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Orleans Ontario September 5th 2009 Approx. 2pm

The witness writes:

"This happened around 2pm on Saturday sept o5 a friend and i were in my backyard shootin the shite, and i looked up and scanned the sky like i constantly do, and to my disbelief i saw 2 white oval craft 12 o'clock high moving across the sky these things had a orange shimmer that seemed to flicker around the crafts every 2-3seconds or so, they were extremely high and the leading craft seemed to speed up then allow the second to catch up like a game of tag. My friend and i were in complete shock, i keep a pair of binoculars beside the sliding glass door to my backyard and didnt even think to grab them thats how much these things stunned me, it was such a clear sky others had to have seen this but i cant find anything, it really bugs me because ive seen some spectacular ufo footage but if i had a cam it would be some of the best footage around hands down. oh and just when they went out of sight a small plane flew from east to west right over us so that should help hopefully.

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