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Scarborough Ontario May 3rd 2003 11:45pm

"I was driving home very late on May 3 2003.The time was close to midnight and we were driving home from downtown Toronto. I was going east on Lawrence avenue in Scarbourough (east GTA).Once we reached the Port Union and Lawson rd area something strange happened. A bright light was shining down on the car from a height above, I noticed it because it seems the road was lit up around the car as we moved the light followed. It was as though driving under bright lights. I tried to get a look above but was unable to see the location of  the light source. Scared I kept driving and didnt stop the vehicle. At first I thought maybe there was a truck behind or even large halogen road lights above, but as I used my mirrors to check none of the above was there. During the ordeal my reaction was bewilderment as to the source of the light, after the light vanished I had to regain composure and calm down. There were  no trucks or over head lights that could illuminate in such a way. What I am describing is a strange light source which came from above. and then vanished. I dont believe in U.F.O. stuff, but I cant explain what I had expeienced. The light came from something in the sky and was very bright. Brighter than anything I have seen while driving. It also vanished in a flash. My husband showed me this web-site so I reported the story as well. As a  regular person with no real interest in this type of thing, has anyone else seen any thing like this? Lawrence avenue goes east and west Bayley avenue is the continuation of Lawrence after the rouge valley. I would be curious if anyone else had this same experience. Thanks." 

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