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Written by Julie Pittonet

PSICAN UFO researcher Julie Pittonet presents the following case study in UFO experience, which was written in part using the witness' own words.

Within the history of UFO sightings and UFO research there are many accounts of individuals who experience an UFO sighting event only once in their lifetime.  Also, we see accounts of people who observe UFOs on more than one occasion, over a span of years or even decades.  Even rarer, are accounts from individuals who experience prolonged periods of multiple sightings, perhaps for months or even years at times. With these types of events, witnesses often report what appears to them, to be ‘interactions’ with UFOs.  A couple of famous examples are the Gulf Breeze Sightings and the experiences of Whitley Streiber.

The following article describes the sightings that a young woman had for almost one year.

Through my research into these and other similar sighting reports my views on ufology were developed.  I feel the mainstream media’s portrayal of the UFO/alien question is lacking and not taken seriously.  As an individual who lives an average working-class life, I feel sympathy for the UFO witnesses in this world, as they are often ridiculed for having seen or experienced things that simply do not fit within the framework of most people’s realms of possibilities, though it is hard to understand why this continues to be the case. Witnesses should be given credit for being persistent and courageous in speaking our truth.  We will continue being supportive of them, which I have always found to be the case within the UFO community.

The witness writes:

"Southern Ontario on the evening of September 26th 2006 had a clear sky and balmy, comfortable temperature.  We found ourselves with an opportunity to relax and have a few laughs at the end of the day.  We had a comfortable house in the small town of Lakeshore Ontario.  Earlier in the year we had been fortunate to acquire an outdoor hot-tub, which we had been enjoying.  Usually I was alone in the evenings after work, when I would relax and unwind outside in it.   Lakeshore is at least 40 km away from the nearest city, Windsor, which made it better for night sky viewing as there wasn't much light pollution. This night I sat in the water and was studying the sky.  I noticed a glowing, star-like object in the southwest corner of the sky which was ascending slowly.

I pointed it out to my partner and we watched it for a few moments.  Suddenly, it changed the angle of its trajectory. It seemed to do so, on a pinpoint, or on a dime, as they say.  We both noticed and commented as to the unusualness of what it had done.  It was about twenty minutes later, and I happened to glance up in the direction of the north-east.  I was shocked to see a pinkish-orange, semi-translucent orb-like stationary object. It was perfectly round and about ten times the size of what an average size star would appear.   I hadn’t ever seen anything like it previously, and really never did again.  It was not extremely high in the sky, maybe two thousand feet altitude.  The weirdest thing about it was that as soon as I noticed it, it suddenly arced overhead and beyond my field of vision due to some trees in the area.  When I saw that, I was so excited.  I exclaimed and was really sincerely thrilled to see something so unusual.   I had heard of people seeing these kinds of things, but hadn't any previous classic ‘UFO’ type sightings.  I had what would be termed ‘paranormal’ experiences in my lifetime, but no real experience with UFO sightings.  However as I was growing up, I developed an interest in ufology, and always found the evidence that others were presenting very fascinating which increased my interest even more over time.  I had spent the months from March to September 2006 studying the sky and stargazing, and had enjoyed every minute of it. I didn't see anything unusual until September 26.  After that, things went crazy.
In the days following the initial sightings of September 26th, my work and life kept me busy and away from sky studying.  It was the evening of October 2nd when I finally had a chance to sit and relax outside.  It was the time of night when it was just getting dark and there were not a lot of stars visible.  I was looking into the distance, when I saw what initially appeared to be a plane travelling directly south, however I did not see the FAA light.  Sometimes when observing aircraft from the ground, it will take a minute or so before this blinking light becomes visible.  The object I spotted and was watching did not show the light even after approximately 15-20 seconds; however after this amount of time it did do something odd.  It altered its course, swinging west, so that it was suddenly headed in the direction of our town, more specifically it was headed right toward my block.  

The total time of my observation was now almost a minute. It was travelling so fast, and the object, which now seemed to be increasing in the brilliance of its glowing, was almost to the point where it would be over my house.  I held my breath and watched, now getting a positive ‘gut-feeling’, that it was something unusual and not a plane. Incidentally, I had still not seen a FAA light.  Now the object was glowing even brighter.  When this star-like moving object was to the point where it was above the area of mine and my neighbours’ homes, it seemed as if it was maybe no more then 1000 feet up.   As it reached this point above me, something extreme happened.  The object shot down like a glowing missile.  When it had reached a much lower point, perhaps only 100 feet above me, it did a very strange thing.  It changed its colour from a glowing white, to a brilliantly glowing orange, reminding me of the colour of molten lava, or the colour of a glowing stove-top burner.  As it stopped at the lowest point for a moment, it changed its shape.  First, flattening to a glowing orange horizontal line, and then to glowing orange vertical line.  The morphing of its shape happened so fast, and when it was done changing into the glowing orange lines, it shot up into the sky and out of my sight so fast it was incredible. However, as it shot off its shape seemed different yet again. It had morphed into a dull grey cylindrical shape as it shot into the sky.  I was stunned and amazed by this sighting and reported it online as I had done with the first one.  

The period of time, from the winter of 2006 until the spring of 2007, was one that was interspersed with anomalous objects being seen on a regular basis.  It was perplexing. At times I would see these white, nearly hazy objects at night and at different altitudes, some times in groups of anywhere from 2 to 12.  They were diamond shaped and seemed to vibrate at an extremely high frequency, I could literally see them shaking with vibrations.  One night, it seemed that two of them did a lower fly-over as I was studying the sky.  They seemed to stop for a microsecond close to where I was.  That was the lowest I ever saw them.  To the reader inexperienced with UFO phenomena, it might seem a bit bizarre to read that there were a few times that I would be in my home and feel a drawing to go outside and look at the sky. At times the sensation would be accompanied by a sudden drop of energy. Once when this happened I saw what appeared to be a classic triangle type of craft (not the gigantic variety of triangle, but the smaller kind with three lights on the bottom). It passed between/behind clouds on a day that was semi-cloudy.  Another time it looked like a black type of ‘flying rod’ that darted between clouds.  I was reporting a lot of what I saw to MUFON.  

It was toward the end of April, 2007 that I had what I came to consider the apex of my sighting experiences.  I had waited until about 11pm before venturing outside that evening.  My partner was joining me outside on that evening.  I was happy about this for the simple fact that, perhaps, if I did have a sighting I, for once, would have a co-witness.  Unfortunately the majority of the anomalies I had seen since the initial sighting in September had all been when I was alone.  I attribute this to the simple fact that 90% of the time I was out there on my own.  

The sky on this night was inky black with relatively little light interference from the moon, many stars were visible.  It was a warm temperature. We went outside, chatting a little.  At first we sat on the edge of the spa, with just our legs immersed up to the knees.  I was describing to him what to look for as we looked to the sky.  I told him to always make sure to ‘look to the east.’ As soon as I had finished uttering this sentence, my heart nearly stopped with what I saw.  Less then one second later, I exclaimed, “Oh my God, there they are!” startling him severely. He was in the process of snapping at me for doing this when he stopped mid-sentence. His exact words were, “Would you...” and then he was speechless.  I, the whole time, had been saying a prayer in my mind as soon as I saw the objects because they were moving so fast I didn’t know what would happen.  My prayer was that he would see what I was seeing before it went out of sight.  I was so overjoyed that he did.

What I saw was this; a group of glowing orbs, of a different appearance than any I had seen before.  They seemed to be lit from within.  They had appeared from behind the tree line in the direction of the east, suddenly.  It wasn’t just the appearance of these objects; it was their behaviour, for what they did next added another element of mystery.  As they swooped over head of us, I was able to see that there were nine of them.  They were organized into three groups of three, in a triangular formation.  When they were at the point just above us, the three groups of three moved in synchronized fashion, rotating their positions in the triangular formation.  They then were gone.  The entire sighting was no longer then approximately 4 seconds.  It was amazing to see this. There was no sound whatsoever, as there never was with any of my sightings. My partner had viewed the objects for a shorter period of time, perhaps up to 2 seconds less than I saw them. Nevertheless, he was shocked by what he saw, and will never forget it either.  He had told me in the past that he doesn't talk about what he saw, for the fear of ridicule, which is understandable.  I am very glad that he witnessed it with me.  When I put everything together as to how the objects appeared that night, it was as if in response to my words of ‘look to the east’.  Perhaps it was coincidental, but given the bizarre nature of the display that I then witnessed, how can I deny that it is possible that I was somehow connected to what happened? Were they putting ‘on a show’ for us?   Also taking into consideration all of the sightings leading up to this event, I drew the conclusion that there was a connection.  The morning after this sighting I purchased a camcorder. I managed to capture some day time anomalies and ended up putting a video on YouTube.  The camera didn’t have the best night vision and I found it was difficult to video the sky at night
I had to move from the area where these sightings were taking place in the summer of that year.  I took a lot more with me then just my belongings.  I did not ask any of the residents in the area about the sightings, or if they have witnessed anything since I moved away.  In fact, after I had the sightings, I learned quite quickly that I couldn't just talk about this subject to anyone.  I had been met with ridicule too many times to count from even just bringing up the subject of UFOs to some people."

Our thanks goes out to the witness for having the courage to share her experience if only so that others may know they are not alone.  People cannot be individually blamed for not believing or choosing to have closed minds to certain subjects, and the mainstream media does not help matters.  Whether this is deliberate debasing of the important subject matter as a policy of disinformation, or just the same hokey old garbage that they've been making for years is hard to say.  Images of ‘little green men’ in ‘flying saucers’, or ridiculous costumes is all that they can come up with.  For example, silly references like this were played throughout the Larry King Show during the program about the Stephenville, Texas UFO flap.  Also, after the Phoenix lights sightings, the official response turned into a joke when a public administrator showed up for the press conference wearing a goofy alien costume. There were hundreds, if not thousands, of people who witnessed something strange that night, but all were officially dismissed.  Ultimately I doubt that such mockery will ever detract from those of us seriously interested in the study of this phenomenon.  Particularly, for those who have had sightings, but also for the world in general, the search for answers in the field of ufology is not going to go away."

Our thanks goes out again to the witness for sharing these experiences with PSICAN. If you feel you have had similar experiences within Canada or would like to offer feedback please contact us through Your privacy will be protected and confidentiality is assured.