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Tiverton May 20th 2012 10:15pm


UFO Details Report: "Hi we witnessed something strange here in Tiverton Ontario last night. At about 10:15 pm we were sitting around a campfire just south of Tiverton. There were about 11 of us and we all noticed a grouping of about 6-8 white lights that seemed to be hovering over the town, in the sky. They lasted for about 10 minutes after we noticed them and then they disappeared. It was an hour later we had come home and were sitting out on the patio when we noticed what looked to be a falling meteor.. very large and orange coloured. as it got closer it stopped falling, pulled a u-turn, changed directions and headed north. eventually disappearing from sight. It was moving the speed of an airplane, maybe a little faster, it was very large, and completely silent, no trail of light behind it. We stood there totally amazed, took a photo with a cell phone but the quality is not good enough to zoom in so it looks like an orange dot."

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