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UFO Details Report:

Kingston Ontario circa 2001

"This is an experience I had roughly 8 years ago in Kingston, Ontario, Canada when I was 17 years old.I was out for a late-night bike ride in the Calvin Park Neighbourhood in Kingston. I had just entered the parking lot of Calvin Park Public school. It was a very clear night, with no clouds whatsoever.I've always been an avid stargazer, and tonight was no exception. I was looking upwards while coasting through the parking lot when I clearly saw three 'objects' in a triangular formation moving over me. They were not hovering, but rather passing over. There was one in the lead with two flanking it on either side and slightly behind. These objects could not have been more than 50' above me as I could see them clearly. The best description I can offer is that they were similar in shape to the UFO in the 1986 movie "Flight of the Navigator" as seen from below... I realize how silly that may sound, but that is the only way I can accurately describe the shape without drawing a picture. They seemed to have a mottled colour to them. Yellowish/greenish/brownish... Dark earth tones. I've only ever shared this experience with my brother. I'm fearful of being called crazy or a liar. It's not worth the hassle to describe this to people.They passed over me, I stopped dead in my tracks. My jaw dropped and I was overwhelmed by a sense of fear and panic. It took them roughly ten-fifteen seconds to pass over me and out of sight. I stood, terrified, for about a minute. I then biked home as fast as possible. As I said, they just passed over and were gone when they pass out of the ambient light from the parking lot lights. Low enough that I could actually see the colouring.I cannot remember the exact month or day, but I am sure this took place in 2001.There are a few street lights in the parking lot, with some lights on the school as well casting an ambient light.I know what I saw that night. I was not inebriated in any way at all. I was incredibly skeptical of the existence of UFO's until this experience. I have never felt such fear in my life as I felt that night."

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