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Written by Albert S Rosales

"We will crumble to dust" little known contact case from Toronto, Ontario, Canada, 1973: 


Location. Toronto, Ontario, Canada 

Date: October 29 1973 Time: 22:00 

The witness, a professional engineer (name undisclosed), was taking a walk near his home when he noticed a ball of light, 8-10 ft in diameter, hovering over a field. He walked toward it and it stopped within 18ft of him. The surface of this ball then behaved like a TV screen i.e., images of what he thought, and of answers to his questions, were “projected” upon it. He asked to see the beings presumably inside, but was shown a “slide” indicating that they would “crumple to dust” if they emerged. When he asked about their propulsion system he was shown a “slide” of the periodic table of elements, with uranium and hydrogen emphasized. His other questions apparently received only unclear answers. He felt as if he was being held back by the back of his neck, and a voice behind him told him to “keep calm & nothing will happen”, but there was nobody there. Toward the end he went up and touched the ball, which felt “like a balloon filled with water.” Finally it rose up, disappearing among the stars. When he returned home, he found that he had been gone for 3 hours; his dog would not go near him. In the next 2 weeks he felt very ill, and went to a hospital, but they could find nothing wrong. 


HC addendum 

Source: Henry McKay in presentation at MUFON’s Symposium, June 1976