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Location. Bancroft, Ontario, Canada
Date: June 1965 Time: 10:00 a.m.

A sort of musical type humming sound attracted the witness attention outside her home. Once outside she saw a large silvery metallic domed craft hovering almost noiselessly above a nearby field. She could see no lights and no noticeable exhaust. There were several round portholes on the dome and a sort of railing around a protruding rim. Several men wearing light blue uniforms stood around this chest high railing looking down and leaning over. The witness also noticed that the occupants seemed to be at ease and conversing among each other. She watched for several minutes and then went back to tend her garden. Moments later she glanced back up at the object and it was gliding away towards the southeast. The men were still outside and the object was still emitting the musical humming sound similar to the old musical tops she used as a child. The object soon passed from view behind some hilly and wooded terrain. She estimated that the men appeared to be at least 6ft in height.

HC addendum
Source: Canada’s UFOs: The Search for the Unknown---Library Archive
Record numbers # 4735-4064-10280 & 4735-4065-10281 Type: A

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