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The following account was sent into us in May 2010, however the actual event occurred on January 11th 2008. We have edited slightly for privacy.

I was in my car at approx 7:25 p.m. and would be driving all the way out of the Ottawa city limits in order to reach my destination 1 hr & 5 min in the best weather & 2 hrs in the most horrific snow storm, fog etc... it was a crappy night the temperature wasn't too cold but misty & the roads were a little slick. As I was traveling on HWY 22 (Shanly Road) just past Gabert road (approx 1 km along Shanly) The sky & road began to change.

There was a light coming across the sky from the east that was white in colour but had a strange glow to it & the mist turned into a fog like nothing I've ever seen, so thick that I had about 4 ft vision in front of the headlights of my car. Of course I did the smart thing & slowed my car down greatly. Every time I looked at the speedometer it read 40km/h at this geographical point I had approx 37 km's left to go.  1/2 a km past Gabert road is the first curve of L&G HWY 22 (Shanly RD). Is the first curve right (South) . I looked up at the sky again when the strange light turned into a sudden flash that lit up the whole sky as well as the fog so much that for a split second "I think"  the brightness took away all of my comprehension of what was the road & what was the ditch. I regained control of the car & drove for approx 1 more minute.

I remember nothing else.

When I came to again I was turning into the driveway of my house.I looked at the clock in my car & it said 1:56 a.m. I felt very tired & very scared.I got in the door & my wife was freaking out on me, she thought something bad had happened. She kept asking me what had happened & I felt so weird that all I could say was that I saw a big flash & don't remember anything else. I told her that in fact I remember nothing at all after the first curve of Shanly road. She found that strange.

Our thanks goes out to the experiencer for sharing this strange case of missing time. If you have had a similar experience in this area or observed something unusual in the Ottawa area on the evening of January 11th 2008 please contact us. Your privacy will be protected, and confidentiality is assured.