date: October 19 1960                                           Time: evening & 2300

The 15-year old witness felt an overwhelming compulsion to leave his home and travel out to an area near Niagara Falls. He found himself all alone in a desolate dark area. Suddenly the whole area around him lit up with the most brilliant but not blinding light. The light was coming from above him and just above the trees. He looked up into the source of the light and there was a large bluish white smooth saucer shaped craft a hundred feet above him or less and about that size in diameter. Motionless, the craft hovered above him. Somehow he knew this object was not from this civilization and was indeed an alien craft. He tried to take “full advantage of the situation” and called out, “Who are you---what do you want?” Then the most unexpected thing happened; a loud resonating voice spoke out of the flying saucer, saying, “Do not be afraid, we will not harm you. We will return tomorrow night to confirm the sighting and visit you.” He had not expected this and after a few moments the saucer began to move to the Northeast, gaining altitude quickly and sped away in a burst of speed, dematerializing in the clear sky. He then made his way to Niagara Falls, hitchhiking once more and later was picked up by his very upset parents. Later at home it was 2300 and everyone had gone to sleep, he suddenly had a strange feeling as if someone was watching him as he sat near his bed in his pajamas. He called out, “Who is there…are you from the flying saucer?” Then a form of telepathic voice answered, “Don’t be afraid, prepare yourself.” Then a total blackness took over him, not one from sleep either and found himself onboard a flying saucer. Looking around from inside a form of transparent tube that he was standing within he could see the craft was circular and of a bluish white metal. The instrument panels and floor were of the same metal. He stood there and then stepped down from the platform toward a man six feet high and with short white hair that contrasted with his metallic bronze colored skin and sparkling blue eyes and vividly blue flight suit he wore. There were two other younger men there of the same type, but with ebony colored hair. The older alien approached him and said, “We have brought you here because there are many important things to be done in the future of Earth, these will change its history for the better or the worst as if all depends on where a person stands in relation to his civilization.” As he spoke these things they walked toward a viewing screen and he adjusted a few dials and they saw a view of Rio de Janeiro at night time. Either we had traveled into the future or it was a time viewer, a view of a strange air that was tense as the city started to convulse, flames shot upward and he saw a massive tidal wave coming in a thousand feet high as the land sank beneath the ocean and new land surfaced upward from the South Atlantic Ocean. The alien then said, “This is only an example of what will be happening in your future as this civilization is coming to its end as have many greater ones in the past!” He then showed the witness the rest of the ship, command center seat, other control panels as the control screens pulsated colors to reveal the energy densities and time waves they were in. The alien then mentioned, “Another reason why you are here now, besides seeing the inside of the ship is we were wondering if you would like to help us?” “You must realize why you have been kept alive since birth when you should of died so many times, baffling the doctors as to why you keep re-charging and still alive? You are here to fulfill our needs!” Somehow the witness understood that it his “rebirth” and understood that it was a natural path of evolution and mankind’s function.

The alien added further, “Your present memories of your body will remain intact and keep a safety factor for myself”. It was at this time that the aliens mentioned where they were from, not any nearby planet or star system, but from Earth’s own past of the “Carboniferous age”

They called themselves the “Arkonites”. When it was time he was led to the transparent tube and it was lowered down around him and another one on the alien. The other aliens adjusted the controls for the tubes, which he later understood were “teleporting” tubes. Strange vivid colors surrounded him after the hazy yellowish hue of the first process of energizing had begun. The colors appeared as swirling indigo colors, whites, blues, yellows and many other incredible colors. Waves of caressing energy ran through his body, purging his spirit, rending his body a renovated house for a new resident. It was the most omnipresent feeling of well-being that a person could experience, not only an experience of feeling and seeing colors but also of wisdom and language it possessed. The whole universe seemed to be in those colors and it would only take time and meditation to understand the laws and secrets it talked about. Later the witness woke up in his room again finding his clean clothes in an ozone smelling heap in the corner of the room, where before they were neatly folded clean on the dresser.


HC addendum

Source: Type: G

Comments: According to the witness he would have further contacts.



Location. St Catharines Ontario Canada
Date: 1961                           Time: night

The witness, Bill, was driving home with his young son, when his vehicle apparently stopped. He got out of the car and was confronted by several four-foot tall humanoids that had been standing in front of a landed object. He remembers being taken through a black shiny mirror like entrance of the object. Under hypnosis he recalled seeing some type of museum of time onboard the craft, where he encountered a range of devices from the early 20th century to the future.


HC addition # 295

Source: Lawrence J Fenwick, SBI Report # 40                                              Type: G




Location. 100 miles from Welland Ontario Canada

Date: 1961                   Time: unknown

Ivan Boyes, 26, of Welland, Ontario, told a New Zealand reporter that he had been telepathically attracted to a space craft 100 miles from his home in Welland, Ontario, in 1961. He had hitch hiked the distance and was later taken on board; he said the craft was circular and about 100 feet in diameter and was operated by three crewmembers that came from the coniferous age of earth; they had time traveled to the present. They were bronze skinned and had white hair and spoke a highly accented English. They told him that he had been picked to help form a special group.


Humcat 1961-15

Source: John Musgrave                                                                                         Type: G








Location. Alta Vista Ottawa Ontario Canada

Date: 1961                   Time: late night

The witness was alone in her bedroom late at night when she suddenly had the feeling that she was being watched. Looking at her window she noticed several figures looking at her. Next thing she remembered was floating above her complex, looking down at a brightly lit area. Several beings described as having large egg shaped heads with large insect like eyes had apparently come through the wall of her room and floated her up through the roof. She looked up to see a large circular craft ringed with two sets of lights, some flashing red, yellow, and blue in color. A portal opened in the center of the craft into a bay like area. Other beings stood there, these appeared to be taller than the others and wore different uniforms. She was then led into a very dark room, there, a large oval shaped door opened into a room with a central walkway. Three to four beings waited for her behind what appeared to be a hospital gurney. There the beings examined her eyes and brain area with a large X-ray type apparatus. She was eventually brought back to her bedroom.


HC addition # 1338

Source: John Robert Colombo, UFO’s over Canada                                  Type: G





Location. York Mills Ontario Canada

Date: July 12 1961                    Time: night

The witness was living on a two-story house and remembers being floated out the window into a hovering craft and into a large wedge shaped room. There she saw numerous apparatus and something resembling a calendar on a wall. She was placed on a steel table, where an implant was apparently inserted into her through her ear. The humanoids had large heads, wide apart eyes, gray white skin, and large noses and wore gray robes.


HC addition # 290

Source: Cuforn Bulletin May-June 1988                                                                         Type: G





Location. St Catharines Ontario Canada

Date: Summer 1964                                Time: afternoon

Two young boys were playing in a deserted area when a humanoid approached and invited them, by using telepathy, to see something “interesting” in a nearby garage. The boys followed and entered the back seat of a black Cadillac, which two humanoids drove to a swampy area. The beings had large heads and eyes of a hypnotic quality, slanted around the head. The nose was small, the mouth a slit and ears merely hook-like openings. Their skin was cream colored and the hands had 4 fingers, 2 very long and with wide ends. They wore uniforms of a shiny dark blue material, skin tight and with long collars, also boots and a black belt. A black insignia on the lapel showed 3 stars, a Saturn like object and a Chevron pointing to the right. One of the humanoids was 4 ft tall and seemed to be the leader; others were shorter, wore light blue uniforms, and seemed to be “workers.” A disc shaped object awaited the boys and they went inside a dimly lighted room containing computers, instruments, and a screen. They were assured that no harm would come to them and were told to lie on cots while instruments probed their bodies and registered the results on a screen. The beings had the boys drink a liquid, which apparently caused them to be under their control, making them drowsy. Later the boys were driven back to the garage and instructed to forget everything.


HC addition # 2243

Source: Lawrence J. Fenwick, Harry Tokarz &

Joseph Muskat






Location. Three Rivers, Ontario, Canada

Date: August or September 1964                      Time: evening

A commercial diver was doing some underwater work near a bridge and somebody on the team made a mistake. As he was being hauled up, he became constricted both at the waist/chest and around his neck. It was as if he was being hung. Then his consciousness swung. “Somewhere in that point, I suddenly experienced being…how to describe it…flattened against like a window pane. And then I was suddenly inside of a room, in front of a person, huge person sitting in something. I couldn’t see anything else and then suddenly I seen this person’s face. I was so; scared about this that this face disappeared again, and at that same instant I was talking with this person. And I remember being shown around the craft. I was shown…I was asked what I wanted to see, what I wanted, what I wanted to see, so I asked to be shown the control room. Engine room, control engine room was out of the question, apparently, and so I was suddenly in this control room. I couldn’t see anything. Then suddenly I could see figures like…uh…well they didn’t look like humans. The looked like androids, moving around and putting their hands up against the wall, which was all black. And then I must have been moving closer to those walls because I could…at one point I could see a difference of black shades. It all looked like charcoal but different shades of charcoal, like different shades of black…which were indicating some sort of control panels but very difficult to make out. There were no dials, no switches, nothing but straight lines, rectangular lines, horizontal lines of different shades of black, very faint. And then suddenly I was out of this room and in another room which was brightly lit. A lot of human-like…very human-like people in there. They were…at first, were turning around and sort of staring at me, and then going about whatever they were doing. And I remember, one person sticks in my mind, was a girl approximately between 20 and 23 years old. Very long twisted blond hair and she stared longer at me than the rest of them. And then from there I was in front of an older person, human, features were human, talked to me as we are talking here. And then something happened after that. I am not very clear in my mind what happened. I remember traveling in this craft in a clear dome, seeing all the stars whizzing by. I suddenly found myself in the water. Someone had cut the rope, with a knife, I assume. And there were a lot of people standing on the deck at that point. And they were pulling me up very carefully. They had taken off my helmet and they asked me to move my arms and whether I had broken anything or, you know. And I could move all my limbs and everything and I felt my back a bit sore. I couldn’t really feel much of anything.


HC addendum

Source: Michael D. Swords, “Grassroots UFOs”                                         Type: G or F?

Comments: Bizarre abduction report or strange out of body experience?






Location. Scarborough, Ontario, Canada

Date: December 1964                            Time: night

On several occasions the young witness remembers waking up and being taken by tall whitish gray creatures that walked with stiff robotic movements. He was then taken into a room where 5 to 7 creatures stood in a circle, throwing the witness around and catching him like a ball in a game. He thought they had rather long faces on large heads. Later he remembered lying down in a dark room where a bright white light descended over him, pressing down on him. This caused the witness to scream frantically and sweat profusely causing his body temperature to rise. The witness has been involved in other encounters with UFOs.


HC addendum

Source: Direct from witness, Type: G?

Comments: Bizarre behavior indeed by these supposed extraterrestrials







Location. Bancroft, Ontario, Canada

Date: June 1965                                        Time: 10:00 a.m.

A sort of musical type humming sound attracted the witness attention outside her home. Once outside she saw a large silvery metallic domed craft hovering almost noiselessly above a nearby field. She could see no lights and no noticeable exhaust. There were several round portholes on the dome and a sort of railing around a protruding rim. Several men wearing light blue uniforms stood around this chest high railing looking down and leaning over. The witness also noticed that the occupants seemed to be at ease and conversing among each other. She watched for several minutes and then went back to tend her garden. Moments later she glanced back up at the object and it was gliding away towards the southeast. The men were still outside and the object was still emitting the musical humming sound similar to the old musical tops she used as a child. The object soon passed from view behind some hilly and wooded terrain. She estimated that the men appeared to be at least 6ft in height.


HC addendum

Source: Canada’s UFOs: The Search for the Unknown---Library Archive

Record numbers # 4735-4064-10280 & 4735-4065-10281         Type: A





Location. Carlington Heights Ontario Canada

Date: August 1965                   Time: 21:00

A man named Harris and his woman friend were parked by an underground reservoir when they saw an object with 4 searchlights on the bottom slowly descend to within 15-20 ft of the reservoir. Then a sliding door opened and one, then three figures were visible standing in the doorway. The figures were in silhouetted, dark, and shiny, and after 15 minutes the witnesses drove away.


Humcat 1965-25

Source: Louis J. Normandin for Apro                                                                                               Type: A





Location. Smithville, Ontario, Canada

Date: August 9 1965                                                                Time: night

The Hamilton Spectator reported on August 16 1965 that a truck driver from Lakeview claimed to have seen a  half-human, half-animal beast, six or seven feet tall, on a side road near Smithville. The man estimated it weighed 500 pounds. A secondary source reports that it was covered with hairs, had powerful shoulders, a head that seemed too small for its body, and inordinately long arms. The truck driver went back to look for tracks but found none.


HC addendum

Source: Type: E


The above case is obviously a Bigfoot report which I don’t mean to include here in this list but it slipped through.




Location. Sarnia, Ontario, Canada

Date: March 29 1966                                                               Time: evening

The witness describes how he observed an object that dropped to about 800 feet. He could see “things” or figures moving around behind a rotating transparent lens. No other information.


HC addendum


Type: A





Location. Trenton Ontario Canada

Date: April 4 1966                    Time: night

Two UFOs were seen over Trenton’s airport, and one landed on runway 113; it was about 20 ft in diameter. Two small men were seen near it; when the service police approached, they got back in again & took off.


Humcat 1966-16

Source: Nicap                                                                                                                            Type: B




Location. Onion Lake, Ontario, Canada

Date: June 1966                        Time: evening

A middle aged couple and their teenaged son went on a fishing trip on this remote lake set amid a quarry 20 miles north of Thunder Bay, Ontario. Arriving in the evening the family congratulated themselves on having the body of water all to themselves for fishing purposes. But their joy soon turned to fear when they were engulfed in what one of the witnesses described as “total, complete darkness and stillness” punctuated by and odd grinding sound and a smell similar to industrial-strength abrasives on steel. Most terrifying than the shroud of darkness enveloping them was the fact that the couple’s 15 year old son vanished right in front of his parent’s eyes, not responding to their repeated shouts. After the enigmatic blackness evaporated, the son appeared out of nowhere, nervously saying that he had seen a disk-shaped “airplane” and gone toward it, but without any further recollection as to what happened---an amnesic condition which deteriorated into insanity. The hapless teenager has been confined to mental health facilities since that time, according to the letter written by one of the suffering parent’s to Canadian Ufologist John Colombo.



HC addendum

Source: John Colombo, UFOs Over Canada 1992                                        Type: G?

Comments: Apparently hypnotic regression was never attempted on the unfortunate witness.


From 1967 on the activity in Ontario seems to have picked up dramatically, as we shall see.





Location. Caledonia, Ontario, Canada

Date: June 13 1967                  Time: 02:30 a.m.

A night shift worker, Carmen Cuneo, saw two objects in the factory’s scrap heap and dump area; a large cigar shaped object on the ground, 35 feet long by 15 feet thick, and a hovering disc shaped object about 15 feet in diameter. The smaller object, tilted up at a 45-degree angle, had a row of orange-lighted windows around its periphery. In the larger object were four square windows emitting a pulsating orange light, and from one end of it projected upward a 45 degree angle a boom or rod 15 feet long, bearing a large red light at the end. Beneath this light moved three small humanoid figures about 3-foot tall, apparently wearing miner’s hats with small lights on them, who were picking up and examining small objects on the ground, with quick, jerky movements. After watching for 10 minutes, Cuneo called Marvin Hannigan to see it, but by the time Hannigan arrived the humanoids were gone. Then the two craft started to rise, very slowly, straight up into the air; after they reached a height of 50 feet, they departed at about 40-45 mph without sound. At the site branches were broken and the brush charred, and an oily liquid was found on the ground.


Humcat 1967-49

Source: James J. Ferrito & Jeffrey J. Gow for Nicap                                                  Type: C






Location. Scarborough, Ontario, Canada

Date: August 1967                                   Time: night

After experiencing several close encounters (2002, 1977, 1995) the witness contacted a local investigator who helped him recalled childhood “nightmares”.

He clearly remembers being carried out in a cradle position along his bedroom hall by two tall non-human beings. He could see thin long legs moving in a robotic motion. He felt very strange and could hear his parents snorting in their room as he passed their bedroom. He then looked into the face a very hideous white grayish insect-like creature that was carrying him.

He was looking at this large headed creature with wrap around piercing black eyes similar to a praying mantis species. The huge eyes gave him a stunning stare with a message, “How dare you look at me?” The witness was very frightened and could only move his eyes and could not scream as these two beings were quite tall and walked together side by side.

He then found himself in a corner-less room with no lights and no furniture. The room seemed to be like a murky light-tone mushroom color. There was a group of about six smaller different creatures in a circle that resembled a white snowman. They were tossing the witness around to each other like a ball. While one was holding him, he noticed the large cranial head moving from side to side like an insect checking him out head to toe. He was still deeply frightened. The group appeared to have some type of humor amongst them. He was like a ball in a game.

Furthering these nightmares, he remembered being in a dark place without light. Then his eyes opened in this great darkness, he could see a small spherical bright white light. It moved from side to side like a pendulum and then moved in closer to him, betting bigger. It surrounded him with a crushing sensation to the chest. He woke up in his bed screaming for his parents that early morning. He was sweating and had a high temperature. His parents came into the room and his father asked his mother if they should take him to the hospital. His mother replied that he only had a bad fever.



HC addendum

Source: Type: G







Location. Near Port Perry Ontario Canada

Date: August 15 1967                              Time: 07:30 a.m.

A young boy was outside with his dog on a farm when he heard a strange oscillating sound. He went over a nearby hill and saw a disc shaped craft about 12ft in diameter with 4 legs about 5 or 6 ft long. The object was hovering over the ground. On a platform around the perimeter were seated 8 to 10 little men, perhaps 3 ft tall. They were brown with tight fitting clothing. Later a slightly depressed circular ring about 12ft in diameter was discovered where the craft was observed.


HC addition # 26

Source: John Brent Musgrave, UFO Occupants & Critters                                      Type: A





Location. Welland Ontario Canada

Date: mid-August 1967                          Time: evening

A family observed two bright lights traveling across the sky, through a pair of binoculars several figures could be seen moving in one of the lights. Both lights flew at high speed away from the area. No other information.


HC addition # 27

Source: John Brent Musgrave, UFO Occupants & Critters                                      Type: A





Location. Near Joyceville Ontario Canada

Date: August 23 1967                              Time: 04:00 a.m.

Stanley Moxon, a salesman, was in his car 40 miles southwest of Smith Falls on Highway 15 near Glen Grove Road north of Kingston when he saw a hug glowing object giving off a brilliant green light as it descended from the sky. At treetop height it moved down the Highway ahead of the witnesses’ car and went around a bend in the road. Minutes later Stanley rounded the same bend and saw an inverted soup bowl sitting on three legs in a field 200 yards away from the road. Stanley pulled up and switched off the cars’ lights. Stanley watched three small human-like creatures that were collecting bits of soil and plants. The little humanoids were three feet tall and wore white coveralls with bubble-type helmets on their heads. After a few minutes Stanley switched on the headlights to high-beam to get a better look. Stanley beamed the headlights at them and they scurried into their disc-shaped craft and ascended noiselessly but rapidly into the sky. The craft went straight up at tremendous speed. Then Stanley went to the police who had received calls about a strange green light in the sky. The police and Stanley went back to the site. There were burn marks on the ground and three indentations from something very heavy that had been pressed into the ground.


Humcat 1967-81

Source: Local Police & Apro                                                                                                                Type: B






Location. Caledon Ontario Canada

Date: October 1967                 Time: daytime

A man and his daughter were taking photographs of the surrounding foliage in a field when they saw a large hovering domed disc shaped craft near them. The object had a large rectangular opening in one side and a figure or entity could be seen inside. Five color photographs were supposedly taken, however their current whereabouts is unknown.


HC addition # 1224

Source: Cuforn Bulletin, Vol. 10 # 1, Jan/Feb 89                                                         Type: A


Unfortunately I don’t have the image or the original Cuforn Bulletin in my possession anymore.





Location. Near Sarnia Ontario Canada

Date: Summer 1968                                Time: evening

The 10-year old witness had gone to the back door to turn off some outside lights and was looking out the window when she noticed a glowing white humanoid figure sitting on a bench outside the garage. The figure stood up and appeared to be at least six-foot tall with a round glowing head, no facial features were discernible. The witness ran screaming to get her parents. Her dad searched the area with a flashlight but found nothing.


HC addition # 1146

Source: Bonnie Wheeler, Cambridge UFO Research

Ontario Canada                                                                                                                        Type: E





Location. Ontario (city unstated) Canada

Date: July 1968                          Time: unknown

A woman had just finished preparing food for her dogs in her kitchen when “I was just taken, immediately, right from inside the house.” She found herself outside, standing paralyzed, watching a thirty foot diameter disk descending. Three aliens came out and dragged her about the ship. The rooms were all like pie-slice wedges and she went by several until coming to the “medical center.” There she was placed on a levitating bed and told that they were going to do “brain surgery.” They calmed her with a wave of the hand and opened the front of her skull. They resealed it without a trace. “What I believe is that they were using a tracking device.” Then she was returned. She believes that this was the first of several abductions.


HC addendum

Source: Michael D. Swords, “Grassroots UFOs”                                                         Type: G

Comments: Unfortunately there is no description of the aliens.





Location. Wooler Ontario Canada

Date: July 2 1968                      Time: 2300

Fred Coulthard Jr., 24, and his brother Wayne Coulthard, 20, were standing outside of their house when they saw a flying object revolving flashing lights hovering over the hills three miles north of them. The object took off and a brilliant flash of light lit up the sky. Two carloads of men and boys went to investigate on this bright moonlight night. Fred saw a bush jerking around violently and a dark shape detached itself and hovered above ground before moving off towards the house. From then on poltergeist activity of a destructive nature occurred. The Coulthards were a Catholic family and there were many witnesses.


HC addition # 2409

Source: FSR Unknown volume                                                                                           Type: F?





Location. Near Toronto Ontario Canada

Date: August 1968                   Time: unknown

A man was walking near the downtown area when a car pulled up to him and two men inside asked him to come in for a ride. He was taken to the countryside to a landed disc shaped object. Five men wearing dark brown uniforms invited the witness inside. He was told that the captain of their ship was a female, which the witness did not see. He was also given information on the craft’s propulsion system.


HC addition # 313

Source: Robert E. Bartholomew, UFO Lore                                                                   Type: G



Like I said, I am including all available & reported cases, you be the judge.




Location. Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Date: September 7 1968                       Time: unknown

A woman reported meeting a being wearing an “astronaut suit” which gave her a stone of a very strong and unique composition. After tests perform on the stone it was revealed that it had strong nickel content. It is hinted that the extraterrestrial also had sex with the witness. No other information.


HC addendum

Source: Jean Ferguson, “Enigmas of time present”                                                 Type: E?





Location. Short Hills Ontario Canada

Date: 1969                   Time: afternoon

Two 14-year old boys were playing in a conservation area when a huge Bigfoot type creature approached and picked them up, the creature took them onboard a landed disc shaped object. Inside, several short humanoids dressed like doctors examined them apparently putting an implant into one of them. The Bigfoot type creature was seen to sit on a large chair inside the object. Several wires were placed on its head, which led to another device nearby.


HC addition # 297

Source: Lawrence J. Fenwick, SBI Report # 40                                                             Type: G





Location. Pembroke, Ontario, Canada

Date: summer 1969                 Time: night

On a warm summer night the witness saw a white object flying among the stars, the object resembled an upside down chandelier with small round spike-like cones protruding from it. The longer cones had spheres at the end and there was a multicolored light glowing all over the object. The witness then found himself floating 50 feet in front of the object, then from the bottom of the object an opening became visible and a bright white light came from it. This light was blinding and he could not look at it. After this he found himself back in bed. Later that night as the witness was lying in bed he was suddenly paralyzed and could not move or scream, he then found himself floating out of his bed through the window and out in his backyard which had a large field a wood pile and a shed. He then heard a pulsating humming sound and soon found himself back in his bed.


HC addendum

Source: Type: G?

Comments: Apparently an unexplored abduction event.






Location. Chatham, Ontario, Canada
Date: September 10 1969                                             Time: 2030

The witnesses watched a saucer shaped craft hovering at about 15-20ft above a field, 100ft from a country road. It had a very bright beam of light shining from its top section up into the sky. As they watched the white beam withdrew back into the saucer and multicolored lights came on around the circumference of the craft, blue, yellow, red, and green which flashed in different sequences. There was no sound heard from the craft. And then lights came on inside the top half and they could see porthole like windows and shadows passing by the portholes at times, but could not see any details. Without a sound the saucer slowly started to move upwards, to just above the trees, with the lights staying on the saucer eventually glided away from sight.


HC addendum

Source: NUFORC                                                                                                      Type: A





Location. Peterborough Ontario Canada

Date: January 10 1970                            Time: late night

The witness had been sitting in the hotel lobby where he was staying when he had a sudden premonition that someone was in his room on the third floor. Terrified he dashed upstairs to his room and as fast as he could he slammed into the door knocking it off its hinges. Inside the room by the bathroom door stood a dark human figure about 6-feet tall. The momentum of his entrance carried him towards the intruder. His next recollection was of sitting on the bed of a friend on the second floor surrounded by police. He was later informed that he had gone through his bedroom window and had landed among chunks of glass on the canopy over the hotel entrance. Incredibly he did not receive any injuries from the fall of about 15 feet. He has no further recollections.


HC addition # 2554

Source: Wally World UFO Home Page                                                                           Type: E






Location. Georgian Bay, Ontario, Canada

Date: summer 1970                                 Time: 0230-0330

The night before the experience the witness admitted “dropping acid and going to bed” late that night the witness suddenly woke up and went walking alone on the beach after waking up when he spotted five objects flying in a V-formation towards the SE. He tried to convince himself that it was only a dream but the objects got closer and he realized that what he was seeing was real. All the objects approached closer to him on the shoreline. At this point the witness felt the most amazing feeling that something or someone was trying to talk to him from the objects. At this exact moment a voice or presence spoke clearly to him, that he “was in danger”. Then a creature seemed to appear before him hovering over the ground. The bizarre creature stood about 8-9 feet tall and resembled what the witness could only describe as a “praying mantis” with large oily eyes. While this entity spoke to him by thoughts alone, he felt oddly at ease rather than terrified, for it seemed genuinely concerned for him. It told the witness that he was dying of a drug overdose that he should seek medical help. His mind was totally clear at this moment with no effects from the drugs. He knew that the entity was telling the truth and he listened. What happened next was incredible. The entity spread out its long insect arms and wrapped them around the back of the witness head; suddenly he felt a jab like a needle in the area of the brain called the medulla oblongata. It was like he never took the drug and was clear of thought and strong. He doesn’t have any memories of what happened to the entity or the hovering objects. Next thing he knew he was running from the beach to the highway to hitch a ride to the hospital where he checked himself into the emergency ward. He had his stomach pumped and remained there for three days. According to the witness there were subsequent UFO sightings over the area for weeks after his encounter.


HC addendum

Source: UFO BC                                                                                                        Type: E

Comments: Healing claim. Still one must wonder if the drugs had anything to do with this experience.





Location. Ontario, Canada, exact location not given

Date: 1971   Time: evening

Two young local Indians attending a dance at the local church encountered a short two-foot tall grotesque little man with its face covered with hair, apparently inside the church. Soon the church was evacuated and everyone feared a death would follow the encounter.

(Interpreted as a “Mekumwasuck” in Passamaquoddy Indian Folklore: “A little man of the forest.”


HC addition # 2076

Source: Mark Chorvinsky, Fate January 1994                                                               Type: E





Location. Delhi, Ontario, Canada

Date: May 1971         Time: late night

Two young girls were sharing a motel room for a couple of weeks, when one night one of them, Mary, woke up paralyzed. She then heard the doorknob rattling and felt a strange energy in the room, which was filled with a dull red, warm glow. At the corner of the room she could see a tall man wearing a black long coat and a large black hat that covered most of his face. Her last memory was of the man standing right next to the bed. The next couple of weeks 3 tall blond men who claimed they were from Montreal followed around both girls; one of them had a peculiar double beard resembling a Viking. They all acted in a very peculiar manner.


HC addition # 2749

Source: UFO Canada                                                                                                               Type: E






Location. Northern Ontario, Canada, exact location not given

Date: Fall 1971                          Time: 02:00 a.m.

The main witness and some others were on an isolated road on an incredibly clear night. There were four people in the car. Her husband who was driving, the witness was sitting in the middle and her friend Yvonne was sitting beside the passenger window. Another friend, Darryl, was laying on the back seat taking a nap. Yvonne was watching the sky when she saw two objects that were quite bright and seemed to be chasing each other. She pointed them out. All of them started to watch the objects (they woke Darryl up). The objects were clearly disc-shaped and made no discernable sound. The objects seemed to be playing tag with each other and performed impossible maneuvers. One of the objects left very quickly. It was as if it had completely left our known universe, or solar system, in an instant. When it sped off, the witness could feel it inside her body (perhaps a low frequency sound wave that can be felt but not heard?). The other craft stayed in the area. At this point the witness could “hear” herself talking with the occupants and she told them that she had heard about them and that some of them are good and some of them were bad and wondered what kind they were. She clearly heard, “Don’t worry. We’re just here to watch.” She thought back, “Okay, you watch us and we’ll watch you.” It then came down to just above treetop level and matched their car speed. She could see the outline of the trees against the light of the craft. It was clearly a saucer shaped object and it was spinning. There was no sound, even though it was now so close, but again she could she could “feel” it inside her body. At that point the witness conscious memory picks up when they are approaching the next town and the sun is coming up. At this time they were all quite awake. There was some missing time, at the minimum several hours. The witness suffered from nightmares after the incident.


HC addendum

Source: Pararesearchers Ontario Canada                                                      Type: F or G?






Location. Near St. Catharines Ontario Canada

Date: October 16 1971           Time: 01:30 a.m.

Six members of a rock band were returning back from a show when they saw a large disc shaped object with brightly lit portholes and blue beams of light shining on the roadway. The group tried to turn back but the van came under the control of the object and it drove directly towards it. They got to within 20 feet of the craft and the van stopped. They all felt heat at this point. They then saw a face with large black eyes staring at them through the window. The back door of the van was opened and four humanoids stood there. They had large hairless heads and large black eyes. The beings communicated telepathically with the witnesses telling them they would not be hurt. Three of the witnesses were taken inside the object and tested with numerous instruments. At one point the aliens told one of the witnesses that there was not a “correct religion on earth.”


HC addition # 298

Source: Lawrence J. Fenwick, SBI Report # 40                                             Type: G






Location. Scarborough, Ontario, Canada
Date: 1972                                           Time: night

The main witness was with a large group of friends standing on the north side of his home when a few of them looked up and saw a very large ship very slowly come over the tree line. The ship was large and rounded at the front. It stopped over the homes on the other side of the road and simply sat there. The front of the rounded had a window that was literally right in front of the witnesses. In the window were two large and one smaller figure. They stood in the window and looked at the witnesses for a good five minutes and then the ship turned and slowly flew or almost hovered to the north and they watched it until it quickly shot into the sky.


HC addendum

Source: UFOINFO Type: A

Comments: There is no additional description of the craft’s occupants.




Location. Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Date: October 1972                                 Time: 08:30 a.m.

The witness, a teenager at the time, was walking to school when for some unknown reason looked up into the sky in front of her towards the east. There she saw an oval-shaped UFO above the tree line, traveling at a steady speed going from north to south towards Lake Ontario. It was following the street ahead of her, going north to south. The UFO was the color of tarnished silver and dented like a golf ball (but not as many dents). There were no lights or sound to it. The odd thing about this object was that there was a strip of black symbols on the mid front half portion on the facing side of it. She tried to read them but couldn’t because they were no actual letters.


HC addendum

Source: NUFORC                                                                                                      Type: X

Comments: Strange symbols on craft



After a brief respite then came some really interesting years.

Saucer Image


Location. Near Jordan, Ontario, Canada

Date: 1973                   Time: late night

Tom Campbell and his fellow musicians on leaving Jordan had a nighttime encounter. He had no recollection of the events until years later. The four musicians had just finished a gig and were busy packing their gear into the van when a stranger whom they had not noticed at the party approached and asked for a lift home. They agreed to let him accompany them. Finally, loading the last of the instruments on board all climbed in and set off for home. For some unexplainable reason they took a service road that bordered the Queen Elizabeth Highway on the north and Lake Ontario on the south. Close to Charles Paley Park the driver saw lights up ahead and thought that there had probably been an accident. Upon stopping, those in the rear, including Tom were curious as to what had happened. To which the driver replied, “I think you had better take a look at this.” Upon doing so they were astonished to see a saucer sitting in the middle of the road. Attempting to turn around the driver found that despite his very best efforts, he couldn’t turn. Even worse the van appeared to be floating sideways towards the saucer. The drummer who was in the passenger seat up front, suggested to the driver putting his foot on the brake. Tom noticed that there appeared to be no road, vehicle contact. The van came to a halt within thirty feet of the craft. Soon they saw what appeared to be small figures getting out of the craft. The next thing that was heard was the door handle on the driver’s side rattling. Tom could hear footsteps moving down alongside the van to the rear door. At the same time he saw the head of the alien pass the side window. It had white cream-colored skin with black eyes. Suddenly the mysterious hitchhiker leant forward and opened it. When he did so the occupants saw four aliens looking in. One promptly climbed in, yet his head did not reach the ceiling of the van. In the dim light his features were not very clear. It was apparent he had no ears, and a small mouth. His facial muscle showed concern, probably because Tom was contemplating attacking them, but was unable to move. The alien telepathically informed him that his hostile thoughts made him concerned for the safety of his crew. That it was not their intention to harm the band members and their mission was one of peace. They wanted to examine three members of the group. At that point the alien “captain” turned around and caught his foot in the tripod of the snare drum, which promptly rolled out onto the road. One of the crewmembers picked it up and returned it to the van. Three of the band members and the aliens passed down the side of the van and entered the saucer through an egg-shaped doorway, steps were visible and a hallway further on the curve to the left. Entering the craft they saw three chrome cots on wheels. At which point they were asked to undress and then sit on the cots. Soon Tom saw one of the little humanoids wheeling a cart over towards him with what looked like a tray of instruments on it. Some looked like dental probes, and lights. Soon the three captives were taken into separate rooms in which the aliens collected different body samples. Later the three band members were escorted to the door and the bass player was sent. Later getting into the van everyone sat like zombies and also, the stranger that had hitchhiked the ride was gone. Later they drove home. Most of their memories were retrieved years later under hypnosis.


HC addendum

Source: Graham Conway, UFO BC                                                                    Type: G

Comments: Interesting and extremely detailed early abduction report describing gray-type entities.






Location. Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

Date: summer 1973                                 Time: midnight-04:00 a.m.

The witness had gone to bed around 22:00 and at some time during the night he woke up and he was half way down the stairs, he went down to the main floor, and opened the door to the back porch. At the time they had 2 large dogs that would sleep there at night and would bark at anything but strangely there was not a sound from them. The porch was at the back of the house facing south, the front facing north. He went outside, walked along, turned left and followed the house to the front and turned left, facing west. He always felt like ‘he was not in control’. As he turned the corner he looked ahead and saw ‘several alien beings’ and within a split second of seeing them he tried to turn around and go but was suddenly frozen on the spot, facing them. There was 5 0r 6 adults and 2 to 4 ‘children’, one of the children was playing on a low branch from a nearby tree. They were about 50 to 60 feet away. They were silver or pale white in color, tall thin with long arms and legs a long torso and what seemed like a longer necks than humans. Their head was bigger in proportion, thin at the chin and wider at the cheekbone level and a bigger top round top and no hair. They had large black eyes. They appeared to be wearing a full body skin tight suit.

As soon as he was frozen on the spot one of the adults waved at the witness to come over to them. He lifted his hand and the witness noticed long fingers that he kept close to each other. He did not notice any elbows or knees or joints, they were very smooth in their body motions. Without his own will he walked to them and then they guided him to walk with them south towards the field. Their ‘children’ followed as children would do. He couldn’t see any sexual differences. Suddenly he saw their spaceship, it was saucer shaped, in two sections, the top consisted of windows all around as far as he could see from the side view. The top half was dark silver in color. The lighting around the ship was very light blue to very white bright without being blinding. They led him to the stairs which had unfolded down with something to hold on to like a rope but made of some other material. He remembers entering an extremely bright almost clinical white environment. At this point he apparently blacked out. He woke up lying on his back naked with 4 aliens or more looking over him. At that moment one of them, the 2nd or third one from the right became extremely agitated or perhaps very mad. Another alien ‘calmed’ him down and then the witness became unconscious again. He could tell that the aliens communicated telepathically among themselves. He briefly remembers standing inside the spaceship looking at a wall with one or more of the aliens standing beside him, on the wall he could see an image of stars in space.

Soon he was standing outside the spaceship and notice that the landing gear was composed of three legs with disk shaped landing pads attached to the legs. The legs were wider at the top and much less wider at the bottom. As he stood watching the ship the windows were suddenly covered with shutters which joined together and then it went straight up, stopped and then went to the right and the left and it was gone.


HC addendum

Source: Type: G




Location. Between London and Tillsonburg, Ontario, Canada

Date: summer 1973                 Time: night

On highway 401 the witness mother and father’s car stalled and when they pulled over and got out of the car they saw a triangular-shaped object hovering close to them. It had flashing lights (white light on all three points and a red one in the middle). A few moments later it shot out a white light in front of it and then it was gone. They both got back in the car and drove away. The witness and his brother were born shortly after the incident. According to his mother that after almost dying of a C-section she awoke to see the walls bright white and see through. Black shadows appeared behind the wall, and they were trying to get through, according to the woman. A few moments later they were gone and his father was standing on the doorway.


HC addendum

Source: Type: G?




Location. Near Ottawa Ontario Canada

Date: July 29 1973                    Time: 2100

Two witnesses driving near Ottawa suddenly noticed a bright globe of light descend and pass near them; three humanoid figures could be seen through three oblong shaped portholes. The object then flew over the car and left.


HC addition # 14

Source: John Brent Musgrave, UFO Occupants and Critters                                  Type:  A




Location. Actinolite Ontario Canada

Date: September 26 1973                     Time: evening

The main witness was walking through a local park along with some friends when a strange heavy mist began enveloping the area. There seemed to be a silvery glow coming from the center of the mist and the witness felt strongly attracted towards it. As she got closer she saw a beautiful silvery object or “starship” on the ground. She went inside the object and saw several of her friends being led towards different sections of the object. She was taken to a large circular room of transparent blue color with two transparent doors at each end. The occupants of the object were all apparently beautiful human like beings. Through a large window she saw a woman sitting on what appeared to be a communications console. The witness sat on a chair in the center of the room and ate from a bowl of fruit on a table. A man entered the room and walked into what appeared to be a circular shower stall, removed some dirty coveralls, the stall lit up and the man then emerged wearing shiny clean coveralls. The witness felt that she experienced some type of mind transplant or control onboard the object, which changed her life.


HC addition # 1438

Source: Winifred G. Barton, in John Robert Colombo’s

Dark Visions                                                                                                                                               Type: G





Location. Jackson’s Point Ontario Canada

Date: October 1973                 Time: 1700

Looking out through her kitchen window, Mrs. Gerry Armstrong saw a strange figure moving rapidly through the back garden, its feet “not touching the ground.” Calling her husband, they observed the figure glide down the path and leap over the gate at the back of the property, like “an astronaut on the moon.” They dashed outside and Gerry took after the figure, which had by now disappeared. As they looked around, Gerry noticed the figure now on the golf course on the other side of the road, approaching in his direction. As it approached the wire fence near the road, it hesitated, and then climbed under the wire. The figure then re-entered the Armstrong’s property and moved toward an abandoned cottage, disappearing behind it. They did not see him again: it was as if he had disappeared into thin air. The figure was of normal size and dressed in a tight fitting red jumpsuit with attached hood that covered the head. The face was open, but they could not make out any features. Armstrong felt that in the five seconds the figure stared at him from across the road, before disappearing behind the cottage, there may have been some sort of telepathic communication, but he cannot be certain and does not recall any message.


Humcat 1973-116

Source: David Haisell, “The Missing seven Hours“                  Type: E

Comments: Sometime around the same time Gerry Armstrong was served in a record shop in Newmarket Plaza, in Jackson’s Point, by “the most beautiful girl I had ever seen”, in a long flowing black dress, with long black hair and “the blackest eyes I had ever seen.” She flung his change on the floor and after he had picked it up she had vanished.





Location. Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Date: October 29 1973                           Time: 2200

A man was walking his dog in a local park when a fluorescent bluish-green light descended from the sky and enveloped him. He then saw in front of him something resembling a television screen. Soon images of apparent extraterrestrial figures appeared and communicated with the witness. His dog acted terrified during the encounter and the witness suffered from general malaise after the encounter.


HC addendum

Source: Musgrave, UFO Occupants & Critters                                             Type: F?





Location. Timmins Ontario Canada

Date: April 1974                        Time: 05:15 a.m.

A woman looking out her kitchen window saw a red light descend from the sky. The light was a reddish disc-shaped object, which moved closer, and stopped, a hatch opened and a figure emerged and moved towards the top of the craft. After about two minutes the craft moved to the south and disappeared.


HC addition # 12

Source: John Brent Musgrave, UFO Occupants & Critters

Quoting Mitch Leblanc                                                                                                          Type: A




Location. Windsor, Ontario Canada

Date: July 1974                          Time: afternoon

Several juveniles walking along an isolated path came upon a fence and behind it they saw three to four bizarre creatures resembling giant spiders, yellow and black in color with 4 thin hanging legs, about 18” to 24” long. The creatures move slowly towards the juveniles, which apparently panicked and ran home. But one of them does not remember how he got home.


HC addition # 3615

Source: NUFORC                                                                                                                      Type: E?





Location. Near Bancroft Ontario Canada

Date: July 15 1974                    Time: 2200

Mrs Moira J. a schoolteacher vacationing in Ontario, was at a lodge near Bancroft, by a lake. She had retired early and was reading in bed when she was overcome by intense vertigo, tried to get up to go to the bathroom and fell unconscious on the bed. When she came to, she discovered two strange figures standing at the foot of her bed. The room lights were out but the scene was lit by an unknown source on the floor to the sides of the figures. From foot to neck they were “wrapped” like mummies, but heavy set in the chests. There followed an exchange of information by telepathic means that lasted for perhaps half an hour; among the information was their disclosure that their home planet had an atmosphere twice as rich in oxygen as ours, that they had a monogamous social system and had no need for money, and that our planet was currently under the close scrutiny of about 50 alien civilizations with others that were less intensely interested in us. At the conclusion of the meeting, they left by the door to her room. She noticed that the lights were out in the hall before again losing consciousness. When she came top, she found that only 40 minutes had elapsed. Just prior to retiring, the witness had seen from her room window, a horizontal row of multi colored lights hovering motionless over the far side of the lake.


Humcat 1974-35

Source: Budd Hopkins, Jerry Stoehrer & Ted Bloecher                                           Type: C?




Location. Huntsville, Ontario, Canada

Date: September 21 1974     Time: unknown

Oscar Magocsi, a Hungarian immigrant, claimed he encountered a landed disc shaped object and coming in contact with its occupants, who were human like in appearance. He claimed to have been onboard the craft flying over Lake Ontario, taken by his friends, “The Psycheans” and then transported to other worlds. No other information.


HC addendum

Source: UFO Updates September 2002                                                                          Type: G




Location. Toronto Ontario Canada

Date: November 1974                            Time: 2000

The witness was home alone when he felt a very powerful urge to look out the patio door. He saw a bright white maneuvering light that suddenly made a sharp turn and headed towards him. The light seemed to fly over him as the witness became dazed and confused. Later under hypnosis the witness was able to remember that two beings (not described) descended in a light beam towards his balcony, grabbing the witness and apparently floating him up into the hovering object. Inside, the beings performed a number of tests on the witness taking skin samples and bone marrow.


HC addition # 1432

Source: Stan Mickus, Extraordinary Experiences by

John Robert Colombo                                                                                                                            Type: G





Location. Northern Ontario, Canada

Date: 1975                                                                   Time: night

A man had decided to take his five kids on a camping trip. They took their VW camper and parked it somewhere for 5 days in Northern Ontario deep within a forest (they had planned to stay for 7 days). They were having a wonderful time, there was a small lake nearby and they would swim in it day after day. They were surprised that there were no cottages along the lake. And then again, they described it as being oddly quiet. They said that there were no insects or rabbits or any wildlife. If that wasn’t the strangest part, on the night of the fourth day, one of the boys had to go to the bathroom and woke his father up who turned on a flashlight and gave him an escort to a worthy tree. They then saw something appear in the sky. They both described it as a circular aircraft with 3 spotlights. It was coming from somewhere off in the distance, slowing until it hovered over a clearing a mere 50 feet away from them. The father turned off his flashlight. The young had done his business by this time and his father wanted to get a closer look, he thought it was some cold war weapon and was thinking of driving to the nearest police station to tell them about the floating disk right in front of him. That’s when it landed.

It just sat in the field for about 10 minutes, all spotlights were turned off. The father and his son were now hiding in the bushes, fearing for their lives. Then they heard a vehicle off in the distance. They looked up and saw that there were five or more men from the Canadian military all standing in front of this aircraft, at least 4 of them were armed and one of them was an obvious high-ranking officer. The hatch of the aircraft opened and 3 men climbed out, they were not of the Canadian military. Two of them appeared to be heavily armored soldiers and the third was wearing a dark (maybe leather) trench coat and what looked like a captain’s hat. They met, shook hands, and started speaking to each other in a strange language. The father understood some of the conversation---it was German (he was raised in a German family). They were discussing peace terms. His son to this day can’t remember what his father told him about what they were saying. He does however remember them laughing and having an informal chat afterwards. After about 35-50 minutes of listening, the father noticed large guns on the craft and decided it was time to leave. They walked back to the tent (not everyone could fit in the camper) and tried to sleep after what had just happened. The wife and his other children never knew about this. The next day the grandfather came up with an excuse that he was feeling sick to convince the children that they needed to go home. The father rarely spoke about the incident.


HC addendum

Source: (Redditors who’ve had encounters with aliens /UFOs)                                                                                                                                                     Type: X





Location. Near Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Date: July 1 1975                      Time: 1600

The 8-year old witness remembers riding with her family to a nearby lake and being followed on the way back by some type of flying object. She remembered that as they pulled in the front yard of their farmhouse they found the “ship” on the ground, apparently resting on 4-leg like protrusions, the object was gray metallic in color and had a sphere on top. It had a peculiar door or hatch in what the witness described as in the shape of a “lions head”. She saw the hatch start to open and her family began exiting the car. Her memory apparently ended at this point, and her next recollection was of driving with her family and all happily singing as if nothing had happened. Apparently no hypnotic regression has been attempted.


HC addendum

Source: NUFORC                                                                                                      Type: G?

Comments: Unexplored abduction event?




Location. Mount Pleasant Ontario Canada

Date: July 6 1975                      Time: daytime

Tobacco farmer Joseph Borda saw a shiny dome shaped object sitting in his field and assumed it was a tank truck spraying his crops. Two days later he discovered that all the tobacco plants in a 20 feet circle had been damaged and burned. Investigators found a bluish tint like substance on the field and found out that it was an oily silicon base substance of unknown composition. Mr. Borda had not reported to police right away and was surprised to see a black limousine with Arizona plates arrive at his farm and proceed directly to the damaged area without stopping for permission. Upset he followed the limo and found three strange men at the site gathering samples. When he asked what they were doing he was told to return to work, to mind his own business. Strangely, he meekly agreed, and returned to his work without argument.


HC addition # 2772

Source: UFO Joe                                                                                                                              Type: E





Location. Near Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Date: August 2 1975                                Time: unknown

Oscar Magocsi (involved in previous encounters) again boards a landed disc-shaped object, which takes him up into a larger vessel. Onboard the vessel he is transported in a two-day journey to a planet the aliens call “Argona”. A man-like taxi driver he had met before in Toronto now is in the planet and identifies himself as “Argus”. In the planet he meets other humans, which are engaged in “training” mostly about mystical and spiritual concerns.


HC addendum

Source: UFO Geheimnisse, Berlin                                                                    Type: G




The following case, in my opinion is among the most important and bizarre in Ontario UFO history.


UFO Entity



Location. Utterson near Bracebridge, Ontario Canada

Date: October 7 1975                              Time: 2030

Robert A. Suffern, age 27, got a phone call from his sister who lives about 300 yards northeast of his house. She said it looked like a fire at his barn. He went out and at first he couldn’t see anything, but then he heard the cattle rustling, but told his sister he couldn’t go out because he was looking after the baby. She came down to the house and he took her car and went to the barn and saw nothing. He went out the lane and drove down the road and then turned down a side road. Then he saw a hip in the center of the road. It was the color of the dull side of aluminum foil wrap and the surface was irregular and crinkled. He could not hear any sound other than the motor of his car. He only saw it momentarily and then it went straight up at a high rate of speed and disappeared. There were no lights. He turned around and started for home, turned onto the Three Mile Lake Road and then he saw the thing on the side of the road. He was on the grass shoulder of the road and was about to cross from his right to his left. It suddenly pivoted and turned towards the pasture and vaulted over the fence and out of sight.

It appeared to be short and had very broad shoulders which seemed to be out of proportion. The movements were similar to an ape or a midget, but it was very agile. It reached up with its hands, grabbed the fence post and vaulted over with no effort. The head portion was covered in a globe and the witness could not detect any mask or face portion. The suit was a silver color and one piece, the globe was a contrasting white or light color. Suffern returned home and had time to get the kids to bed. The television was on and suddenly the sound stopped and when he looked, it had blacked out for a matter of seconds. He went to the door and out behind the barn in the pasture he saw an orange fluorescent light that wasn’t flashing. The light seemed to follow the contour of the land and headed out over Three Mile Lake.

No apparent effects or traces were noticed following close scrutiny of the area where the creature and the craft were reported.

The ship appeared to look like the dull side of aluminum foil, wrinkled and displaying a narrow dark band around the edge of the clam-like portion of the structure. He indicated the ship had rested on or close to the graveled road surface.




UFO sketch

Humcat 1975-46

Source: Henry McKay for Mufon                                                                      Type: C

Comments: According to Timothy Good in his book “Need to Know” two months after Suffern encountered the UFO and the humanoid he and his wife were visited by three officials who arrived in an Ontario Provincial Police car, by prearranged appointment. The three men in full uniform bore impressive credentials from the Canadian Forces in Ottawa, the US Air Force, the Pentagon and the US Office of Naval Intelligence. The officials showed Suffern a number of gun-camera photographs and other data on UFOs and implied that the United States and Canadian governments had known all about the alien issue since 1943, supposedly as a result of a US Navy experiment involving radar invisibility---the legendary “Philadelphia Experiment” when the USS Eldrige (DE-173) is alleged to have inadvertently teleported from Philadelphia to Norfolk, Virginia. Suffern was informed that contact with aliens was established as a direct result of that incident and the officials said they had been cooperating with the aliens ever since then. To Suffern’s astonishment, the officials knew the precise time of the UFO landing he witnessed, which had not been revealed to anyone.






Location. North Bay Ontario Canada

Date: October 9 1975                              Time: 06:00 a.m.

A young woman who had got up at 6 to let the cat out saw a 3.5 foot midget running along the street “in slow motion,” the feet barely touching the sidewalk, & trailing an aura of sparkling white behind it. Others apparently saw the being. No other information.


Humcat 1975-47

Source: John B. Musgrave                                                                                    Type: E




Location. Lake Scugog Ontario Canada

Date: 1976                   Time: night

One night the witness was riding his bicycle just south of the village when his dog, a large black lab, took off ahead growling and barking. The dog headed for the opening to a cottage driveway. The witness approached and saw what he thought at first was a big large cat, but then it appeared just like a white shape. He dismounted his bike and attempted to stop his dog from attacking the creature. While he was shouting at the dog, the creature moved towards a bunch of cedar trees and then stopped, just as the dog was about to pounce on the creature, “it stood up.”  It was about 3 ft tall, with long willowy arms and a large head. Then the creature emitted a sound that was hard to describe. It resembled a very loud sub-sonic grunt or blast. The witness felt surrounded by the sound. The dog stopped in its tracks, turned, and ran behind the witness with its tail between its legs. Terrified the witness ran down the road with his dog, pushing the bicycle ahead of him. He did not see the creature again.


HC addendum

Source: Para Ontario Researchers                                                                    Type: E



The following one definitely qualifies as a “High Strangeness” case and proves that so-called tiny Ufonauts were not only being seen in Malaysia.




Location. Hamilton Ontario Canada

Date: 1976                   Time: night

The witness suddenly woke up and sat up in bed, she then saw a small ship about the size of a volleyball. Three little figures exited the object. They asked her via telepathy if she would like to come onboard. She briefly blacks out and the next thing she remembers was standing at the kitchen table. Three little humanoids stood at the other corner, one seemed to be talking. The beings put a map on the table and apparently showed the witness where they were from. Suddenly the beings and map disappeared. The beings were described as having round shoulders, funny shaped heads, no hair, gray color, and friendly in nature. They seemed to have been taller while in the kitchen. The craft was round with a dome on top.


HC addition # 2189

Source: Bonnie Wheeler, Cambridge UFO Research

Group, Ontario Canada                                                                                         Type: B?




Location. Oakville, Ontario, Canada

Date: July 8 1976                                      Time: 02:30 a.m.

An orange colored oval shaped craft swoops down from the sky and comes alongside vehicle. 30 minutes of missing time is reported. Hypnosis was tried but hypnotist refused to continue sessions. No other information.


HC addendum

Source: D. Webb (UFOCAT entry)                                                                                    Type: G

Comments: Unexplored abduction event. Is not known why the hypnotist refused to continue on




Location. Bruce’s Mill, Ontario, Canada

Date: Summer 1977                                Time: night

The witness was attending a YMCA sleep over camp located near Major Mack and Woodbine Ave. During the campfire they noticed blue and red flashing lights over a farmer’s field. They went to bed after the campfire and heard some noises. A large group of them then walked over a small hill and saw in a field a silver metallic ship, which had landed. It had an open hatch door, and everyone screamed and ran back to their tents. A councilor said that he had been chased by something, but could not confirm it. The next morning they checked where the object had landed and there were visible marks where the craft had been. According to the main witness there were numerous witnesses to the event.


HC addendum

Source: Type: C?





Location. Near Uxbridge Ontario Canada

Date: July 1977                          Time: 2330

Neil Sutherland, 16, and Lucy Gilbert, 15, driving along a country road in a pickup truck, stopped to give a lift to a rather strange looking individual who said he was from “another planet.” He wore a one-piece garment with a turtleneck, which “clung to his lower body like a metallic wetsuit.” He was about five-foot 4 inches tall, and was bald except for two tuffs of hair on each side of his head; his eyes were dark with flaming red iris and cornea. He spoke with an English accent, and said his planet was 5.6 light years away and that his orders were to photograph Toronto. (He had placed a box-like apparatus and tripod in the back of the truck as he boarded.) The couple dropped him off at Goodwood and the last they saw of him was his heading down Route 27 toward the city.


Humcat 1977-35

Source: Henry McKay                                                                                             Type: E



Location. Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Date: September 1977                           Time: 03:00 a.m.

The witness was sound asleep when he suddenly felt a stabbing pain on his left side at mid-ribcage. It was totally debilitating, it hurt for weeks after that. He is awake but unable to move, he had difficulty breathing. He then hears a strange one-way mechanical breathing. He can move his head but not his body. Strange gurgling sounds or voices seem to emanate from within him. He notices that the red clock next to his bed is somehow distorted and appears different. His houseplants are “power” wilting conforming to inside the window ledge and shivering. He then hears his name being repeated. He also notices a stucco-textured stripe on the bedroom door. The stripe grabs his attention, downward opening crescent shaped swath maybe 10 inches across and 4 inches high, centered 2/3 of the way up from the floor. As soon as the witness takes a second look at the strange swath on the door there is a sudden “psychic” explosion and a figure wearing what appears to be a parka is now standing in front of the bed. At this point the witness appears to have blacked out.


HC addendum

Source: Direct from the witness                                                                        Type: E





Location. Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Date: November 8 1977                                                Time: unknown

According to Toronto newspapers, visibility was poor when Tom Walker, a veteran pilot with nine years flying experience, took off from Toronto’s Island Airport for a flight to his home at Owen Sound, a short 80 miles north of Lake Ontario. Walker never arrived. Two days later he was found hobbling down a main highway in a well-settled area just outside metropolitan Toronto and was rushed to a local hospital. After being treated for a broken ankle and multiple injuries he told his wife that the last thing he remembered was flying into a cloud or fog. He had no idea where he was when he was found on the highway, nor could he tell where his aircraft was located. While this was going on in the hospital, Canadian Government search and rescue investigators were in communication with the relatives of two other men whose aircraft had failed to reach the airport at Maple, just north of Toronto, after a flight from the head of the lakes. No trace had been found of this pair or their aircraft and the missing men’s relatives had employed a psychic to aid in the search. After weeks of fruitless searching and with costs totaling thousands of dollars, the search was abandoned. No trace was ever found of the missing men and their aircraft.


HC addendum

Source: Type: G?

Comments: Includes permanent abduction of the two other pilots




Location. Scarborough Ontario Canada

Date: February 4 1978            Time: 2200

A grade 6 student was out walking when he heard a wavering sharp siren-type sound, and looked up to see a saucer-shaped object hovering above the ground. He observed movement that looked like creatures through the dome portion.


HC addition # 10

Source: John Brent Musgrave, UFO Occupants and Critters                  Type: A





Location. Stratford, Ontario, Canada

Date: April 25 1978                   Time: afternoon

UFO Researcher, Pat De La Franier was at his office going over some detailed UFO reports he wanted to present on a local UFO program when there was a sudden knock at the door. Now, where his office is located, he could hear everyone coming in the main door, being admitted, and then walking down the hall. But this knock came from nowhere, and when he opened the door, there was a very odd-looking man standing there. He was dressed entirely in black. He was about 5 ft 6 inches tall, extremely thin, with a slightly enlarged head. His hair was just nubs, as if he had been completely shaved and the hair was just growing back. His skin had a strange olive hue. His lips were very thin, and his cheeks were so sunken in that they looked like they were pinned on the inside. His eyes were dark and extremely long; they literally wrapped around his temples. La Franier stated that he had never seen eyes like that, “They just bored into me”. The stranger just stood there staring at the witness, who did not move. La Franier was fixated on his eyes and he felt intruded upon on a mental level. Finally, after a full minute, he spoke. “Would you like a photograph of your family?” It was a strange question, and his voice was very strange, too. It was low and hesitant as if this man had absolutely no conception of how to speak, how to put a sentence together. His English was impeccable, but he was struggling to get through the sentence. La Franier said no that he did not need any more pictures. And with that the stranger stepped back, turned and just disappeared. The man was completely gone, later La Franier discovered that many of his files and papers were missing.


HC addendum

Source: Susan Michaels, “Sightings: UFOs”                                                   Type: E





Location. St. Catharine’s, Ontario, Canada

Date: summer 1978                                                                 Time: late evening

Lee Nigro was driving along a dark road near an area that is fairly well wooded. He was accompanied by his friend Churcho in the passenger seat when they spotted what Lee at first took to be a tall man standing in the middle of the road several yards ahead, apparently indifferent to the fact that a vehicle was moving towards “him”. Lee supposedly blared the horn frantically, since he believed he had the right of way, but still this “man” showed no interest in budging from “his” precarious spot in the middle of the road. As a result, Lee---who was known as being very tough and no-nonsense when the situation called for it---had to swerve his car aside in the road so that he didn’t hit this “man,” and could very well have had a serious accident as a result. Incensed at this individual for the near disaster, Lee Nigro got out of the car to angrily confront the man, only to realize to his horror---and that of his passenger, who could now fully see the figure illuminated in the headlights of the stopped car---that he was not confronting a human being at all. When asked what it looked like he answered, “Like an alligator” but he insisted that it stood on two feet like a man. Lee Nigro very explicitly claimed that the encountered humanoid had reptilian features and not the far more ‘familiar’ hairy hominid or ape-like type of creature. He never used the word Bigfoot to describe it, instead he insisted the creature he saw looked like something akin to a humanoid alligator with scaly, hairless reptilian skin. Unfortunately it was not confirmed if the creature’s hairless skin was green or some other hue.

Then came the final part of the confrontation. While Lee Nigro’s passenger panicked and claimed that he tried to hide under the dashboard of the car, Nigro quickly grabbed a baseball bat he kept handy in the car if needed and struck the creature with it---only to find it had no effect whatsoever. After Lee Nigro struck the creature with the bat, it knocked the weapon out of his hand, and he wisely rushed into the car, shut the door, hastily started the vehicle up again, and hit the accelerator. Just as he took off, the reptilian cryptid apparently leaped on the hood of the car, then just as quickly leaped off again as the vehicle started moving forward. It then ran into the nearby trees on the side of the road, disappearing from sight even as Lee Nigro hightailed it out of the area.


HC addendum

Source: direct from Chris N Type: E

Comments: Source is nephew of Lee Nigro





Location. Toronto Ontario Canada

Date: late May 1979                                Time: 1230 p.m.

Three young brothers were leaving their high rise apartment complex with their mother on their way to school, when one of them happened to look up and see a large oval shaped craft, dark in color, with a row of transparent windows, hovering above the building. All four cold now see about 30 figures moving back and forth behind the windows and some apparently looking down on them. There was a red light on the bottom and blue and yellow lights under the windows. Suddenly the craft shot up diagonally and disappeared, no sound was detected.


HC addition # 194

Source: Lawrence J. Fenwick, Cuforn Bulletin

November/December 1988                                                                                                                Type: A





Location. Brantford Ontario Canada

Date: Summer 1979                                Time: afternoon

The witness was traveling by car when a craft with bright lights descended over the highway in front of the car. The witness then sees two short humanoids standing on the side of the road. The beings are described as having large triangular shaped heads, large eyes, small mouths, and small holes for a nose. They had broad shoulders and thin necks and wore one-piece dull gray colored suits. The witness was then floated into the craft. Inside she saw a curved corridor with many rooms. She was then examined on a small table by six small beings that communicated by using mental telepathy. The witness remembers seeing other humans being examined onboard.


HC addition # 1147

Source: Bonnie Wheeler, Cambridge UFO Research

Ontario Canada                                                                                                                        Type: G





Location. Toronto Ontario Canada

Date: August 1979                   Time: evening

While looking for a lost kitten, a man named Ernest, accidentally entered into a small opening off Parliament Street in the downtown area. The cave was pitch black and he had to use his flashlight in order to see in better. Suddenly he came upon a short, 3-foot tall thin creature, with glowing orange-red slanted eyes. It had long large teeth and it was covered with slate gray fur. The creature then said “Go away, go away,” in a hissing voice, then ran off down the tunnel off to one side. Ernest ran and left the “cave” and did not return.


HC addition # 2128

Source: Commander X, UFO Universe Summer 1995                               Type: E






Location. Toronto Ontario Canada

Date: August 4 1979                                Time: evening

Before the main encounter, at 2150 on August 2, three girls, college students named Sarah Heighness, Kathy and Jackie watched a strange light shining in the sky. They walked to the location where the light was seen. In several minutes 2 arrow-shaped objects emitting light appeared from the north. They flew at a low altitude over the area, and then changed directions of flight to the west. Following them was a cigar-shaped object. The cigar was also emitting light, the young women could tell that the object was dark almost black in color, with 3 lights positioned on it, 2 white on its sides and a green light in the tail. Mesmerized all three girls watched the object and only then noticed that the cigar was indeed following an arrow-shaped craft. Suddenly an additional UFO appeared this one oval in shape and not very big. Slowing its speed the craft emitted 4 curved landing props and landed on the roof of the college. Seconds later the craft shoots up into the sky and disappears at terrific speed. During the next two nights, August 3 and 4, similar UFOs appeared over the area. During the last encounter 4 entities came out of a landed spacecraft, which the witnesses described as shadowy or just “forms”. They somewhat resembled sheets of paper, crossed by a horizontal line on the lower section. The entities were a little taller than 1 meter in height and less than a half-meter wide. The sheet like entities floating over the ground, Sarah then lost consciousness and found herself onboard the object. She could not describe it well and could only say it resembled a “cell”. From inside the craft she could see a highway and a man walking his dog. She then experienced a memory lapse. When she came back to her senses she was standing on the ground about 4-5 meters from where the UFO had landed. The UFO and its shadowy occupants were now gone. She could remember nothing more. When she returned home, her face was an intensive red-orange color and her pupils were had expanded widely. Later under while under hypnotic regression Sarah remembered walking through the wall of the spacecraft. Inside, a very bright light shone. Amazed she noticed that her hands could penetrate everything that she touched inside the craft. Inside the craft she saw a strange animal similar to a cat and along with it, 7-non humanoid intelligent beings, which she again could only describe as “forms”. They explained to Sarah that they were studying her as well as the strange cat-like entity, which was also alien to them (!). The image of a totally alien red-colored world was also displayed to her, the aliens explained to her that the world existed in a kind of parallel universe. During a second hypnotic regression Sarah remembered being subjected to a physical examination while inside the alien spacecraft. The aliens were examining her with a beam of light, she was apparently injected with an unknown substance and she felt a burning sensation in her mouth. The aliens also took blood samples from her two pinkies. After the examination the strange entities took Sarah outside the spaceship to a field and ordered her to go to sleep.

During a third hypnotic regression Sarah remembered walking home from college when she encountered a tall man dressed in all black. During this encounter she was totally paralyzed and could not run away or call for help. The tall man in black threatened Sarah advising her not to tell anything about her encounter with the aliens especially anything describing the inner structure of the spacecraft. Then the man in black simply evaporated into thin air. Apparently even under hypnosis Sarah was unable to describe technical details of equipment that was used to examine her. Strange punctures are indeed found on Sarah’s both pinkies.



HC addition # 410

Source: Richard Hall, Uninvited Guests, CUFORN quoted by

Vladimir G. Azhazha PhD in “The Other Life” Moscow 1998                 Type: G & E






Location. Amherstview, Ontario, Canada
Date: fall 1979                                   Time: evening

Two teenage girls were walking on their way to the stores to “hang out” with their friends. It was a chilly, windy, day. They had been walking towards the park, south towards Lake Ontario. The main witness was listening to her friend talking when the weirdest feeling came over her and everything became silent and a large shadow came over the top of them. She was filled with fear to look up as she knew that there was something above them. She looked up and stopped stunned, her friend was also looking up her mouth dropped open in amazement. Above them was an enormous round space craft, it was huge and it hovered over the whole park just above the trees and it was totally silent. She described the craft as “Mica” in color, almost iridescent or glowing. There was a dome-like “belly” in the middle that was a darker color and all along the top of it were red blinking lights, digital lights, like on a digital clock. The giant craft hovered directly above the witnesses when suddenly the silence as her friend let out a deafening scream. She began to run towards the lake and the main witness ran behind her. At that point she noticed that the object was now moving in the same direction in which they were running. The main witness came to her senses and urged her friend to turn around and both then began running back towards the pathway that led to their houses. The object kept flying towards the lake at an extremely low altitude. The main witness burst through the kitchen door of her house and told her parents, but all her parents could make out in the distance were flashing red lights. For several years later the main witness experienced several weird dreams which she blamed on the “experience”. In one “dream” she was in a bright room standing alone and above were 2 men with pale skin and large dark eyes and wearing long ivory robes, they were standing on some balcony, peering at her over a railing of some kind. They didn’t speak but somehow she knew what they were saying. One is a “good” man and one is mean, the good man demands for them to release her “because she’s one of the good ones”, but the mean man is not too pleased about the decision to release her, then she wakes up.


HC addendum

Source: Brian Vike, Director HBCC UFO Research Type: G

Comments: Possibly an unexplored abduction event.





Location. Queenston Sand Dock, Ontario, Canada

Date: October 22 1979                                                           Time: night

Dozens of people observed an object resembling an upturned metallic boat floating in the Niagara River. It submerged then resurfaced with people clinging to its side. It then sank again. No boats or people were reported missing.


HC addendum

Source: Dwight Whalen in Journal UFO 1, 3, p9                         Type: B?





Location. Brampton, Ontario, Canada

Date: November 3 1979                        Time: 2300

The witness claims he had been hunting with his father in the woods when they spotted a cross-shaped object floating in the sky. The craft was emitting what appeared to be a purple colored beam of light towards a herd of deer that appeared to be stalking. Afterwards, he felt in a sort of trance and saw the object descend and two beings walked out and “zap” his father with something, then they apparently abducted his father. The witness has no further recollection of what took place and claims he never saw his father again.


HC addendum

Source: NUFORC                                                                                                                      Type: G?

Comments: No comment




Location. Near Toronto Ontario Canada

Date: December 22 1979                       Time: 1825

The main witness and her brother were driving just north of town on a foggy evening, when they came upon a really heavy fog bank, they entered a dense black cloud, and when they emerged there was not any other traffic around. They had lost 20 minutes of time. Later under hypnosis they recalled seeing a swirling black cloud and three human like figures approaching their vehicle, they were very human looking, blond and about five-foot ten inches tall. They wore gray green coveralls. They took the main witness apparently into an object, which was green inside; her brother was left in the car. She was later brought back to the car.


HC addition # 291

Source: Cuforn Bulletin, May/June 1988                                                       Type: G




Are you ready for the 80’s?




Location. Woodstock Ontario Canada

Date: January 1980                  Time: night

The two witnesses were driving down a road when a strange figure ran up to their car. The figure ran zigzagging all over the roadway and acted as if injured. The being’s face was apparently scarred and his cheekbones protruded out. He had fangs that came down from its mouth and there was blood dripping from them. The being was about 6-foot tall, thin but well built, had had scraggly or tore up clothing and his eyes were very peculiar looking. The driver of the vehicle had to swerve in order to avoid hitting the creature. He dropped off his girlfriend then returned to the scene to see the creature enter a yellow and black car then proceeded to turn into a dead end street and vanish.


HC addition # 1918

Source: Pat De La Franier, Trofus December 1980                                     Type: E

Comments: A lost inter-dimensional visitor??






Location. Near Sudbury, Ontario, Canada

Date: November 1980                                                            Time: night

An uncle to the source reported seeing two small beings (2-1/2 feet tall) standing on the snow next to a 2-meter in diameter ball of fire. No other information.


HC addendum

Source: Michel M. Deschamps                                                          Type: C




Location. Cambridge, Ontario Canada

Date: November 18 1980      Time: 1930

The main witness and her son were traveling on Pinebush Road when she spotted some bright lights approaching from the east. The witness pulled over and stopped the car thinking that it was an airplane in distress. The lights now approached and stopped nearby, the witness could now see a dark metallic dome shaped craft behind the light. Now more lights turned on, on top of the hovering craft. The witness now felt hypnotized by the lights, she then had a floating sensation and felt drawn towards the craft. Here next recollection was of seeing the craft shoot straight up and disappear. Later under hypnosis she recalled being taken into a small craft that was cold inside, then into a larger object. She was then surrounded by numerous short ugly beings with large bright eyes that were somewhat insect like. She was then taken through a long tunnel with rough edges. She then entered a room with bright lights, there her clothes were removed, and she was medically examined. The beings communicated by using telepathy and told the witness she had been “rejected.” Another being with three eyes was apparently in charge and commanded the others. She was finally released. The witness suffered many painful after effects similar to some type of radiation damage. Her son was apparently not abducted.


HC addition # 1145

Source: Bonnie Wheeler, Cambridge UFO Research

Group, Ontario Canada                                                                                                         Type: G



The visitors seemed to have taken a break as far as Ontario was concern in 1981.





Location. Cambridge Ontario Canada

Date: late February 1982                      Time: 2300

For three nights the witness saw the head of a figure and on two nights the head of two figures peering at her through the bathroom window. The heads seemed to be illuminated and each wore a tight fitting silver helmet and both had very pointed chins. No further features could be seen. Later while checking the height of the window it was estimated that the beings were at least six feet five inches tall. Three weeks later the witness encountered a glowing pulsating object hovering above some woods.


HC addition # 1150

Source: Bonnie Wheeler, Cambridge UFO Research

Ontario Canada                                                                                                                        Type: D





Location. Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Date: Late Summer 1982                       Time: late night

Being a fairly light sleeper, Larry Drummond, woke up in the middle night and looked over toward the bedroom door where he saw what appeared to be three creatures in the room. The bedroom was entirely dark but there was some very dim light out in the hall that was coming from a lamp left on the living room. This allowed him to see the silhouettes of these creatures, but none of their features. These were not shadowy figures without substance, but definitely solid and obviously some kind of living beings. One was standing beside the door, another that seemed to be slightly taller was standing in the doorway, and the third was crouching on a laundry hamper, which also serves as a night table right beside the bed. The closest thing Drummond would say the silhouettes resembled would be the way chimpanzees look when they stand up, but somewhat more humanoid and much more slender. His wife was fast asleep in the bed between him and the creatures. A wave of terror came over him and terrified he buried his head in the pillow hoping they would go away. As he lay there he felt a warm electrical shock, which started at the bottom of his feet and moved slowly up his legs and spine until it reached his head, his memory ended at this point. Later his wife remembered the incident briefly and recalled someone touching her forehead and putting her to sleep. (Drummond has been involved in other incidents).


HC addendum

Source: Para-researchers Ontario, Canada                                                                   Type: E



Date: June 15 1982                                  Time: daytime

The main witness and his friend Doug were hitching a ride and found themselves on the Trans-Canada Highway. It was a cool summer day with very large clouds which were 2000 feet tall at least, fluffy white tops and very dark spread out bottoms. There were many openings in the clouds in which they could see clear blue sky. They sat on the side of the road and smoke and waited, strangely the road was devoid of any traffic. As they sat and scanned the sky they saw a craft just as the nose of it appeared at about 800-1000 yards away as it very slowly came out of a cloud. At first he thought it was a hot air balloon as it was absolutely noiseless and moved at about the same speed. Bu then he realized that he was looking at an object with a row of windows down the portion he could see. His friend was frightened and wanted to leave but the witness insisted in staying put. As he focused back on the object he noticed that a lot more was outside of the cloud by now. The front of it appeared to be pointed and it was huge. The area that he could see had to be hundreds of feet long and the row of windows appeared to be backlit. Then he noticed that there were shadows in the windows and that the shadows moved around. At this time he saw that they were humanoid shaped shadows and that they (approximately 20 or so) appeared to be walking along a hallway just inside the ship. As he looked more closely he saw two of these shadows stop at one of the windows. They stopped and appeared to be talking, when one of them turned and looked out the window toward them. Immediately the other one turned toward them also. When he saw this the witness heard a screeching sound of something running into a barbed wire fence on the side of the road, and as he whipped around to see what it was that was the last thing he could remember until later. He apparently came to a split second later, falling over and on Doug as they tumbled down the side of the ditch along the highway. When they came to a stop at the bottom, they knew something “major” had just happened. There was nothing in the sky anymore, but the strangest thing was that the screech that he heard before was Dough as he jumped over the fence and said he was about halfway to the nearest bluff of trees when it happened, and he had been standing still on the highway (at least 50feet from each other) and yet when they came to a split second later, they were on top of each other partway down the side of the ditch. It took days before they could understand what had happened. Both witnesses experienced memories of being taken onboard the craft. His memory was of being on a sort of hospital bed and of someone leaning over him with a long hypodermic needle and sticking it into the center of his eye. Doug remembered a lot more of what had happened and was terrified. He suffered from nightmares for months after (no additional details on that). Years later both witnesses discovered strange lumps on their bodies, Doug on his hand and the witness on his chest, apparently as a result of implants inserted by the extraterrestrials.


HC addendum

Source: Type: G





Location. Eliot Lake, Ontario, Canada

Date: December 1982                                            Time: afternoon

The witness, Richard, was living in a raised bungalow and was working at cleaning up the basement. For some reason he looked up from his chores. As he gazed out the basement window he was stunned at what he saw. He took a step backwards. There was a being outside the window staring at him. As the frightened witness moved, the creature moved its head in extremely exaggerated twitches, keeping the witness directly in its gaze. Its body parts did not move as humans move. All moved in exaggerated twitches, literally jumping from one posture into another posture. The being’s head was noticeably lager in relationship to its body size. Its hair was scraggly, in a mess of different lengths. It had no facial h air, no eyebrows, no lips, and around its mouth it was nearly black, it had large staring yellow eyes, the creature’s skin was green. The witness felt fear, he felt that the creature was violent, and not friendly, he lunged for his baseball bat. When the creature saw him lunge it moved with jolting alertness, its arms raised as if to protect itself, as if to grasp the window ledge and be ready to escape. The witness never saw its hands, the creature had skinny green arms and a skinny chest, and the witness didn’t see clothes. As the witness bolted up the basement stairs he heard scurrying and scuffling noises on the wall of the house. He flew open the outside door and bolted out into the yard. He had fully intended to hit the thing. However there was no one there. There were no footprints on the snow. For about six months the witness could not calm down, he remained vigilant and frightened; he slept with his bat next to him.


HC addendum

Source: Type: E







Location. Bolton, near Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Date: April 1983                                                        Time: afternoon

It was during the rainy time of the year and due to the rain the witness decided to check the sump pump in the basement. The family had a flood the year before when the switch had stuck in the off position.

When he opened the small door where it was located, he was startled to see a small creature staring back at him. He believes that it had been drinking water when he surprised it. It was about 3-4” in size and brownish in color. It had long spindly limbs and body and as small head with two largish eyes. It stared at the witness as he stared back at it. It cocked its head to one side as though trying to size him up. It had an absolutely intelligent look about it as though thinking, “Uh-oh. You caught me.”

It then literally folded its limbs in tight to its body and slipped gracefully into a small crack in the wall where the discharge hose ran through. The witness couldn’t understand what it was or even how it could have fit in that small space and disappeared.


HC addendum

Source: Type: E


They skipped 1984 also!






Location. Near Toronto, Ontario Canada

Date: 1985                   Time: before sunrise

Veronica, who lived on the ground floor of an apartment complex on the outskirts of Toronto, saw a small craft of some sort land in the back alley near her window. She thinks mass autosuggestion was used on the drivers of vehicles in the area at the time. Veronica was taken by the occupants of the craft out her window and told she was being placed in a black limo. However the “limousine” took up 2 parking spaces & made a whooshing sound. On board the craft the aliens removed “eggs” informing her they were merely examining them. They also operated on her kidney leaving behind an “implant.” Veronica had the impression that the aliens were human in appearance, but discovered they were actually the so-called “grays,” possessing large baldheads and large wrap-around eyes, projecting the telepathic illusion of human appearance. While captive on the alien craft, Veronica was shown adult human bodies that had been “grown” from fetuses floating in liquid-filled tanks.


HC addendum

Source: Chris A. Rutkowski, Abductions & Aliens

What’s really going on?                                                                                        Type: G



And nothing for 1986.






Location. Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Date: January 1987                  Time: night

A 4-year old boy reported being visited in his bedroom by “phantoms” he described as having large almond shaped eyes and large smooth heads. When he started to bleed from his nose, one of the humanoids inserted a liquid into the nostril that it drew from a silver plated pot. When the child became scared, the humanoid changed appearance to resemble the boy’s best friend, a girl wearing a pink dress.


HC addendum

Source: John Picton, Toronto Star January 31 1987                                                    Type: E





Location. Rouge Park, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Date: August 15 1987                                              Time: evening

The main witness along with his (now) ex-wife, his nephew and his friend had taken a small interest in stargazing and behind the Metro Zoo was quite a good location for it since it was quite removed from the city light glare.. They had left the car and started to walk toward a small bridge that crossed a rather deep ravine when he noticed a pinpoint of light quite close to the wooded structure. All four of them left the trail and turned to their right up a slope that eventually overlooked this ravine. Just about to the crest, his nephew and friend stop and did not continue any farther. But the witness and his wife continued on. When they reached the crest they both saw the object at the same time. It looked like a disc edge on. Directly in the middle was a rather large window with a being visible from the waist up. This man like creature was darkish brown, with no visible hair, large eyes, no nose and a small mouth. The creature seemed very busy working below the window edge with something or other while looking to their right, not at the witnesses. At some point in time while both witnesses gazed at the structure, maybe for two or three minutes, the main witness got a very strong feeling to pull his wife back from the crest but she seemed to refuse. He started to shout at her and warn her that the object was going to explode; where he got this from he does not know. He finally pulled her back from the crest and while heading back toward his nephew and friend they heard a rather loud but muffled bang. The witnesses apparently did not see the object depart.


HC addendum

Source: Type: A






Location. Manilla, Ontario Canada

Date: October 10 1987           Time: 2000

Several witnesses observed from their vehicle a hovering saucer shaped craft seventy-five feet away. The craft hovered about 25 feet from the ground, just below the trees, in a small field. The witnesses could see a bright white light coming out from one of the windows. The craft had multicolored lights around its diameter, reddish, orange, bluish-purple and green. Several silhouetted human-like figures could also be seen moving inside the windows of the object. After five minutes the white light from the object was suddenly drawn into the craft, it then rose up slowly and disappeared quickly from sight. No sound was heard.


HC addendum

Source: NUFORC                                                                                                                      Type: A






Location. Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

Date: Spring 1988                     Time: night

An unusual object that flew into his apartment confronted the witness, it was about 2 ft in diameter and made a rather loud humming noise, it flew in a perpetual left-to-right motion. Soon after this incident he was confronted by a being, which he described as looking like a supreme “military” commander, Olympic athlete and a genius scientist, all in one. He had short almost wavy white hair, trimmed around the ears and neck, red eyes, and was wearing what appeared to be a white almost fluorescent silk or satin t-shirt, with “army type” shorts with four fluorescent insignias running down the right thigh. He also wore fluorescent sneakers on which matched one of the colors of the bottom insignia. He reported numerous encounters with the above individual and was apparently taken into other “realms”. He remembers seeing what appeared to be spaceships. On another occasion the witness saw what appeared to be 6winged creatures suddenly appear in the sky and move swiftly upwards in a “triple helical” fashion and after performing 2 loops they suddenly vanished. On another occasion he witnesses what the Jews have historically referred to as the Ark of the Covenant flying in the skies over where he lived. The appearance of the box like object was amber gold in color. Upon the top edges were two winged creatures whose wings slowly and surely moved in and out with only the tips of their wings touching each other. After this incident he remembers facing the being with the white hair and red eyes. He smiled and spoke some words about the earth’s future…namely that global warming will destroy earth’s civilization, the atmosphere is running out of oxygen, that negative extraterrestrials have the world under control, and there may be a nuclear holocaust but before it happens, the negative intelligences will “land”. Since the above incidents he has had numerous “dreams” in which he has seen different types of aliens apparently working together.


HC addendum

Source: Direct from witness                                                                                               Type: G or F?







Location. Elora Ontario Canada

Date: July 1988          Time: 03:50 a.m.

The witness was in her house and was just coming downstairs after going to the bathroom, when she noticed a short 3-foot tall figure standing by the patio window. She dozed off for a few moments but was woken up by a throbbing sound and could not move. She then was taken up into a small craft by two short beings. She was later transported to a larger “mother ship.” There she was examined on a long skinny bed by five beings, one taller than the others. These beings were dark and she could not see any facial features. She also remembers seeing a large hangar type room where several small-domed disc shaped objects sat, next to each object stood a short being. She was eventually floated back to her basement.


HC addition # 1148

Source: Bonnie Wheeler, Cambridge UFO Research

Ontario Canada                                                                                                                        Type: G






Location. Hamilton Ontario Canada

Date: early Fall 1988                               Time: 23:00

A couple was walking home after having dinner at a friend’s home when they saw a small light resembling a car headlight flying towards them. Both became extremely frightened and hid between two houses nearby. Next thing they knew they were sitting in their apartment, sitting straight up, facing the balcony door. Later they recalled that as they were hiding in between the two houses they ran towards a bridge near a small “village” resembling a German storybook village. They both saw standing next to the bridge railing a seven-foot tall dark human like figure that stood staring at them with an amused look. He seemed to have a very long face. Then they remembered running some more and then appearing back at the apartment.


HC addition # 1152

Source: Bonnie Wheeler, Cambridge UFO Research

Ontario Canada                                                                                                                        Type: G?





Location. Norwood, Ontario, Canada

Date: March 15 1989                                                                               Time: night

The witness (involved in other encounters) had gone to bed and fell asleep normally. Sometime during the night he awakened to find himself softly bumping against the ceiling, already separated from the physical (body). He knew he was ‘out’ and he was aware of his surroundings. He couldn’t believe it. He felt as if he was being lightly tossed about and had no control over his movements. He then felt himself fall to the floor on the other side of their bed, and he lay there looking up at the bumper pad of their water bed. Just as suddenly he felt herself falling (being pulled?) down through the floor to the basement below, he was upright, and facing the stone wall behind their wood stove, moving slowly sideways as though he was exploring the stone. He recalled being very confused as to what in the ‘heck’ he was doing.

It was then that he felt the presence behind him, and he had a feeling of nervousness so intense that he felt her heart would explode. As he said to himself that he wouldn’t turn around, she felt himself being turned around. He ‘saw’ a being standing in the middle of the open door, approximately fifteen feet away. A telepathic voice asked him if she was afraid. He thought back that he was very nervous, and “he” said not to be, everything was fine. He then felt himself floating to his side, and he found himself looking at the most incredible sight he had ever seen. The being was most definitely not human, but he didn’t want to label it alien either; he doesn’t know what it was.

He (he knew somehow it was a male) was at eye level with him (the witness is 5 feet 3 inches and he was floating in the air). The basement was dark, but he saw the grayish skin, the overly long skinny arms the small hands with long fingers. He took in the large, funny-shaped head and the little slit of a mouth. He registered the fact that it was wearing a uniform of some kind. He could never forget the look of his eyes, huge almond-shaped pools of liquid blackness. They were so large that they seemed to wrap around the sides of its head. He saw an incredible intelligence within them that was so overpowering he remembers no more of its physical appearance. The last memory he had of that night is the comforting feeling of kindness and love and staring into those eyes. He has no memory of returning to the physical (body), which was another first for him. He recalled waking up in the morning terribly tired, and it took great effort to get up and get his daughter off to school. He was outside waving to the school bus and aimlessly wandering in front of their property when the memory of the night before returned. Approximately thirty-six hours later he developed a really strange eye infection. His eyes were terribly bloodshot and drippy, with a thick yellow discharge. It cleared up about five days later. He recalled being overtired for weeks afterwards.


HC addendum

Source: Whitley and Anne Strieber, “The Communion Letters” pp. 73-75       Type: F?




Location. Bradford, Ontario, Canada

Date: June 29 1989  Time: 03:39 a.m.

The witness was sleeping on the couch that night, when she suddenly woke up feeling very apprehensive. She felt a strong buzzing sound in her head and became completely paralyzed. Next thing she knew it was already 0500A. Later the witness was able to remember that several 3 to 4 foot tall humanoids with very thin arms and smallish heads had appeared in her room and had taken her up through the roof. They pointed at a large dark boomerang-shaped object overhead and told her that it was a “light portal”, she was then taken onboard. Inside the ship she saw an enormous ziggurat shaped ship, ringed with white running lights at each level. She was told that it was a “light ship” that traveled inter-dimensionally on light particles. The beings also talked about the human perception of dying and the existence of many other dimensions, a few nights prior to this incident the same witness had several small beings in her room and had gone immediately to sleep. The witness had the distinct impression that these aliens were a “hive driven” society.


HC addition # 1339

Source: John Robert Colombo, UFO’s Over Canada                                                  Type: G







Location. West Carleton Ontario Canada

Date: September 1989                           Time: evening

A bright light drew the witness to a window looking over her backyard. Concerned about the bright object hovering silently over the yard, she went to check on her two and a half year old daughter. Upon opening the bedroom door she was startled to see two beings that had dark eyes and shone a whitish yellow color. One of the entities turned towards the witness, and the next thing she remembered was waking up on the sofa the next morning. During the same time a neighbor reported seeing a similar glowing creature that appeared to be taking ground samples from the backyard and another one in her house.


HC addition # 2190

Source: Bob Oechsler, International Library UFO

Magazine Oct/Nov 1993                                                                                                        Type: C




Location. Pickering, Ontario, Canada

Date: September 2 1989                                       Time: night

The witness’s son got his attention when he said that there was a “war plane” approaching. He looked up to see the largest “aircraft” he had ever seen coming slowly over the house. He could hear nothing as it approached but it was low enough to see right into the cockpit. The object was massive and he could see people standing and looking out the windows. The cockpit was also huge with at least 20 to 30 feet long of glass. The object totally covered his property and both sides of his location. After the object passed he could see what appeared to be afterburners on the rear large enough to could drive a truck into. The witness thought that the craft must have been manmade since it appears to have shingles and rivets, and it was a dark “military” color.


HC addendum

Source: NUFORC                                                                                                      Type: A



Location. Oshawa, Ontario, Canada
Date: November 1989                    Time: 1900

Two brothers were walking in the middle of the street near their home and saw a disk silently moving through the sky. Its form was dark, but it had four large brightly lit (yellow) windows. In each window, an entity was staring out. They had oval-shaped outsized heads on small bodies. The disk moved on.


HC addendum

Source: Michael D. Swords, “Grassroots UFOs”                                          Type: A


image of crash entity


Cannot leave out a crash (or alleged crash)


Location. Carp, Ontario Canada

Date: November 4 1989        Time: 2000

Canadian Defense Department radars picked up a globe shaped object traveling at a phenomenal speed over the area. The object abruptly stopped and dropped like a stone. Canadian and American security agencies were immediately notified of the landing. Monitoring satellites traced the movements of aliens to a triangular area, off Old Almonte and Corkery Roads. The object had landed in deep swamp near Corkery Road. Two AH-64 Apaches and a UH-60 Blackhawk headed for the area. The helicopters carried full weapon loads. Flying low over the pine trees, the Apache attack choppers soon spotted a glowing, blue 20-meter in diameter sphere. As targeting lasers lock on, both gunships unleash their full weapon loads of eight missiles each. All sixteen were exploded in proximity bursts ten meters downwind from the object. The missiles were carrying “Vexxon”, a deadly neuro-active gas that kills on contact. Immediately after having completed their mission, the gunships turn around, and headed back across the border. Now the Blackhawk landed, as men emerged from its open doors. In seconds, the six-man strike team had entered the object through a seven-meter hatch less, oval, portal. No resistance was encountered. At the controls, three dead crewmembers were found. The humanoids were packed in ice and sent to an isolation chamber at the University of Ottawa. The beings were described as reptilian, heads shaped like fetuses, very muscular and gray-white in color.


HC addition # 2863

Source: Leonard Stringfield, The Inner Sanctum                                                         Type: H



Location. Toronto, Ontario Canada

Date: November 8 1989        Time: 02:00 a.m.

The witness was in her bed and was having a lot of difficulty in falling asleep, when she suddenly felt a “wave” of energy that began at her feet and moved slowly up her legs. She felt very heavy and became paralyzed. The witness began to feel groggy and was only able to move her head. She opened her eyes and saw several flashing, pulsating lights above her head. Some of the lights pulsated at a different speed. She then became aware of several beings leaning over hear and looking at her. The beings were surrounded with light and had huge dark eyes and also appeared to be very thin. The witness tried to regain control of herself by thinking “I am in control.” She then heard a voice apparently from one of the beings that stated, “She was a strong one.” The next thing she remembered was her body hitting the bed as if being dropped from above. She felt her body tingling and her mouth was very dry.


HC addition # 1336

Source: John Robert Colombo, UFOS over Canada                                                    Type: G



Location. Ontario Canada, exact location not given

Date: March 1990     Time: 11:30 a.m.

An apparent bedroom visitation and missing time episode in which the witness reported encountering two “round” humanoids in his bedroom. No other information.


HC addition # 2351

Source: 1990 Canadian UFO Survey                                                                                  Type: E



Location. Lake Simcoe, Ontario, Canada

Date: July 1990          Time: late night

The witness experienced several strange events while staying in a cottage by the lake. One night he had a dream-like experience in which he remembered standing outside the cottage with several persons near a barn. A female-like figure stood near him. She had a thin pointed face with large almond-shaped eyes. The witness asked her about her eyes and she smiled, replying “Let me show you what I can do with my eyes’! Then from behind the barn emerged what resembled a huge toy-top shaped object; it was spinning on its axis. The witness suddenly woke up back in his bed.


HC addition # 1437

Source: John Robert Colombo, “Dark Visions”                                                             Type: G?



Location. Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

Date: July 29 1990                    Time: 04:30 a.m.

The witness (whose roommate had witnesses a large light maneuvering over the area on July 1) woke up in his 16th floor apartment to see a being roughly 4 ft tall in the bedroom. A dim light illuminated the being, which the witness described as small in stature and dark gray in color. His head was bent down as if adjusting something on his chest. He had a child-like well-developed body. Behind his head was a fog-like mist. The being wore a smooth suit with a square buckle on the front of a larger belt-buckle. Shiny neon like light shone from the buckle, which changed color to blue, the inside to the buckle was black. The witness was not afraid and went back to sleep, 10 minutes later she saw the being again standing about 10 ft away from her. She then went back to sleep again and did not see the being depart.


HC addendum

Source: NUFORC                                                                                      Type: D



Location. Elora, Ontario Canada

Date: August 1990   Time: late night

The witness was sleeping in her bed when she suddenly woke up and was unable to move. She felt pain and pressure on her lower right side. She then saw a humanoid face looking down at her; the face was gray with large almond-shaped eyes and small nostrils. She could also hear machine-like noises. The being spoke to her and disappeared.


HC addition # 1149

Source: Bonnie Wheeler, Cambridge UFO Research, Ontario Canada               Type: E



Location. Owen Sound, Ontario Canada

Date: August 5 1990                Time: 03:45 a.m.

The Martens family woke up to see “dancing lights” that were apparently disturbing their cattle. The lights were yellow/orange in color and looked like they were connected to something very large. The lights gradually changed to a deep “crimson red” and began to revolve around each other it gathered some kind of green haze or fog and suddenly vanished. That same night one son had a nightmare about a “shining angel” in the house. And the eldest daughter saw in the house a “person” who seemed to be quite bright, almost blinding her with light.


HC addition # 2820

Source: Barry Arnold                                                                                                                              Type: C?



Location. Mississauga, Ontario, Canada

Date: Fall 1990                           Time: about noon

Frank K. reported encountering a gray-type creature who appeared lying in the center of his marital bed where his wife usually lay, and without clothes, it was a little shorter than 4 ft with a huge head, huge glazed eyes, pointy chin, slits for mouth and nose, skinny legs and arms, no noticeable external sexual protrusions but with fingers and toes. The one thing that was unique was that it had an extended stomach with suspicious movement inside---totally unlike his expectation of the alien shape he had expected. Krammer reportedly encountered a small alien hybrid in the back of his car some years later, after that experience he began to conjecture that it all may have been a unique pregnancy involving himself and a pure alien gray. The hybrid child did show some definite signs of human qualities such as its giggling laughter after playing some magical tricks with the street lights that astonished Frank before he noticed its presence and pulled off the road.


HC addendum

Source: Type: E?



Location. Cambridge Ontario, Canada

Date: September 30 1990     Time: 03:00 a.m.

Undocumented report describing a bedroom visitation, involving a gray faced short entity in the bedroom. No other information.


HC addition # 2352

Source: 1990 Canadian UFO Survey                                                                                  Type: E?



Location. Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario Canada

Date: 1991   Time: 2300

The witness had gone to bed with her husband when all of the sudden in a dreamlike state she found herself in a white room. She could not see the sides and appeared to have tunnel vision. She was strapped down on a table and was struggling. She looked over to her side and saw a little girl or being staring at her from behind a window, the little girl “being” stared at her moving her head from side to side. She felt mental communication from an unseen entity telling her that the little girl was hers and they wanted her to name her. The little girl was very thin, her hair was pearly white, and it looked as if it was all at different length, and scant in some places. She wore an opalescent outfit, just draped over her body. Her arms and legs were thin. Her facial features were small except for her eyes, which were big and blue in color. She wanted to hold her but all of the sudden woke up. She felt very sad and began to cry.


HC addition # 2348

Source: Michel Deschamps, The Canadian Ufologist Vol. 1 # 4                             Type: G?



Location. West Carleton Township, Ontario, Canada

Date: August 17 1991                              Time: late night

As other witnesses watched mysterious red lights coming from a wooded marshy area and a large white disc-shaped craft with a cone-shaped central dome descend over a field and then blink out. The main witness noticed her dog’s unusual behavior and stepped out of her house to check the area, she then noticed a bright array of red lights through the trees across the street. As she continued to watch a huge object covered in multi-colored lights descended suddenly almost in front of her. The witness retreated closer to her house and watched as the object hovered. Two figures with glowing yellow-white skin emerged from the craft. These then opened a panel on the side of the object that exposed a tremendous amount of white light. As the beings attempted to close the panel everything seemed to go into slow motion and the witness blacked out. Here next recollection was waking up to the sound of a helicopter hovering low over the house. Two weeks later the witness was able to recall that she had boarded the object and had conversed via telepathy with its occupants.


HC addition # 1110

Source: Bob Oechsler, Intl. UFO Library Magazine, December 1993   Type: G



Location. Fonthill, Ontario, Canada

Date: December 12 1992                                       Time: midnight

The 8-year old witness was awakened by a flash of light at the bedroom window. He sat up in bed and reached over to the window and peeked through the blinds and saw what he thought at the time was an orange street light moving left to right over the houses behind their property, this went on for a minute or so and then it disappeared. He laid back down in bed and then he heard the closet door squeaking as it opened. He looked and coming out of the closet was a 3-4 foot tall being, which he has now been able to identify as a “grey” and it was looking at the witness who hid under the blanket and tried to scream but nothing came out. He then blacked out, he remembers only the feeling of something sharp on the back of his neck. When he awoke he immediately ran downstairs and asked his foster mother if he had a mark on the back of his neck, she said no, asked him why and he told her that he thought that “he had been abducted by aliens” however she told him that it must have been a dream (of course) because there was no mark on his neck. He accepted her dream theory and moved on. But soon a growth on the back on his neck appeared, in the exact location where he felt the sharp object.


HC addendum

Source: NUFORC                                                                                      Type: E?


Zero for 1993.



Location. North Bay, Ontario, Canada

Date: fall 1994                                    Time: late night

The witness, S.H. who was attending college there at the time, was sleeping in his college dorm on the college property located in a wooded area northwest of the city. He suddenly woke up in a panic. He was immobilized and on gurney-type object. His feet were lower than his head and he was placed in such a way he could only look down and back. Like a dolly one uses to move appliances or boxes, as if you were to ride on it with your chest towards it. The next thing he knew he woke up in his dorm in a cold sweat and his heart pounding. His room door was locked and he was alone. He could not sleep the rest of the night. (He was to have a later experience).


HC addendum

Source: _ Type: G?



Location. Near Ottawa, Ontario Canada

Date: March 16 1995                       Time: 01:30 a.m.

An eight-year old boy told his mother that in the middle of the night, he woke up to see an alien enter his room through his second story townhouse window. The humanoid was between 2 ½ and 4-½ ft tall, with pointed ears, slanted almond eyes, and three fingers on each hand. The alien somehow took him out of his bedroom through the window, and out to a flying saucer that was hovering outside. The object was “dovetail shape” and gray in color. Upon entering the ship, the boy noticed “pinky, orange cushioned walls that smelled similar to paint.” They communicated telepathically. They assured the boy that he would be all right, he was surprised to notice that they all wore “five fingered” medical gloves and necklaces with star-shaped emblems. He was then placed on a table. Some sort of instrument was placed on his chest while “medical tests” were performed on him. One alien placed a hand over his eyes and he fell asleep. He woke briefly as the aliens bumped him into something. He was then returned to his room through the window. Several scab-like scars, square in shape were found on his chest.


HC addendum

Source: Christ Rutkowski, Abductions & Aliens

What’s really going on                                                                                   Type: G



Location. Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Date: August 1995                   Time: late night

The 13-year old witness was sleeping with the bathroom light on. She was suddenly quite awake and had propped herself up on one elbow glancing to one side she was stunned to see a being about 3-1/2 ft tall, about the height of an 7-year old child, it had large almond shaped eyes with no pupils, dark, possibly black. It had five fingers and five toes, ears a tiny nose and small lips. It had skin similar to that of a rhino, very dark gray in color. It was very thin with a head slightly larger than a human; it had spindly arms & legs and a protruding belly. Fear prevented the witness from screaming and her side started to hurt, it began to throb and burn. The witness hid under the covers for about 30 minutes and when she looked again the alien was gone.


HC addendum

Source: Enigma’s Paranormal Reports                                                            Type: E



Location. North Bay, Ontario, Canada

Date: fall 1995                                    Time: late night

The witness, S.H. was visiting his girlfriend at her dorm apartment. He was staying that night to keep her company as all her roommate had gone out for the night. They went to sleep around 2300. He remembers waking, not fully, to see four figures with large looking heads leaning over him. He could not move and could not make out much detail of the creatures as a very bright light was behind them, just over him, that’s all he could he remember. The college was located in a wooded area on the edge of the city, not far from the NORAD base located in North Bay.


HC addendum

Source: _





Location. Ontario, Canada, exact location not given

Date: July 22 1996    Time: 03:00 a.m.

The witness was at a summer cottage when he suddenly woke up in the middle of the night, he looked at his watch, and then turned his head looked at it again and two hours had passed. He had vague memories of lying on a table were several short gray figures are standing around him. He found an X-pattern of red marks on his hand after the incident.


HC addition # 3581

Source: UFO Sightings in New Mexico and The World                              Type: G







Location. Carlisle, Ontario, Canada

Date: August 23 1996                              Time: 01:00 a.m.

The witness was in her cottage when she awoke to see a small greenish creature next to her with huge staring eyes. He asked her through telepathy why human’s reason. She answered him back the same way, using telepathy and then fell back sleep. Witness has been involved in other incidents throughout her life.


HC addendum

Source: NUFORC                                      Type: E




Location. Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Date: April 19 1997                   Time: 2309

Michael Chrostowski was alone in his apartment when he heard a loud noise coming from outside and his apartment started shaking. Looking out he saw a “humongous,” hovering craft. Through a lighted aperture he could see a short humanoid with large oriental looking eyes looking down at him. No other information.


HC addendum

Source: UFO Sightings in New Mexico & the World                   Type: A







Location. Penetang, Ontario, Canada

Date: 1998                   Time: night

The witness who slept on a mattress on the floor in his bedroom of a two room ground floor apartment woke up in the middle of the night with a visitor beside his “bed”. He was looking into the eyes of a being that seemed ancient and youthful at the same time. The eyes seemed to be normal eyes. The room was dark, and the being was wearing a “Jedi-like” cowl---a dark brown or gray monk-like robe. The witness thought, “Let’s get on with it”. He recalled being resigned, and not about to enjoy it. When he awoke the next morning he remembered a lot of the event. Traveling in a craft replete with technology, they went somewhere. He recalled being free to observe inside the craft but he couldn’t recall more than one area. He didn’t recall being restrained and didn’t recall a negative emotional state, other than his own initial resignation. He couldn’t recall the being communicating with him, although he got the impression that he was answering questions. The witness seemed to have forgotten the rest of the event. (Witness has been involved in other encounters).


HC addendum

Source: experience in Penetang, Ontario                               Type: G



Location. Timmins, Ontario, Canada

Date: March 1998                     Time: late night

The witness was sleeping together with her young daughter when she suddenly woke up and looked to her right to see a little figure standing by the bed. The figure was approximately the size of a ten-year old child, little silver star-like lights emanated from it. The witness slid to the end of the end, towards where her daughter was, then something made her look around. She noticed that the figure was not moving from one spot to another, but there were 3 of them. The witness gazed back to the one closest to her daughter and felt a sense of love emanating from the short humanoid and suddenly was not afraid any more. Then she woke her daughter and the three figures disappeared. Late on in July the witness had gone to visit an uncle in Cambridge Ontario and again woke up one night to see an identical figure in the bedroom, sliding towards her and in an apparent panic communicating telepathically to her, “Where is she?” The witness thought it as strange that the “aliens” did not know where her daughter was (apparently the person they were asking for). She began to feel fear and screamed, the figure then disappeared, along with two other figures she had now noticed in the room.


HC addendum

Source: Mystical Universe, Unexplained


Location. Cambridge, Ontario, Canada

Date: July 1998                          Time: late night

The witness (involved in a previous encounter along with her young daughter) was sleeping upstairs at an uncle’s house when suddenly she awoke to see a strange figure, the same identical figure from the previous encounter (short with shiny star-like lights on its body) slid towards her and at the same time communicating, telepathically, asking the witness where her daughter was. The amused witness replied that her daughter was back home, that they should know, since they were “aliens” at this point the figure vanished. Her daughter did not report any unusual incidents that same night.


HC addendum

Source: Mystical Universe                                                                    Type: E



Location. St. Catharine’s Ontario, Canada

Date: 1999                   Time: 1500

A couple stopped at a traffic light on Welland Ave. in front of the A & P store noticed something just above them. After sticking her head out the window and yelling at her husband to do the same both spotted a long ship hovering about 500 yards and she could also see people looking their way from inside what appeared to be an observation deck. They too seemed to be in a bit of a shock, and then in an instant it vanished. (The sky was clear, not a cloud in sight). The shaped of the craft was like a silver bullet trailer but a lot longer and larger. There appeared to be an observation deck and they could see people inside. Underneath this platform were many small shaped windows like those on a ship. It was white/silver in color. No blue, red or orange lights that they could see, no haze was seen either. The “people” on the craft noticed the witness looking at them and for a brief moment the wife made eye contact with one of them. This being looked very much like a human female, neither she nor the others appeared to have large heads and big eyes. The craft then vanished in an instant. There was no sound that they could hear.


HC addendum

Source: Brian Vike, HBCC UFO                                                            Type: A




Location. Kitchener, Ontario, Canada

Date: August 1999                   Time: 04:00 a.m.

The witness was driving slowly out of a KOA campground with his headlights turned off so he wouldn’t draw any attention from camp officials (since he had sneaked in order to take a shower). As he turned on to the road at the park’s gate he noticed something go by the rear of the car very quickly in his rearview mirror. He immediately stopped the car and turned around to look out the rear window and saw what he thought was a monkey at first. It had pale skin and was very thin with long thin arms and black eyes. The creature was partly behind some bushes at this time with its arms hanging down near its knees, it seemed to be leaning out of the bush looking at the witness. Feeling frightened the witness drove quickly away from the area.


HC addendum

Source: Type: E





Location. Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Date: March 18 2000                               Time: 11:06 a.m.

The 36-year old witness had been suffering from headaches and nausea and was out for a walk in a field when he saw flashing lights and everything turned dark. He briefly remembered seeing a humanoid with an oval shaped head, black eyes, and light colored skin. He later woke up and found strange scars but they disappeared soon. No other information.


HC addition # 3823

Source: UFO Abduction Raw Data Page, UFO Watch                Type






Location. Longlac, Ontario, Canada

Date: April 20 2000                  Time: 09:30 a.m.

Two cousins were ice fishing on a lake in Northwestern Ontario when one of them decided to take the snowmobile to the side of the shore and cut some fire wood, one of them remained behind and began preparing the fishing holes. Suddenly out of nowhere the man with the snowmobile drove up very fast, yelling and shaking, his face red and speechless. He said, “We have to get the hell out of here, I just seen something I couldn’t believe.” His cousin asked what, and he explained that he had heard strange noises almost like a language but very difficult to make out. He walked towards the noise and suddenly saw an abandoned cabin with a weird object, shaped like two Frisbees placed one on top of the other and emitting a strange almost violet colored light hovering over the cabin. At this point he left to get his cousin. Both were curious and hurried back to the cabin and both hid behind some trees as they could see the object still present. They also saw two tall strange human-looking creatures, taller than any humans walking in and out of the cabin bringing objects into the ship and suddenly they went inside their ship and it suddenly shot away disappearing from sight. Taking a closer look where the object had hovered they found a huge blast crater on the ground. They waited to see if it would return but it never did.


HC addendum

Source: NUFORC                                                                                                      Type: B



Location. Manooth, Ontario, Canada

Date: July 12 2000   Time: late night

The 14-year old witness had gone to bed late at his summer cottage when he woke up to find his bedroom door open and someone walking in the living room. Soon a figure came to his bedroom door and entered followed by two more. The figures were basically humanoid, gray in color, with large black oval shaped eyes, and one was taller than the others and was holding a glowing blue rod, which apparently paralyzed the witness. He telepathically told the witness, that they were going to cure an infection that was brought to Earth by another alien race. They inserted a long tube down the witness esophagus and through it injected a liquid that apparently went straight to the small intestine. He now was able to move and was told to follow them. Outside he was taken inside a landed disc shaped object; there he was apparently scanned and examined. Later he was brought back to his room.


HC addition # 3614

Source: NUFORC                                                                                      Type: G






Location. Oakville, Ontario Canada

Date: November 30 2000      Time: 09:00 a.m.

The witnesses saw six chevron shaped craft fly and land behind a hill. They went to see and saw eight more arrive. They seemed to be damaged. Four beings, with light brown skin and large oval shaped eyes came out of an object and seemed to inspect the craft. They turned around and saw the witnesses that then heard a loud piercing noise. The witnesses apparently then blacked out. When they came to everything was gone and they discovered several puncture-like wounds in their skin. One of the witnesses suffered from dreams after the incident, where she saw similar beings inserting needles into her body.


HC addition # 3621

Source: NUFORC                                                                                      Type: B or G?

Comments: Possibly unexplored abduction event







Location. Near London, Ontario, Canada
Date: April 2001                                Time: 02:30 a.m.

The witness, Jim, suddenly woke up to see a tall being resembling a “praying mantis” and another cloaked being standing by the side of his bed. The cloaked being looked at the witness from beneath his hood revealing its black skin, which appeared leathery and reflecting light much like a beetles skin. The witness shut his eyes thinking it was a realistic dream but when he opened them again the two strange figures were still there. The cloaked figure looked up to the tall praying mantis as if it was confused as to what actions it should take next. The praying mantis turned its head towards the hooded humanoid and made a series of high-pitched clicking sounds. The witness sensed that he was the one in command, possibly the other was some type of guard. The praying mantis type creature was at least 7 ft tall; it had to bend its neck because of the height of the ceiling. Its head was pointed with large eyes. Its forearms were extremely long and moved in a jerky fashion. The cloaked figure was closer, crouching by the bed, so the witness could not tell how tall it was, but he could clearly see that it was wearing some kind of overlapping ridged armor, including a metallic looking breastplate that had a series of circles on it. Its head was dome-like with emotionless facial features. Its eyes were large and surrounded again by detailed ridges. It acted in a way that reminded the witness of a robot or insect. At this point the praying mantis bent its upper body over the witness bed and directly above him. In its hand it was holding a long metal object that looked like a needle. A green light shone directly from the needle and into the witness right eye. It felt very painful. The witness attempted to scream but nothing came out. He then felt something stick into his skull, he closed his eyes and then heard a great whooshing sound and when he next opened his eyes the two creatures were gone.


HC addendum

Source: UFO BC                                                                                                        Type: E






Location. Welland Ontario, Canada

Date: April 10 2001                   Time: 2045

The main witness was walking home with a friend when he pointed to a light shining on the shore of a nearby canal. She looked and noticed a sort of flashlight beam bouncing on the rocks. She then looked in the water and noticed a pinkish figure or head. It turned and saw the witnesses. The figure seemed to have deep sunken eyes. As soon as it saw them it dipped under the water and did not come out again. During the whole incident there was a bright light over the canal that was moving in a circular pattern at very high speed. The object disappeared, came back after 30 seconds then disappeared again.


HC addition # 3961

Source: NUFORC                                                                                      Type: C Amphibian








Location. Peterborough, Ontario, Canada

Date: May 7 2001                     Time: 2210

A witness reported seeing a huge black triangular shaped craft flying overhead. He reportedly heard a “message” in his head. Also some “missing time” was reported. No other information.


HC addendum

Source: NUFORC                                                                                                      Type: F or G? Another possible unexplored abduction event.






Location. St Thomas, Ontario, Canada

Date: May 15 2001                                   Time: 18:30

The witness was at a estate auction and had gone outside for a cigarette. When he got outside there were already 5 or 6 other people there. After a few minutes a big round ball of light went zooming by, followed by about 14 more going at a very high speed. As the surprised group talked about what had happened a formation of about 15 more in a crescent formation went by, but very slowly, it was followed by another 15 in crescent formation again going very slowly. This formation was followed by a huge ship that was rectangular, completely black with no lights at all. This was followed by two more crescent formations, 15 spheres in each group, followed again by 15 spheres flying at random, but in a tight grid.

There appeared that there was an observation window in the front of the large ship where they could see the outline of two individuals. This sighting occurred in broad daylight. It appeared to the main witness that the large ship was being ‘protected’ by the formations of spheres.


HC addendum

Source: NUFORC                                                                                      Type: A



Location. Near Palmerston Ontario Canada

Date: July 1 2001                       Time: 2000

A couple riding bikes in a wooded area observed a group of tall humanoid-shaped beings covered with brown hair. They seemed to be holding or carrying unusual devices. The beings fled into the woods upon noticing the witnesses. Around the same time there were numerous reports of low flying glowing orange discs over the area.


HC addendum

Source: Unknown Country & CAUS                                                                  Type: D



Location. Near Fergus Ontario Canada

Date: July 20 2001                    Time: 2130

Four teenagers saw a glow in the forest and upon investigation they observed several beings with short, curly dark hair and strange ears, but otherwise human appearing, that seemed to be taking soil samples. They wore white robes. The teens reported their observation to the police, who found a circular hole on the ground four inches in diameter and five feet deep.


HC addendum

Source: Unknown Country & CAUS                                                                  Type: E



Location. Hamilton, Ontario, Canada

Date: October 2001                 Time: daytime

The 50-year old witness was walking the “Bruce Trail” which is close to her house and runs along the heavily wooded Niagara Escarpment when she was about to come out of the higher trail onto the bike path when she saw above her, what she thought was a jet fighter. It was an object she described as black, arrow-shaped, with two bullet-shaped objects attached on the underside. She could see figures in the clear dome on top, like a fighter jet would have. They wore, what looked to be a white flight suit and helmet. They were looking down on the trees. By the time she reached the bike path a few yards away the object was gone. Later the witness realized that that it had made no sound, it had hovered above the trees in total silence.


HC addendum

Source: Type: A



Location. Markham, Ontario, Canada

Date: December 2001                                            Time: evening

A husband and wife were out for a drive and went exploring in southeast Markham. They took a right off of Markham Road/Main Street just south of Hwy 7 and drove through a residential area. They eventually came to a dead end road. They sat there with their car running and headlights on and saw something stand and move south across their lines of vision, about 20 meters or so ahead of them. The area is wooded and was covered in snow at the time. They were both stricken with absolute fear unlike any either of them had felt before. In trying to figure out what they saw they eliminated a bear---partly because it was the wrong time of year and in a fairly populous place, but primarily because it just wasn’t shaped like a bear. It was much thinner and the proportion of limbs to trunk was more human than bear. They eliminated ape because they are not indigenous to the area and this creature did not look like an ape---its body was svelte---narrower than an ape would be across the shoulders and torso. It was solid as opposed to an apparition, and walked entirely upright with casual stride. If it was human it would be unusually large---at least 6.5feet but probably closer to 7 or even more. If it was clothed, the clothing was form-fitting and not bulky. Basically it looked like a big guy in a wetsuit to the witnesses. Broad shouldered but narrow at the waist and buttocks, legs and arms and head proportional like a human. The entire incident took maybe three seconds and then there was a percussive deep growl that seemed to come from everywhere. It felt like a sonic boom but didn’t really seem very loud.


HC addendum

Source: Type: E



Location. Maple, Ontario, Canada
Date: Spring 2002                             Time: 01:30 a.m.

The witness, who lived alone in a farm, had been standing in the darkened kitchen and was about to go upstairs to bed when she saw a flash behind her, she heard no noise whatsoever. She thought it was the light from the farm next door that was somehow malfunctioning. She stepped outside and saw something she was not prepared for. Down in a hollow about 90-100 yards from the house was a vivid white glowing disc twice the size of her kitchen table, with white “flames” on the top. Around it, floating in several places were creatures of some sort encased in what resembled a veil such as a bride wears, but encasing each creature completely. They were about 5’6” in height and she could make out that each one was almost stick thin, which was difficult to tell because of the veil-like garments they wore. She counted about 20 of these creatures. Two briefly floated to an area where there was some runoff water, they immediately floated back to join the others. The witness was not frightened and did not stay around the see the glowing disc and strange creatures depart. She was very tired and went to bed.


HC addendum

Source: Chris Rutkowski                                                                                        Type: C







Location. Belleville, Ontario, Canada

Date: August 25 2002                              Time: 03:00 a.m.

The witnesses were sitting in the backyard of an enclosed porch when they first noticed some lights in the sky. Looking at them with binoculars they could not make out a shape but could see red, yellow, and blue lights flashing on the object. At midnight they noticed another object in the vicinity. By 1:00 a.m. they had counted 5 to 6 objects, some in a cluster in the NW sky and one alone in the NNE section. At 2:00 a.m. one of the witnesses saw a yellow flash of light at the front of the house, and at the same moment his sister saw a blue flash of light in the back of the house. An hour later they heard a sudden noise in the backyard. It was like a vocal noise but in an unintelligible language. At this point they ran into the house and locked the doors and closed all the blinds. Later they searched the backyard and did not find anything.


HC addendum

Source: NUFORC                                                                                                                      Type: F?



Location. Barrie, Ontario, Canada

Date: November 7 2003                        Time: 1830

The witness was taking a walk with his dog along the city limits on a secluded street when he came upon an open field and noticed his dog approaching a strange figure. At first he did not know what it was until he got a closer look. The figure did not move and just stared at the witness approaching, it seemed not to worry about the dog. The figure was dark and appeared to be lying down on its elbows or knees, possibly in an attempt to conceal itself. The witness and his dog then left the area.


HC addendum

Source: NUFORC                                                                                                                      Type: E

Comments: Unfortunately there is no further description of the humanoid.




Location. London, Ontario, Canada

Date: November 10 2003                      Time: 03:00 a.m.

The witness, Jim, (involved in other encounters) was lying in his bed, half-sleep, when he heard a noise in his bedroom. It sounded like if someone was stealthily walking across his bedroom carpet. He pretended to be asleep and waited. A few seconds later he heard the noise again, this time there was no mistaking it, there was definitely something walking towards him. He waited a little longer and then jumped out of his bed. Everything went into slow motion. As his quilt went flying across the room, before he even landed, something made a squealing noise, he could only describe it as sounding like a high-pitched electronic pig squeal. The “something” ran away from the witness at high speed, knocking into some small storage boxes on the floor. Jim landed on his feet and put his arms up into a fighting position, but it was too dark and his eyes could barely adjust to the darkness. He could just make out a humanoid figure wearing a dark bluish cloak running towards the back of the corridor part of his bedroom. Resisting an urge to grab at the being, he kept his eyes firmly on the cloaked being, which was in a hunched position, staring back at him from the far side of the corridor. It was between 4-5 ft tall and wearing a dark hooded robe, which looked as if was covered in purple-bluish energy (liquid in appearance). The witness relaxed somewhat and could barely just make out two reddish eyes. Then being then got up, ignored the witness, turned and walked into and through the wall. As it disappeared from sight, it looked up at the witness from beneath its hood. Jim could clearly make out two reddish-blackish eyes staring at him.


HC Addendum

Source: Martin Jasek UFO BC                                                                             Type: E




Location. London, Ontario, Canada

Date: December 18 2003                       Time: 02:45 a.m.

The witness, Jim, (involved in other encounters) was staying at his brother’s house and was sleeping in the spare bedroom when suddenly without warning he found himself wide-awake and completely unable to move. He heard a clicking sound screeching in his head, he attempted to scream, but no sound came from his mouth. With every muscle he could muster he pushed himself up on his side and turned his head to the bottom of the bed. Standing before him was a tall Mantis-like being. The same mantis being he had seen before. He felt overwhelming terror upon seeing this creature, like waves of fear washing over him. The creature was wearing a long dark robe. It was about 7 plus feet tall vaguely humanoid in appearance. The body was extremely bony and skinny with a long black snake-like head. Its head was grayish blackish and triangular in shape reminding the witness of a skull. The eyes were bulbous, black and rounded with a liquid-like appearance. In fact, it seemed to the witness that everything on the mantis was liquidly looking, like oil shimmering in the sun. The arms were extremely long with multiple joints extending out in a messiah pose. The forearms were bent forward longer than the rest of the arm. As soon as it noticed the witness, the mantis, with extreme speed extended huge bony legs from beneath its robe and ran directly into and through the wall. Its feet made a clunking sound as it ran across the floor confirming that it was a solid object moving through the room. As it ran through, the witness could see a strange red glow where its body had come in contact with the wall. At the same time, a door to a built in wardrobe on the same wall, rattled loudly as if it was hit by some kind of an energy field. All this happened in only a few seconds. At this point the next-door neighbor shouted, asking the witness what was going on. The witness was left in awe, tired, shocked, confused and scared, but at the same time relieved that he had not been hurt. He asked his brother the next day if he had seen anything but the answer was negative.


HC addendum

Source: Martin Jasek, UFO BC                                                                            Type: E

Possible unexplored abduction event?






Location. London, Ontario, Canada

Date: January 16 2004                       Time: late night

In the middle of the night the witness, Jim, (involved in previous encounters) suddenly found himself wide-awake. A loud buzzing sound filled his ears. He was curled up on his bed in a fetal position facing the closest wall. He felt a force push on the back of his head. It did not hurt but felt extremely uncomfortable. Again he heard the now familiar “clicking” sound in his head. This time it panned from his right ear to the left. He looked at his arm and it was covered in a bluish purplish pulsating energy. He could not move his legs and arms; he could just move his head. Somehow he managed to break free and used all his effort to turn around. Standing before him in the center of the bedroom was some kind of short humanoid creature, with a large mantis/fly looking head. A beam of energy seemed to be shooting from the alien to the witness. Thousands of thoughts entered his head at the same time. Strangely he felt no fear and felt as he had known the strange being all his life, but also felt that he had been somehow manipulated into feeling this. He then heard a slow deep voice, almost overwriting all his other thoughts. It seemed to be communicating telepathically. It said in an abrupt manner, “Now do you understand?” “Yes” the witness found himself answering, but he had no idea why he said that. “Good” It replied. The witness then turned his head back to the wall and shut his eyes. The buzzing sound stopped and he felt extremely tired. He then collapsed and lost consciousness. He described the creature as humanoid, 5 ft 5 inches in height. Its head was huge in relation to its body. Its eyes were extremely large, shiny, and insect-like and were supported by big sockets. His first impression was that it looked like a cross between a praying mantis and a fly, the being appeared to have been surrounded by a bluish purplish field of energy. In the center of its cloak was a golden badge, there was definitely a design or symbol on it, but the witness could not make it out. He looked closer at the head and it had two protrusions between the eyes and a mass of protrusions was in the area where a mouth would normally be. The witness woke up the next day feeling very tired.


HC addendum

Source: Martin Jasek, UFO BC                                                          Type: E






Location. Sault Saint Marie, Ontario, Canada

Date: March 12 2004             Time: 04:00 a.m.

The witness, M. N. was driving eastward on Wellington Street on the southeastern end of Lake Superior and as he came to the central part of the city (known to locals of the Lake Superior region as Soo, Canada). He noticed a straight beam of light hovering in the early morning sky, from the top of the hill that was on his northern side. His vehicle came to a complete stop at a cross street and he looked all the way down to the end of the street (about 7 blocks away) because the street ended at the base of the hill and has a metal stairwell leading to McDonald Avenue. Although being 7 blocks away his eyes were able to focus on a little dark figure that was standing very still. This caught his curiosity as he slowly drove towards it, and then started moving from side to side using fluid movements as if it was hovering in mid-air. It moved as if it was confused or afraid and didn’t know what to do. As he got closer, the figure’s appearance seemed to have metamorphosed into a transparent, shadow like entity that very swiftly flew up the stairs. To his astonishment, the beam of light that he had seen in the sky a few minutes before and a couple of miles away was now at the top of the hill, only about 100 ft away. With his heart racing, he drove as fast as he could eastward along the base of the hill until he came to the nearest hilled street and drove up McDonald Avenue to see what was happening. In a matter of seconds, traveling from the bottom to the top of the hill, he arrived at the top of the steps only to find three circle-shaped burn markings on the pavement of the street. Approximately 10 seconds later he heard a very weird kind of gunshot sound, looked up to the sky and saw a bright light shooting up into the stars. As he watched the spectacle a surreal kind of peaceful feeling came upon him and he felt as if every hair on his body was standing on end. The feeling only lasted for what felt like 30 seconds, but when he looked at his watch it was a good 40 minutes later.


HC addendum

Source: UFO Roundup Vol. 9 # 13                                                    Type: C






Location. London, Ontario, Canada

Date: March 13 2004             Time: night

The witness (involved in previous encounters) woke up Saturday night to see a cloaked being standing in the center of his bedroom. It had the same shape as the short fly-head/mantis being (but he could not be certain). He heard a “popping” sound and the being quickly disappeared.


HC addendum

Source: Martin Jasek, UFO BC                                                          Type: E







Location. London, Ontario, Canada

Date: March 14 2004             Time: late night

On Sunday night the witness (involved in previous encounters) woke up to see two tall praying mantis type beings standing in the middle of his bedroom. They looked as if they were engaged in a conversation, making high-pitched (almost digital) clicking sounds at each other. The witness was too tired to be afraid so he just concentrated on making a mental description, cross checking it with the ones he’d seen before. Both were extremely thin and tall, well over seven feet high. One was slightly taller than the other. Their necks were long, flexible and tube-like and didn’t look strong enough to support their triangular heads. The neck and the head moved in a way that reminded the witness of the old-stop motion monster films or like a lizard. Both were wearing long black robes that again looked like liquid oil. On the side of the face he could clearly see a small round hole just below their eyes. He felt completely drained and couldn’t move. He then slipped back into unconsciousness.


HC addendum

Source: Martin Jasek, UFO BC                                                          Type: B







Location. Campbellford, Ontario, Canada

Date: August 28 2004                        Time: 1600

The witness was returning home from Campbellford and stopped to take some pictures of the scenery, which he did often. He didn’t notice anything unusual until he arrived home and examined the photos after printing them on his printer. He noticed something “weird” in one of the photos. Standing on one of the rocky outcrops was a strange winged creature which, has been examined by the witness and others and has not been explained yet. (Unfortunately I have not seen the photo and there are no additional details on the supposed creature).


HC addendum

Source: NUFORC                                                                                            Type: E





Location. Brampton, Ontario, Canada

Date: November 1 2004                    Time: 2000

The witness, Kevin Meixner was driving with his mother near the intersection of Winston Churchill Road and Steeles Avenue when they both saw a strange bird-like creature flying low and close to the car about 20 ft away from them. The main witness watched astonished as he thought that it looked exactly like a miniature pterodactyl. It had a wingspan of about 4 ft. It was gray in color and it did not appear to have any feathers. The wings were an odd shape and flapped much differently than any kind of bird he had ever seen flying, they looked fleshy, like bat wings. It flew very gracefully flapping its wings very slowly, lifting them up and down in a vertical motion. It seemed to glide on the air between flaps, catching air under its folded wings on the upward motion and then gliding on the air by pushing it out from beneath its wings and extending them to straighten them out on the downward motion. It had a long skinny pointed tail extended straight behind and it had a sort of diamond shape at the tip. It also had a long neck extended out in front of it as it flew. Unfortunately he did not get a good look at its head. The creature proceeded to land on a tree nearby, maybe about 100 ft away. The landing motions it made very much resembled the way a modern plane lands today, having its nose up and the wheels hit the ground first while the wings glide on the air. Both witnesses apparently drove away and did not see the creature depart.


HC addendum

Source: Type: E







Location. Markham, Ontario, Canada

Date: February 11 2005                                Time: early evening

The witnesses (involved in a previous encounter) were again out driving and exploring in the early evening and wandered into a residential area off Stouffville Road east of Bayview and West of Leslie. They turned south from Stouffville Road onto Bridgewater Drive. At the end of the road there was a large snow bank pile dup from the plowing of the road---this snow bank completely surrounded the roadway on three sides with only the driveway of the home accessible. Immediately the same sensation of fear was upon them. Their 4-year old son continued to sleep peacefully in the back seat, suddenly something arose out of the snow bank immediately in front of them. Less than 5 meters from the front of the car, the driver (husband) can only recall wide set eyes that sort of glowed. It seemed to have the snow on top of it and around it. It was as if raised up, peeked at the witnesses and went back in. The husband turned to the wife and said, “It did that on purpose, it knows us, and knows we are watching”. The terrified witnesses drove away from the area.


HC addendum

Source: Type: E







Location. Near Kingston, Ontario, Canada

Date: summer 2005               Time: late night

The witness, 23-year old Mike, was reportedly having trouble getting to sleep one night and was on the threshold of falling asleep, but was scatter-brained and almost compulsively thinking. Suddenly he heard two quick, quite consecutive “thumps” as if a person hopping of a 6” step, placing their dominant foot first. About as fast as he heard the second thump his eyes were open. Normally when he wakes up he is a little “pissy” and that’s exactly how he felt, except that he realized that he was staring at an orange L.E.D. style light about the size of the end of a finger. But because he had just opened his eyes he couldn’t see past the light (bright, although kid of dim it didn’t hurt his eyes), he quickly felt into a state of confusion. But in the split second after opening his eyes he felt that he had startled whatever was in his room (the light had been 6’ from the side of his bed, the light was 2 and a half to three feet off the ground). Whatever it was it made a buzz like a bee but without a “B” and a multi tonal sound. Right after the sound is when he realized that he could not move, except for his eyes (barely). Within the count of five 5 thousands he was forced to sleep, and immediately woke up the next morning, and he recalled everything as it had happened a second ago.


HC addendum

Source: Type: E

Note: Interrupted bedroom visitation?






Location. Peterborough, Ontario, Canada

Date: September 11 2005                              Time: early morning

While suffering from an episode of ASP (awareness during sleep paralysis) the witness, Kelly, saw a little man, a perfectly formed little man about a foot tall and dressed in clothes like those of the American Revolutionary era but not military. A black tricot hat, a green suit jacket, green pants to the knees and greens stockings and wearing black shoes with buckles in them. He was standing on top of a lampshade (one of the tall floor lamps). Shocked, the witness said to her mother, “Who is that” She responded, “That’s Mr. LaCourt”. (?). Apparently her mother saw the enigmatic figure and likened him to someone familiar to her. The little man beckoned Kelly forward and said the name of a friend of her and then he said, “Over the next five days four things will come true”. According to the witness the little man seemed happy and had a “twinkle” in his eyes. The witness is convinced that the apparition or the encounter was obviously a message for her friend.


HC addendum

Source: Type: E







Location. Burlington, Ontario, Canada

Date: December 19 2005                   Time: 03:00 a.m.

The witness woke up to some noises early in the morning and went to the guest room where he had heard the noises and there he saw three bronze-colored creatures with very large torsos and heads and small limbs. They seemed unaffected by the witness presence and then suddenly one latched onto his leg and he felt a tingling sensation throughout his body. He apparently passed out and woke up again exactly at 03:11 a.m. He found a strange mark on his chest resembling a rectangle divided into three sections; he couldn’t walk for a couple of hours and later discovered triangular marks on his back. He showed them to his roommate who seemed very upset and left.


HC addendum

Source: NUFORC                                                                             Type: E or G?







Location. Scarborough, Ontario, Canada

Date: January 22 2006                            Time: 1800

A couple of friends drove outside Scarborough to “enjoy the stars” Then in a “short time” they “somehow ended up over 298km from Toronto, near Ottawa.” They claimed that as they were headed back they observed the landing of three UFOs. One of them had already had some sightings the summer before, and they had earlier in the evening mentally “asked for this” and felt that they had been “guided to the three landing spots.” “The discs are the size of a one-man aircraft,” one of them wrote. “They all landed in a slow, falling leaf motion! We were able to communicate…as if through telepathy. We were being invited to approach…We wished we had the courage to approach, but they were all across dark fields of snow and we realized we had to wait for next time.” They did not get back home until 0600A.


HC addendum

Source: Type: F

Comments: Appears to have been an unexplored abduction event.






Location. Brantford, Ontario, Canada

Date: May-June 2006                                             Time: late night

The main witness was in a deep sleep one night when suddenly she was woken up by her baby’s monitor and heard strange sounds. They were various clicking sounds that gave her the chills. She wanted to check on the baby when suddenly heard an “overwhelming” sound right outside her bedroom window and it sounded like the engine of a transport truck with wheels turning. At the same time her husband started to look like his body was going into some uncontrollable shaking/convulsion and he was in a full deep sleep. She felt like there was someone in the room with her and she wanted to get out of bed and check on her baby. However she was prevented from getting out of bed by an unseen force and thoughts of not entering her child’s room were in her mind and very overwhelming. She was very frightened but remained calm as she managed to wake up her husband and told him of what had happened. They ended up talking about the incident but by the time he woke up there were no more sounds that were evident. When she woke up in the morning she realized one very important thing, she never actually checked on her baby and she clearly recalled actually getting out of bed.

Another incident from that night that she remember was that as she tried to get up and check on her baby a tall figure stood in the doorway and as she opened it they both flew up into the air. She then remembers asking questions and telling “this force” that she would not resist, but she needed to see and was going willingly. This was all done through the thought process. She felt pressure for a brief second on her chest and stomach like a roller coaster and the rest is very unclear as everything turned very bright and luminescent. She doesn’t recall ever seeing or holding her baby that night. She does remember seeing another universe, and it looked like fireworks falling in the black sky at the time. When she realized that they were all planets that she was “passing” by, she knew exactly what was happening to her. When she checked up on her son that morning he had very strange marks on his spine right above the crack of his buttocks. (The witness believes that other members of her family including her husband and daughter have been involved in encounters).


HC addendum

Source: Brian Vike, Director HBCC UFO Research

@ Type: G






Location. Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Date: mid July 2007                                 Time: night

The witness who is a ‘rickshaw’ (a sort of two wheeled cart that seats between 3-4 people) operator in the tourist section of Toronto, was covering what is called in the business a ‘let-out’ of the rock group “The Police” However the night was going badly for him because the night before he had gotten into a brutal physical confrontation with another driver for reasons which are unimportant. The witness was in a corner and standing at the rear of the rickshaw blocked from public view. The other runners picked up their rides and he was the only one left. Resigned he just waited when suddenly he heard a soft ladies voice directly behind him asking if he was available for hire. Startled more because he didn’t want to let this opportunity slip through his fingers he turned quickly to see her but she turned away just as fast to move around the front of the rickshaw crossbar and got herself seated. From what he could notice of her profile was that she was kind of ‘plain’, with shoulder length brown hair, basically cut. She might have been no more than forty years of age. Her tunic like top was like a sweater and there was something peculiar in the tone of the purplish coloring of the cloth. What little time he had to observe her there was something he couldn’t quite define in any obvious way. As this is happening she asks to be taken into the downtown area wherever he thought was the best spot. The timber of her voice had a kind of resonance that carried a kind of ‘hypnotic cadence’ to it that makes you kind of agree to whatever is being said. The accent could have been some kind of obscure Eastern European slant to it. As the witness pulled the bar around to position it for the street entrance another lady about 10 years younger gets into the rickshaw, according to the witness she seemed normal enough. Now it was the witness turn to cross over the bar, normally he would kneel down with his back to his riders and then pick up the bar and then walk/run forward. But because he wasn’t inside the bar of the rickshaw like he would normally be, he was going to kneel down grab the bar and then twist around and then start forward. As he went to pick up the bar he is looking at the ground but his head was almost level with his passengers. Within his peripheral vision he notices something most unusual about the first lady. Her eyes are enormous and pitch black with no white matter in the socket whatsoever. The witness was stunned and the observation and immediately deduced that he was in the company of somebody that was not apparently human. Son instead of turning around to grip the front section of the bar to start moving forward, he put the bar back down and stand up to let her know that he was interested in talking/confronting her. He locked eyes with the strange ‘lady’ for about 20 seconds or so. He eyes exuded an animated cat-like zeal and ferocity, but there was not central slit running down the middle of the pupil the way a feline would have, it just felt that way. According to the witness there are other details but he does not mention them.


HC addendum

Source: Mufon Reports                                                                                         Type: E

Comments: This type of report describing ‘persons’ with totally black eyes is becoming more common nowadays.






Location. Ontario, Canada (exact location not given)

Date: August 2007                                   Time: evening

The main witness and his nephews were taking a walk behind the hill across the street when they started to notice a strong odor that smelled almost as if something had ‘died’. His nephews kept complaining about the smell, they had never experienced the smell before or when they began walking. Then they heard a loud rusting sound in the tall grasses behind them. That scared him, but what scared him even more were the large, bright red eyes that had been staring at them and now he was staring face to face with. The creature was about seven feet tall, with black shiny skin that looked like a bat’s, long arms that reached almost to the ground and a wingspan of about 8 ft wide. He yelled for his nephews to run but they seemed to be in some sort of trance and would not move. The creature then let out a loud blood curdling screech that made his nephews cry, he pushed them forward so they could start running and he ran after them. One of his nephews tripped and hurt his leg so he had to carry him. When he got home he told his mother about the incident and she called the police, however the police did not believe them and ignored the call. Later that night the main witness heard a scratching sound on the window in the living room. He went to see what it was and it was the tall dark creature peering in his living room window. He yelled for it to leave but it just stood there. He went to the kitchen to get a knife but then the unforgettable screeching and the sound of large flapping wings. According to the witness two weeks later his house burnt down.


HC addendum

Source: Your True Tales---February 2010                                                       Type: E

Comments: Mothman in Canada







Location. Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada
Date: November 5 2007                                                Time: 00:30 a.m.

A witness watched a large glowing saucer shaped object hovering over his neighbor’s house for five minutes. The object shot out a beam of light towards the ground and the witness saw something (or someone) being pulled inside. The craft then disappeared towards the rear of the house. No other information.


HC addendum

Source: NUFORC                                                                                                                      Type: B or G?

Comments: abduction or an alien returning to the craft?







Location. Orillia, Ontario, Canada

Date: February 8 2008                                            Time: night

The witnesses were out at night in order to take pictures of their old large tree. However they captured some strange things on film on their Sony digital camera. The last picture they took that night was a face of an alien with open mouth. They have no idea why it looks green. When the photographer took the photo and looked at it briefly on the camera, he thought it was an apparition of a soldier with an army helmet. Then when he uploaded the photo to his computer, he saw what looked like a green alien face with very large eyes and mouth open. It looks like he just caught the right half of its face and torso. He thinks the flashes of many pictures attracted it, and then when it came closer the first smaller flash startled it, it opened its mouth in a “panic”, then the main large flash caught that expression. Another photo was taken the night before by the witness 14-year old daughter and it shows something resembling a skeletal being with its head turned. There is a spine and neck, head, face and either wings or shoulders. In August 2007 the main witness had seen a very large star-like craft flying silently above the same large tree.


HC addendum

Source: Type: E






Location. Hamilton, Ontario, Canada

Date: April 2009                                Time: 04:30 a.m.

23-year old Trinity (who shared an apartment with her boyfriend Matt) was tossing and turning on her bed. She went to turn to Matt to hug his back when her whole body arched up and she felt as she had gone into some type of shock. Everything around her was black and at the end of her feet was the only thing she could see…but whatever they were, they were really thin and in black and moving very fast. Trinity thought that the creatures appeared to be wearing something on their heads, that resembled earphones but they had a device that reached to their mouth to speak in. Stunned, she realized that she couldn’t see the left side of her body. She could see her right arm and hand but her pointing finger and thumb were stuck together and she couldn’t free them. She noted that she felt extremely weak, she tried to scream for Matt but only a whisper would come out. She can’t remember what happened next but when she awoke, it was 530a. She didn’t feel tired but was “so worried at what just happened.”

As a young girl growing up in Bathurst, New Brunswick, Trinity recalled a strange incident that occurred one night. She was sleeping with her mom on the same bed when she fell over the side slightly and the whole room went a pitch white. She looked down the hallway and there was a pair of worker boots walking towards her. She quickly jumped back into bed and held her mother tightly. She is convinced it wasn’t a dream.


HC addendum

Source: Type: E






Location. Near Tweed, Ontario, Canada

Date: May 15 2009                           Time: dusk

The witness and a friend were going up north to the cottage, when at dusk an orange disk appeared from being invisible above a hydro tower up highway 37 north of Tweed. The object stood still and then hovered over another tower, it looked like it was somehow absorbing power. This was about a quarter mile away. As the two witnesses watched, the object flew perfectly over the tree tops about 50 ft above them and then veered over to their SUV. The object changed colors from bright orange to a solid purple “like if it was regenerating or something”. The driver slammed on the breaks and slowed to 60kms. The disc then maneuvered down to their location. At this point they were able to see an occupant or alien at the controls holding two stick-like levers, pulling them up and down and touching what appeared to be buttons. The object then leveled out and a massive grid of lights shone down on them and possibly attempted to communicate with them using “Morse Code”. The driver ignored it and told his friend to take photos on the camera phone. However he refused saying that ‘they wouldn’t come out any way’. After a few minutes the object veered away to the southwest direction and started to speed up turning orange again and disappearing at high speed. The main witness claims he put in a report with the Bellville, Ontario Police department.


HC addendum

Source: Type: A

Comments: The occupant of the UFO is not described.






Location. Columbia Lake, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada

Date: June 19 2009                                      Time: 20:00

It was still light outside when the witness noticed a giant bat-like creature flying from south to north. He was astonished that this “bat” was possibly bigger than a Canadian goose. As it passed over his head, he could see clearly that it was not a bat but looked more like a pterosaur, like those seen in Jurassic Park or pictures of prehistoric creatures. This creature even had a backward horn on its head. It did not flap its wings, but glided. As the witness wondered if this ‘monster’ was artificially made for fun or was maybe some kind of bird, his two friends with him screamed, “Pterosaur!”

Now he was sure that the creature was not a bird, for its wings were not of feathers, but of membrane quality. That is why he thought it as a bat at first glance. But it was no bat as bats cannot be that size and have no horns. Furthermore, it did not flap its wings, but glided for a very long distance.


HC addendum

Source: Type: E


Nothing for 2010 or 2011


The Minnow Lake Encounter


Minnow Lake


Location. Minnow Lake, Sudbury, Ontario, Canada

Date: August 13 2012                              Time: evening

The witness and his girlfriend were walking beside a local lake and saw what they thought was a fire or fireball on the far side of the lake. As they watched what they thought was a fire on the other side of the small lake (about 150 feet away) then noticed several short and “obese-looking” figures walking around the “fire”. His girlfriend said that they looked like “puffy or fat kids”. But he thought more that they looked like the “Michelin Man” because of how the arms were extended out and puffy looking. Approximately a minute or two later they noticed what the thought was a camera flash or an arc flash and the fiery sphere/ball lifted about 2 or 3 feet off the ground and turned into 2 fiery balls. Within a few seconds they watched as the one on the right slowly ascended into the sky on what looked like a set trajectory as it steadily ascended up and to the night sky until it was out of sight. Immediately after the first one disappeared, the second one ascended in the same trajectory. After the figures and the fiery spheres had disappeared, the witness said he wanted to take a look at the location where they had seen them in an attempt to find some evidence of the incident. After some convincing, his girlfriend agreed to go look with him, however they weren’t able to find anything as it was getting very dark and they weren’t prepared with flashlights. After a quick glance of the “landing” area they decided to go home and come back during the day.

The next day he alone returned but had difficulty finding anything at all. He returned again that same evening to the shore line with a flashlight and began a “stakeout” of the area. Within minutes weird stuff started to happen. He heard all kinds of strange banging in the woods behind the shoreline where he stood, and almost immediately after the banging he heard a huge splash in the water. The splash frightened the witness since it was very close to him. He thought something had thrown a large boulder in the water. However his curiosity overcame his fear and he decided to stay and find out what was going on. A minute or two later he spotted along snake-like creature with a big head and shiny glossy eyes. This creature was not like any snake he’d ever seen and quickly realized this creature was responsible for the loud splash. He thought the loud splash was a “warning” to stay away. However, frightened but still curious the witness began to signal the “serpent” with his flashlight with 3 quick flashes at it, when he did this it would always come over to the shore within a few feet of him and swim by and create huge splashes. He got several good looks at it and could not compare it to any creature he had ever seen. This serpent-like creature would whip the water with its tail or possibly a wing as he could not see what was causing the splash as it always happened so fast. The creature did several “laps” back and forth to the area where he had seen the strange orbs and creatures the night before. He tried to get closer to the water and noticed that the creature never went under water and it always had its large head above the water. It was approximately 4 to 5 feet long and very thick looking. The witness says he saw weird “humps” and prehistoric-looking features on the creature’s body through the water.

He saw this creature swim around for several nights and he claims that in October the creature was still in the lake. Eventually his girlfriend also saw the strange snake-like creature. He was not able to photograph it since it was always very dark. He thought the creature acted in an “intelligent manner”. He decided eventually to leave it alone.


HC addendum

Source: MUFON CMS                                                      Type: C & E?






Location. Keswick, Ontario, Canada

Date: 2013                                          Time: 03:00 a.m.

The witness was in bed sleeping when at approximately 3 a.m. he was awoken after feeling something touch his forehead. He opened his eyes and saw that his bedroom was flooded in a sort of red glow or color. He was lying on his back and he looked up the wall above his headboard and was shocked to see a “doorway” (portal?) coming out of the wall. There were two men side by side, and he could see a stairway going up into total darkness. The men appeared to be wearing leather jackets. They appeared to him as human and both had thick wavy black hair. One of them pointed what he thought was a gun at his forehead and for a second, he really thought he was going to be shot in the head.

He was partially paralyzed, but was able to raise his right arm enough to actually get a hold of the man holding the “gun” wrist. He then saw what looked like tiny blue lights where the open end of a gun’s barrel would be. There was a red dull white light slightly larger than the tiny blue lights which went around the tip of the “gun” in a circle. He then realized that it was not a gun, but it was roughly the same shape of a handgun, only a little thicker down the barrel and tapering off where the lights were. It appeared to be made of some sort of shiny plastic. They placed the tip of the gun-like instrument against his forehead and at that point both men had a “perplexed” expression on their faces. It appeared that they were confused at whatever it was they may have been expecting to see. He managed to push the man’s wrist up and away from his head, with what seemed to him with very little effort. He had the feeling that the ‘men’ were not allowed to resist him if he attempted to push them away. That is why he reasoned, afterwards, that he managed to push his hand away so easily. Suddenly they were just gone, and the wall was normal again. It took a while for him to be able to move normally, and he was able to see that his wife had slept right through the entire episode. There was a dim red glow on his ceiling for about ten or so minutes after they had disappeared. He could see reddish traces on the tiny lumps of his stucco ceiling for quite some time as it slowly dissipated. According to the witness he did not experienced any fear, except maybe at the time when he thought he was going to be ‘shot’, but even then not as much fear as he would have expected. It seems to the witness that the men, whoever they were, were able to control his emotions and his body. His wife has no recollection of anything out of the ordinary, or did his three adult sons. He has not had any further incidents.


HC addendum

Source: NUFORC                                                                                 Type: E



Location. Welland, Ontario, Canada

Date: January 19 2014                                                Time: 18:50

The witness was pulling into her driveway when she saw a human-like shape run into her backyard. When she reached the back of the driveway it was gone. There were no prints in the snow from any animal or human at all. She proceeded inside to ask her husband if their son had just come home. He said no and asked who just went running through the yard. Apparently he saw it also. The figure was whitish-grey in color and the size of a ‘teenager’. Apparently the witness had startled it as she pulled into the driveway and it took off running, but left no prints in the snow. Her cat went outside later and was acting strangely, running around in circles and unusually hyper.


HC addendum

Source: NUFORC                                                                                 Type: E



Location. Petawawa, Ontario, Canada

Date: March 22 2014                                      Time: 02:00 a.m.

The witness (who claims he suffers from frequent sleep paralysis episodes) was falling asleep when the sleep paralysis started to set in, but there was something different this time. This time the experience was “different”. He was lying on his back with his eyes closed. He began to wiggle his toes he would ‘wake up’ but he didn’t wake up. He realized his eyes were closed, so he opened them. His eyes were unusually heavy so he struggled to keep them open. At the foot of his bed there was an entity, the entity was wearing a dark cloak which covered its face. It was approximately 5 feet tall, the skin was of a darker shade and it had darker eyes. He could hear no sound whatsoever. As the entity stood at the foot of his bed staring at him, he noticed a light orb at the intersection of his ceiling and door. His eyes were still heavy and he was struggling to keep them open. The light orb was made up of about 20 small balls of light about the size of marbles. He thinks they were white, yellow and blue. The light orb hovered silently, it glowed and it was beautiful. His blankets hovered off his body with the entity at the foot of the bed. Strangely, he felt no fear as his body began to hover about 2 feet above the bed. He thinks his body made 2-3 spins in midair (like a ceiling fan would). He was then hovering by the window and remembers his bedroom looking rather long and narrow that it was supposed to look like. The entity is closer to him now, but is not touching him. But there is a ‘struggle’ of some sort at the window—not a struggle involving the witness---but a struggle with the “process”, since he was paralyzed the whole time. He could not keep his eyes open, and his memory of the night ends there.


HC addendum

Source: MUFON CMS                                                                                      Type: E?




Location. Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Date: August 3 2014                                       Time: 05:05 a.m.

The witness was awakened by his cat yowling loudly. He was lying on his right side which was strange as he had not done this in the last 16 years since his spinal injury resulting in chronic sciatica down his right leg, it was too painfully to consciously do. He turned around to see why his cats were going crazy and was startled by a black shadow figure about 5ft tall, slim with a larger bald head which had green L.E.D. type lights in positions around its body. As he looked on, it bent over him 2 times, looking at his lower back and legs. It stood upright in between the bends to examine his lower body. All this time his cat was still yowling. The perfectly black figure was lit from behind by a night light so he could see its outline distinctly, doing what it was doing, plus the green lights on parts of its own outline enhanced its shape. He challenged it by shouting, “Who are you?” and “what do you want?” he did this twice. The intruder made no noise, it just did what it was doing. The witness the plucked up the courage to move towards the lamp switch to turn it on. As he was changing position, it began to gradually disappear. By the time the light was on, it was gone and his cat stopped the crazy yowling. The witness was quite frightened by the ordeal but was wide awake the whole time. The witness reports that in the following four days after the encounter he was able to ride a bicycle, something he had not been able to do in 16 years. He doesn’t know if it was related to the encounter.


HC addendum

Source: NUFORC                                                                                             Type: E



I located a total of 180 cases in my files which belonged to this listing of Ontario entity and other encounters. They ran a gamut from full-blown abduction reports, MIB’s, BEK’s, little men, monsters, flying humanoids, mothman, Michelin men, etc, following a worldwide pattern.


Please feel free to contact me with additional details on existing cases or additional cases missing from this list.


Albert S. Rosales garuda79@att.nett


May 26 2015