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Niagara-On-The-Lake June 18th 2011 11pm approx.

Report #1

"Around ll pm tonight I was watching T.V. in my family room and through the glass door to the patio....I saw what appeared to be large red lights flying low over the night sky between the tree's in the garden.. I went outside to see if it was small planes practicing for the air show in Hamilton tomorrow...and thought it a bit strange they would be flying at this time of night.

I watched the lights, maybe 8 to large lights.....move towards my house ...going very slow...but moving all at different heights...then thought, they are far to big to be tail lights from a small plane.
Even stranger when I went into the garden to watch this...there was not a sound, other than the hum of traffic on the main street. There was no small engine noise in the sky.

I watched and thought this was so strange - no noise...

I grabbed my video camera...started shooting video...but nothing would come on the viewfinder....just a black screen.
I was watching these lights in the sky....but the camera would not pick them up...I moved the wide as far as it would go...still nothing showed on the screen........

I went inside, grabbed my digital camera..thought I would be able to catch this with the H.D. .....feature...and looked up to see the last red light disappear....out of sight.

I stood in the garden looking at the sky to see if they would come back into focus.....for about 10 minutes.

But nothing.

Just stars....and a beautiful night sky appeared before me.

I called the Niagara Regional Police to see if any reports about lights over the main street of town had been reported around 11 pm Saturday 18th of June, 2011. They told me they would call a couple of officers to find out.

Minutes later they called back, telling me it was Police Cruiser lights...on the top of Police cars.

There was no way.....this was lights from Police cars,
I asked how many cars were shinning lights into the night sky....she never elaborated....just said...this was the Niagara Regional Police report. Then asked me if I lived near a petting zoo in St. Catharine's.
No...I said.

I have never seen anything like this was large round, very bright red circles of light...all moving in a forward motion at different heights.

Just wondered if anyone else saw was not over in a few seconds, it lasted minutes. People had to report this that were on the main street....the town was busy today."


Report #2

June 18th 2011 11pm approx. Time witnessed 11:23 - 11:26pm

"I was driving from my place of employment, the Shaw Festival Theatre (mainstage), in Niagara on the Lake, Ontario, to the Court House theatre to pick up my girlfriend who also works for the Shaw Festival. This was at 11:23 pm. As I pulled into the parking lot located behind the CourtHouse, I noticed what at first appeared to be a constellation (like the big dipper). It caught my attention because the points of light were orange and larger/brighter than they should be, and that they were moving. As I continued to observe these lights, and still navigate my moving vehicle into a parking spot, I noticed that there were more lights traveling in the same direction, some at different heights, and some at different distances from my vantage point. I parked the car and exited my vehicle while continuing to watch the lights. I thought for a moment that these may be fireworks, but they were not falling. I considered they may be some sort of aircraft flying in formation, but there was no sound. From behind me I heard my girlfriend say, "Oh good, you see them too!". We continued to watch the lights as they traveled from West to South and slowly ascend and diminish in brightness until the last of them dimmed out of view, at 11:26. In total there were about a dozen individual orange lights."



Report #3

"I was staying at the Olde Angel Inn, in a room fronting Regent St., with a window facing *Northwest, in the direction of the lake. I noticed some very bright stars out of the corner of my eye around 11:30pm, and looked at them, but upon looking, they were clearly too bright and too large to be stars. It was only then, as I was looking directly at them trying to figure out if they were planets, that I noticed they were moving a little bit in the sky. I counted seven very large, bright orange lights. Three were in a triangle formation on the left, with four more off to the right in a haphazard formation. There also appeared to be at least one or two that were either farther away or dimmer, as they were very small pinpricks.

They appeared to be getting larger and larger, and moving closer together. It was as if the lights were coming directly toward me and drifting together somewhat. Then, it seemed that they either started going in the exact opposite direction, or just started fading away, because the lights got progressively smaller until they couldn't be seen at all. This happened over the course of about 5 minutes. They did not blink or have any other colored lights like you would expect with a plane, and they were rather close together in the sky - too close to be aircraft, especially given the size of the lights. If they were planes they'd have been on a collision course! They did twinkle a little bit, like stars, but stars don't move.

*You know what, now that I say that, I think I was looking SOUTHwest. I was looking out the window of the smaller room in the General's Quarters, the one that does not attach to the sitting room. I called them and they said it faces over the kitchen, which appears to be southwest."

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