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Peterborough Ontario September 25th 2009 9:04 PM

Riding south on Otonabee Road (Drive?)in Peterborough ON, around roughly 8:30 PM on September 25th with a friend.A flash in the sky to the west of us caught my eye, and I pointed it out to my friend/driver. It was a solid object coloured orange/red with sparks coming off it, and also leaving a trail of sparks behind it. It was obvious from the outset to both of us that it wasn't a firework due to the height, angle and size of the object. The whole thing lasted about roughly 6.5 seconds and was also moving southward on a downward 45 degree angle.It then fell out of sight behind the treeline.

Our thanks to the witness for sharing this report with us. It matches similar reports we received from around the GTA.