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Written by Susan Demeter-St.Clair
North Western Ontario UFO Hoax

This story is decades old and a proven hoax. However, it is interesting in that variations of this story have cropped up world over and naturally have made their way to the internet. The “New Hampshire” version was being posted to various UFO newsgroups as recently as 2001!

We feel this story is relevant to the history of UFO’s within our province and a testament to the endurance of tall-tales. May the reader beware and enjoy!

Atikokan Ontario, (near the Manitoba border) 1960

This is an incredible story! So incredible it must be true.........

“John” (not his real name) and his wife “Lucy” (again, a fictitious name) decided to play hooky one lovely summer’s day and enjoy a picnic at nearby Duckbill Lake.

The young couple set up behind a low hill and soon after heard a strange “humming” sound. Deciding to investigate; John and Lucy climbed to the top of the little hill and were startled by the most strangest of sights!

By the lake sat a “green flying saucer” and beside it were four tiny creatures dressed in “green jumpsuits.” Attached to their odd attire were ( and even odder still) some sort of hoses. It appeared to the couple that these creatures were siphoning water out of the lake!

“Lucy” screamed out, terrified at what she was witnessing. Perhaps her shout was as frightening to these “wee” spacemen because immediately afterwards they jumped into their saucer and flew away.

At this point the picnic was over for the shaken couple and they hurriedly packed up and went home.

“John” came forward with the couple’s incredible tale and it was supposedly published in a local paper, which if true, proves that we cannot always trust what we  read!