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Toronto January 9th 2010 Approx 12:30am

The witness reports:

"At approx 12:30am EST on Saturday January 9, 2010 I was standing on my balcony having a cigarette at Queens Quay W & Spadina Av (Facing SSE) and noticed a collection of what appeared to be 3 or 4 bright yellow/white orbs hovering over Wards Island (which is about 1KM south of where I am standing)... the orbs appeared to be behind the island, so I would estimate they were maybe 2.5KM out or more. At first I thought "Maybe it's a plane coming into Pearson or a Medivac helicopter coming into the Island airport" ... shortly thereafter, the "craft" appeared to turn to the west and I could easily tell that what I thought were 3 or 4 separate orbs were in fact ONE large craft. It looked to be about 300+ feet in length once it turned and I could see up to 6 orbs once it turned and the orbs were all moving in unison. The craft was hovering no more than 1000 - 1500' off the lake, made no noise that I could hear and did not move fast at all... maybe 10-15kts MAX. Over the course of the next 20 mins I continued watching the craft hover over the lake and make slow passes from east to west and west to east along the southern shore of Wards Island over to Gibraltars Point. It appears as if they were "checking something out"? Unfortunately my video camera is broken.. need to get a new one, so I was unable to take any video of the craft I saw.. Some other people I spoke with today also mentioned they saw several UFO's over the downtown area during the day yesterday, however that will not be part of my report since I did not witness them myself.Keep your eyes on the lake folks, activity is picking up more and more lately!"

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