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UFO details report: October 11th 2013 11:15 PM I was in our kitchen when my wife opened the door to call me out on the backyard deck. I ran out and she said look up. From behind our neighbours tree we saw 40 then 60 to 100 bright white lights slowly move in formation from west to east. They were probably 1000 metres away low in the sky at approximately 40 degrees. It was a very clear night so you could see all the stars in the sky and it was amazing to see all these lights move against them in contrast. The 100 lights I'll call them moved in perfect unison. They swirled in a group and took off east very quickly. They were approximately two or three kilometers away but still visible as a formation. Seemed to drift back towards us and then as a formation took off quickly to the south. I watched them until they were gone. The speeds that these lights moved were sporadic. Although they moved in complete unison and formation they would move very slow to the point when they disappeared, 3000 miles an hour.

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