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Pickering Ontario May 2010 11pm approx 3 min duration


UFO Details Report: "It was in Pickering in May of 2010, so just under a year ago, I can no longer remember the specific date but it was at night time. I was with a friend and we were parked in the "Hub" Plaza across the street from the Pickering Town Center eating something we had just bought from the McDonald's. As we were sitting there we both noticed a strange glowing object in the sky to the North-West of us. The object was round in shape and was glowing a red-orange colour, it almost looked like a ball of fire. We were both scared at the time because, not having any idea what it could be, our minds were jumping to conclusions like it being a meteor, hence the appearance of fire. We ruled this out after watching the object hover for about 2 minutes, not moving at all. As we were talking about it and watching it, the object just seemed to vanish, no tail or any sign of what had previously been there except our memory of it. Since then I've always had a weird feeling about what I saw that night and after looking into other UFO reports of similar appearances I'm sure now that this is what I saw. I actually want to see another one! It is quite an experience. It's definitely not an easy thing to tell others of what you saw, everyone blows it off as being crazy or that you were seeing things; once you see it for yourself there is no doubt to what you saw - no other legible explanation."


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