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Stoney Creek, Ontario - January 29th 2011 approx. 8pm


"My nephew and I were outside in Stoney Creek, Ontario on January 29th approx. 8pm having a smoke. Looking to the southern sky, we noticed several orange orbs,seven to be exact - they were exactly spaced , beginning low on the horizon heading North.We first thought afterburners- but no sound , and a very slowly and deliberately they seemed to be floating in the air, moving at exactly the same speed. They continued higher,the first pausing,then slowly moving towards the east when it faded out- the others would do the exact same thing , one at a time, complete with a pause. The last one disappeared and we have not stopped watching since.We had a house full of people, and my nephew called everyone out to see it- all looking in disbelief this was an incredible , eerie yet fascinating sight- none of us had ever seen anything so bizarre, scary, yet intriguing.."


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