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At about 9:05 pm on September 25, 2009 I observed a bright light approaching from the northwest.  Initially I thought it would hit my highrise near Markham Road and Eglinton Avenue in Scarborough/Toronto, Ontario.  It passed over my building at a much closer height than any plane ever has.  Probably not more than a few hundred feet.  There was a sound like buzzing and crackling electrical wires and a sulfer type smell.  When initially sighted it was a moving white light, then as it got closer it changed colors from red to a light green.  It was too bright to look at for very long, so I do not know what shape it was.  I viewed it for approximately 10 seconds from start to finish,  I then heard a distant thud after it vanished over the southeastern horizon.It was observed by myself and three other adults, and one teenager.  The teenager felt certain it was a UFO but the rest of us felt it was more likely a meteor.  Afterward we watched for news reports and by 10 pm the local media was reporting it was a meteor that was somewhere between basketball and sofa size.


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