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UFO Details Report:

Bowmanville Ontario July 20th 2009 10:30pm

"First of all I am a skeptic, however, I do believe, that there are certain phenomenon in our skies, that is questionable. My experience,is probably just a run of the mill sighting, actually, I have had several sightings, over the last several years.The first occurred, on March of 2006, my son, his friend,and myself, were driving to the Courtice road lake spot, it is used by a lot of people, sort of the make out spot and an excellent spot to view the night sky,as there is little to no city lights interference.Anyway,as we were slowing down to park the car, my son spotted a faint orange glowing light moving westwardly, just above the water. We all focused our attention on this strange light as it faded out of sight we all came to the same conclusion,must be a boat,and we proceeded to walk along the shoreline.About,5 minutes into our stroll along the beach, we spotted that orange light again, this time It was moving eastward, just above the water, actually, it was coming straight in our direction,funny part was there was no sound emitting from the object,no plane or helicopter noise, it actually came within a quarter mile maybe less.we decided to leave as my sons friend was a little apprehensive. So, back to the car we went,we never mentioned this to anyone,figured it was explainable.The second and several other sightings,were viewed by my daughter and our house guests, it was around 10:30 July 20 2009 in the evening.The same orangey kind of teardrop shaped light hovering at about 1000 feet,this light would glow brightly and then just disappear,we know it wasn't a jet or a weather balloon, or a helicopter,we do know that there is increased activity, in the skies directly over the Darlington Nuclear plant, which is directly south of our home,about a half a mile away. Anyway, that's my story, don't really care if this is believed by anyone,we saw something questionable and there it is! One other thing, the light we saw moving silently across the water, is the same orangey teardrop shaped light that seems to appear in the night skies over Darlington Nuclear Plant."

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