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Petawawa, Ontario July 2011 10:30pm

Two summers ago I was up on the base working late, civilian cleaner. I was on my way home for the night around 10:30 pm. I was driving past  behind the hockey rink and off to my left through the field I saw (from where I was) a loonie sized orb fly into view and it remained hovering above the residential section. This was a bright light in an overcast sky so no stars were there to contaminate my vision. It had visible contrails. I slammed on my brakes and almost went off the road and as soon as I opened my door it abruptly dropped down amongst the houses and apartments and also out of sight. I know this wasn't recent but it sure is memorable. I suppose I am more curious if anyone else has ever reported similar events. Thank you for your time and I will continue to watch the skies

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