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"This sighting happened in Barrie in September 1981.  My friend and I were in my backyard practicing for cheer-leading tryouts.  I noticed a very bright orange light. At first I thought it was the sunset through the trees but when I walked to the side of the house I could see the sun setting to the right of the object. 

My friend thought it was a streetlight and ignored it.  I was compelled to walk towards it to see it better because I could tell it was beyond the sub-division where the street lights actually were.  Also, it was so bright that the light was distorting into a star shape.  My friend joined me and we walked into a big open field that had been cleared for construction beyond the last street in the subdivision. 

The object had been moving very slowly to the southwest where it became stationary.  We talked about what it was but couldn't agree.  When it stopped it grew very bright then dimmed.  We could still see it there but now it just looked like a star except for being orange. 

Suddenly it grew very bright again, pulsed that way a couple of times and settled at a medium brightness.  As we watched and speculated on what it could be, a blue light came out one side, slowly moving to the right and then back into the larger light.  This happened twice. Then another blue light came out of the top and moved about the same distance as the other before it too returned.  This repeated on the bottom but the light was green.

 Then a red light moved out of the left side and moved about half the distance away from the main object as the other lights had moved before it moved back into the larger orange light.  The blue light on the right came out again, moved back in and the orange light grew very bright, again distorting into a star shape.  It began to dim again and move back towards the northwest suddenly picking up speed and disappearing altogether. 

My friend and talked about what it could have been while watching to see if it would come back.  Suddenly it did, in an instant.  We decided it must be a "military flare or something" but we kept watching it anyway.  I was beginning to feel sick to my stomach when my friend suddenly grabbed my arm and said, "It's getting closer."  I told her it was just an optical illusion because our eyes were tired from watching lights against the night sky.  She insisted it was getting closer.  I closed my eyes to give them a rest and then opened them.  That was when I realized that the light was definitely getting bigger, huge in fact.  I realized I could see the light shining on the ground in front of me and getting closer. There was absolutely no sound but that was the moment stark terror replaced any and all curiosity.

I turned to tell my friend she was right and she was gone. I saw she was already running away and had almost reached the street where the street lights were.  I started running too and did not look back so I don't know where the light went after that.  Since it was dark and I was barefoot, I was trying to watch where I was stepping.  When I got home my friend was already inside telling my mother what we saw.  My mother, however, was curiously indifferent and only asked if we were hungry since we missed dinner.  I looked at the clock and it was about 10:30 p.m.  I had no idea we were out there that long.  Years later I met two other people from different areas around Barrie that saw the same thing but to my knowledge no one ever reported it.  I thought I'd share and see if anyone else saw anything like this. Thank you for your time and not making me feel like an idiot."


Our thanks go out to the witness for sharing this experience with us. If this sounds familiar, if you have further information you can add or if you have had a similar experience please contact us Your privacy will be protected, and confidentiality is assured.