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May 1st 2011 10:30pm Shelburne Ontario


UFO Details Report: "In the foggiest conditions I have ever driven in, on hwy 10 S. and 4th Line, I pulled over for bladder relief, looked up saw lights rotating up in sky at high angle, did not move for 15min+ that I was there, still there rotating when I left. The beams were 2 yellow/white, and 1 red. The two yellow/white were 180 degrees apart and the one red perpendicular. It looked like white then red then white then nothing and it repeated. There were tiny lights/objects appearing and disappearing around it moving erratically. I took two videos with my iPhone4 and 7 geotagged pictures then left. On the way back home I spotted a police spot check, so I stopped and told the officer what I saw, he said he hadn't heard reports and thanked me for telling him. I then went back home."


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