PSICAN - Paranormal Studies and Inquiry Canada


July 20th 2010 Blackburn ON 11:30pm


UFO details report: Following my best friends ball hockey game, myself and 6 others were tailgating, amongst about 4 other car "parties" enjoying a few beers and talking about the game. (We all had designated drivers!)The skies were clear, and since I've noticed a few things in the sky over the past few months, I've become accustom to glancing up all the time at night.In the sky directly in front of me, I seen what I assumed to be the north star. Until it "wobbled" from left to right.Something inside of me was yelling at me to tell everyone to look, but as most people are afraid of criticism I decided to observe alone. I thought perhaps it was the beer kicking in, but seeing as I had only had one and I've used these eyes for 24 years, I KNEW it wasn't the beer. It "wobbled" twice more in the same pattern before heading "towards" us. Even at this point, I wanted to point and tell but by the time I even fathomed it, it was ascending and slowly accelerating until the "north star" bright object was no longer visible.It climbed high and fast, from bright to nothing. In an cloudless star filled (minus light pollution) sky.I know what satellites, comets, shooting stars, planes, helicopters, etc look like in a night sky. So much as the difference on light patterns on cargoes, to bombers, to single engines, to passenger and private. I have NO idea what I saw earlier tonight. "

Our thanks goes out to the witness for sharing this report with us.