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Burlington Ontario September 25th 2009 9:10pm

"I was visiting a friend who lived on the top floor of an apartment building in Burlington, Ontario. At about 9:10 pm, we went out onto his balcony for a smoke and I immediately noticed two bright lights to the south. They looked very distant and were pulsing with a bluish-reddish light. My first thought they were stars, but they were far too bright and there were not too many others visible due to light pollution. The objects did not move, I could tell because I could see airplanes flying in the distance and the objects stayed in line with the buildings whereas the planes did not. One was slightly higher than the other, and they were spaced a good distance apart, but still close enough to focus on both at the same time.Eventually, my friend and I got talking about other things and since the objects weren't moving, we began looking elsewhere. Less than five minutes later (since we had not yet finished our cigarettes) the entire sky was lit up very brightly with a blue light. It seemed to be coming from behind the apartment building we were in and though was a constant light, it seemed to waver in brightness. It lasted for about 7 or 8 seconds and was gone as fast as it began. This caused both of us to jump up out of our chairs, and when it was gone, we looked for the two lights and they were not there anymore. We didn't see them leave, so we don't know if they were gone before or after the sky lit up. There were no sounds associated with either event.The next day I was telling some people at a wedding, and they told me that a meteor was reported that night, though another person said that his friend told him a very similar story about what he saw that night in Mississauga."

Our thanks to the witness for sharing this experience with us. Please also see Toronto UFO report for same date, and time. If you have witnessed something similar or can add to this information please contact us Your privacy will be protected. Confidentiality is assured.