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Waterdown Ontario January 8th 2010 Approx 8pm

The witness writes:

"On January 8th 2010, approximately 8pm I was travelling (driving) south from Waterdown towards the city of hamilton, via sydenham road. I looked to my left, and observed 3 orange vertical lights in the sky, just above a tree line, that seemed to originate from the ground, however I could not see the ground from my vantage point. These lines were straight  until they hit a patch of clouds, and then seemed to fade off slightly above the clouds. I observed these lights for approximately 2 mins as I was driving, and when I arrived home shortly thereafter, I could not see the orange light lines anymore. It was difficult to gauge how close these lines were to me, they could have been as close as the escarpment I was driving on, or farther away near the harbour."

Our thanks to the witness for sharing this experience with us. If you have seen something similar particularly on this date/time/location please contact us Your privacy will be protected.

Webmaster's Note:

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