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December 30th 2009 Hamilton Ontario approx 9:30pm

"Tonight, at approx. 9:30pm, my wife and I were driving home, heading west from Mud St. to the Lincoln Alexander Expressway. As we rounded the on ramp, where Mud, the Linc and the Red Hill Expressway criss-cross, both of us spotted a stationary light towards the north.

By my estimation, it would be somewhere close to the harbour.

The light was unusual in two ways.

First, it was stationary and unblinking.

By comparison, there was a second light in the sky, further in the distance and it was moving.

**For years (ever since I was a teenage) I would frequently encounter a stationary light sitting, as if bolted to the a point above the lake, which would not move for tens of minutes. When it finally vanished, it would do so as if some had flicked off a switch.**

The light tonight was similar to this. Granted, this is the furthest my wife and I had ever been from 'the light'.

Secondly, and something my wife, not I have not seen before, was a distinct beam of light shooting straight up into the clouds from the light. It was like a spot light, except, like the light itself, it was not wavering in the least. It originated from the light in the sky and pointing straight up. There was no beam from below it.

It reminded me of the light that shoots up out of the top of the Luxor casino in Las Vegas,

My wife watched it until it was out of sight. Comparing notes, we both agreed on what it looked like. The only difference is that she believes it was much closer to the escarpment (and not over the lake).

Distances can be hard to judge.

I have no idea what this was. Did anyone else see it? Does anyone know what this is?"

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