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On November 4th, 1990 at approx. 1 am, I was getting ready to go to bed for the evening. My husband, children, and my sister who was visiting, had already turned in for the evening. I had been watching an "Elvira Mistress of the Dark" movie with my brother-in-law, when I looked up at the clock. Realizing it was way past my bedtime I got up to lock the sliding glass doors to our balcony. At the time we were living on the 10th floor of an apt. building, and as I had young children it was my habit to make sure those doors were locked. I will also mention this apartment had a SSE exposure with a clear view of Lake Ontario, and the Pickering Nuclear Generating Station. As I went to lock the door I observed a large, red, glowing orb. It was like nothing I had ever seen before. In my pajamas I stepped out onto the balcony. I noted that the orb seemed to be in the vicinity of the nuclear power plant. My mind raced with all the possibilities, a plane, a search light, quickly discounting each. I yelled out for my brother in law who was at my side in seconds. I was yelling "what is it, what is it"? He started yelling, "it's a UFO!” He had grabbed my arm, and I glanced down to see gooseflesh. Almost immediately after he said that, the full moon sized orb, began to pulsate. And for some inexplicable reason, for which I cannot fathom I said, "they know we can see them". I include this statement despite the fact it goes against my credibility as a witness. There are too many others who have come forward with their experiences, for me to lack the bravery to be completely truthful with my recounting of this event. After the pulsating the UFO, which appeared octagon in shape imploded on itself, turning to a speck, and shooting straight up. At this point my brother-in-law's memory and mine differ. He says he saw the orb implode, but not shoot up into the sky. I cannot explain the difference in our memories. I looked down towards the street and saw a single car driving eastward. I remember thinking we cannot be alone in seeing this. We went inside, and sat up in the kitchen discussing everything within our own experiences that could rationally explain what we had witnessed (despite my strange comment of a "them").. We were up until 4 am. and I ran back to the sliding glass doors a few times that night to see if the orb had returned. It didn't, nor have either of us ever seen anything like it since.

My brother-in-law and I failed to report our sighting immediately. We both were afraid of, nor did not want to put up with ridicule. This was a big mistake. While events such as what we had experienced tend to be burned into the brain, time has a way of diminishing the memory. Who knows what small seemingly insignificant detail could be lost, that actually may be of great importance to an investigator. Fear of ridicule should never be a factor in what may prove to be one of the greatest discoveries in our history, the true origin of UFOs.

If you can provide further information in regards to this sighting, have had a similar one involving a nuclear generating station within the province of Ontario or elsewhere please contact us. We appreciate your taking the time to do so.