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March 27, 2006 9:45pm Whitby Ontario


One of our readers writes:

"I was researching the web on UFO sightings when I came across one of yours which occurred in Ottawa May 16, 2010 . The person claimed to have seen a triangular shaped black object. I too observed an object of the same shape and colour. I was outside in the backyard with my new puppy letting him do his business when I started looking up at the sky. It was March 27, 2006, I remember this as that's my dad's birthday, it was 9:45pm so dark at the time. I was just admiring the stars, when I saw one moving, I thought it was a satellite so I kept watching to see which direction it was going. As I watched I started to notice this was no satellite, as it was blocking out the other stars as it passed. I then noticed the star wasn't a star at all, it had 3 white lights, not coloured, in the shape of a triangle. I could see what appeared to be a window on the side. The object wasn't moving fast, only about 200' of the ground and made no noise what so ever. It was following hwy #2 in Whitby, Ontario, and I truly can't explain what it was. I know for a fact it wasn't a plane, because the night was quiet, few cars on the road, and as I said before it wasn't very high of the deck. I wasn't scared, just really curious. I've only told a few people of this, don't really care what people believe, I just know I saw something that I can't explain..."

Our thanks to the witness for sharing this report with us.