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Princeton Ontario April 7th 2012 9:40pm Red Triangle


The witness writes:

"Driving home along Oxford road # 3, just outside on Princeton, heading north towards Drumbo at approx 9:40pm. Sky was crystal clear and moon had just risen. Noticed object in sky toward northeast and appeared to be only a few kilometres way. Initially though the object to be a helicopter or small ultra-lite aircraft due to the slow rate of travel. However, quickly dismissed as I am a trained pilot and the were no flashing beacons & the size and intensity of the lights is not consistent with any craft.Object was glowing bright red along top edge - shaped like a very short triangle and bright orange orb along bottom in centre. Object appeared to be hovering over a field and travelling southward at a very slow rate of speed. I told my wife to pull over so we get a better look. The object was brighter than everything in sky and the size of dime held at arms length. Brightness was as bright as a full moon.We stopped, opened the window and watched as it hovered for a second or to longer and then changed direction and began moving due east. As it changed direction the red edge moved from the top to the right side. The orange orb on the left side.The red was partially obscured by the range orb, indicating to me the object was pointing slight away from us. The object then accelerated extremely fast at an angle of ~5 degrees to the horizon in the westerly direction. The size of the object decreased rapidly from dime sized at arms length to vanishing point in approximately 3 seconds. The angle of ascent was constant and speed appeared to increase exponentially. The objects brightness decreased in relation to its size as it accelerated away. We both agreed that it had accelerated out of our atmosphere."

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