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UFO Details Report:

Ancaster/Hamilton Ontario September 1st - 2nd 2009

"My boyfriend and I were sitting in the living room at his house in Ancaster watching TV. He has large glass doors in his living room that lead to the backyard that has many trees in it. Out of the corner of my eye I saw a very bright light at a distance behind his trees and was a little spooked and asked him what the heck that could be. It was to the north of the house. We saw it move straight up and went out to the backyard to investigate. There we saw two more lights that were similar, all to the north. We also saw that they were flashing red white and green colours. It was so strange I ran inside and grabbed my camera and we went to the local park to see them better. By the time we got to the park at about 11:22 (I called my mom at 11:24 so I'm pretty sure of the time) the lights had separated and now one was to the west, one was more NNE and one was out of sight. We were pretty much freaking out that these just HAD to be UFOs in the not from this planet sense. We stayed at the park until the west light dropped out of sight behind the trees. The movement was VERY subtle. I took a few pictures and videos of the lights. We then decided to be adventurous and drove to Westmount School in Hamilton and stood out on the hill. We were there for about 30-40 minutes and as our eyes adjusted we DEFINITELY saw 5 of these lights at all different places in the sky. We believe there were 9 but can only be certain about 5 of them. All the while they were still flashing red white and green, and through the camera we saw blues and yellows as well. I took a couple more videos/pictures here. When we got back to Ancaster, the brightest light was still very visible, it was now about 12:10 or so. I drove home and brought my mom outside to see the lights, and from the park by my house on the east mountain in Hamilton we could see three of them. We got some binoculars out to look closer and sure enough they were STILL flashing green white and red and were more or less stationary the entire time, except when they drifted ever so slightly. I lost sight of the lights because I had to get some sleep! I'll be checking tomorrow night to see if they come back!"

Our thanks go out to the witness for sharing this report with us. If you have seen something similar in the area please contact us at  You may contact us privately, and confidentiality is assured. We are actively investigating  this report, and if you can add to or provide further information we would appreciate hearing from you.