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"Last night (Friday April 13th 2012) i saw something strange flying by my house.  it was around 930 pm when i saw what first appeared to be a flock of geese flying in a perfect v pattern.  but at a closer glance their wings weren't flapping and they were moving in perfect sync with each other.  They also moved at a very quick pace.  The birds looked grey too.  Before I knew it they were long gone in the distance and that's when i realized that they probably weren't birds.  I thought maybe they could be fighter jets flying in pattern but there was no noise.  Also Toronto never has fighter jets flying by our city.  Never in my 35 years living here have there been jets outside of a air show. It would have been in Mississauga ON which is west of Toronto and just a few miles from lake Ontario.  The plane was going north. The nearest intersection is probably Burnhamthorpe and Erin mills pkwy."

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