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UFO Sighting near Bowmanville, ON, Friday August 15, 2014

"I was driving towards Bowmanville along Hwy 2 at 10:25 pm to pick up my wife from work. I was talking on the phone (speaker) with Tony when I told him I saw a strange light hovering to the NE of me near Holt Rd. I told him I thought it was a UFO and it looked like the top of a tower, even though I knew there was no tower there. It was about 300 ft up. About 10 other cars would have seen this too. I spotted it right after I passed Rundle Rd.

I kept my eye on it and could tell I was getting closer and closer to it. I could tell it was right over Holt Rd as I was now just beside it. I knew if I turned north on Holt I could get out to see it as I was now basically right below it. I was still talking to Tony and told him not to hang up. I found a place to park just north of the group mail boxes right across from Bob's towing, a junk yard and a car dealership. From the time I turned at the traffic lights to park there took approx. 10 seconds. I got out and immediately looked up, but the object had just flown off in an easterly direction towards Bowmanville (3 kms away). I could see it moving away and then out of sight. To have moved that fast from Holt Rd to over Bowmanville would require a speed of 300 kms per hr I am guessing. I have yet to do the math. I had no time to use my phone to get a photo. I would have if it had not taken off. If I had had a gun I would have shot it down just so I could prove what it was. I may never know.

At first I was hoping it was a Chinese lantern as it would explain things. I had seen these lit and flown last year at my sister's wedding. But of course they don't sit stationary in one spot and then dart off at unimaginable speeds. The object was round and a firey orange colour that glowed and I was close enough that I could actually see the glow shimmering. Because it would have appeared as the light on top of a tower I am judging that it was 300 feet up, and that it was from between 5-20 feet in diameter. There is no way it was more than 600 feet up. There was no sound that I could hear either. This is the typical type of sighting that others have reported since the 1960s.

A friend thought it might have been a drone. My questions are: do drones hover? Do they look circuar and firey orange at night? And can they travel at phenomenal speeds?

I am not a believer in paranormal events like ghosts or alien abductions, but I know what I experienced and I will label it as a UFO. My family and I also saw one back in around 1981 at Gravenhurst, but that one has already been reported."

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