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Sanikiluaq Nunavut July 24th 2004


"We had been on a fishing trip for the afternoon on a Saturday. It was a nice clear day and you could see the stars as dusk was slowly taking its course. We decided to head back home on our "atv" - [all terrain vehicle], as we were on the trail which is about 20 kilometres from the community, I was a passenger on the "atv", as we were riding hard I then had to go to the "little boy's room", to take a leak, as I was doing my business, I was looking over the horizon - something caught the corner of my eye and it was a light, a big hovering light and it wasn't twinkling like the stars do on a clear night. As I watched the light hovering, there was another movement right underneath the bright light and these were of different colours - 2 RED lights rotating in a clockwise direction, and they seemed to be rotating at an equal distance from each other with unexplainable speed, while this was happening another 3 lights appeared or seemed to come out of the bright light at a phenomenal speed and they were smaller than the "mother ship" but they were the same size as the 2 red ones that were rotating. As we were watching the lights and marvelling at the rate of speed they were showing, 3 "atv"'s appeared on the trail going home on a fishing/hunting trip. As we were looking on, the lights then stopped on what they were doing, as they seemed to notice the atv's. The lights then headed towards the oncoming atv's and proceeded to go towards them, then when they came upon the atv's they started to hover above them and followed there every move. As we were watching them, I jokingly said "Oh no, they're going to be abducted by the lights!" As we were watching the atv's go on, the lights were moving on as they seemed to lose interest atv's. Back to the original spot where we had just watched them. I then said to my friend that we should wait for the atv's to see if they noticed anything up in the sky. We decided to wait for them, the first 2 atv's just passed us and didn't stop, seeing this, I decided to flag down the 3rd atv - he stopped. My first question was "Did you see the lights?" The driver seemed to be perplexed as I asked the question, "What lights?", he said. I then went on to tell him that they were being followed by the lights for about a minute, and the lights moved on, he looked at me as if I was a madman and he drove off. As the other 3 atv's were on the trail we were behind them and they had stopped for a cigarette, meanwhile, I kept looking behind us, above us, and all around, I then noticed the lights going in a northerly direction while these other guys were stopped, I tried to show the other 2 drivers but they weren't the least bit interested and didn't see what I was trying to show them, until I went over to the 3rd driver who proceeded to ask me where I was seeing the lights, I then pointed towards the lights and he saw them. I was happy or relieved that one of them saw the lights. To this day I can only say that I have seen something not of this world."


Our thanks to The National UFO Reporting Center worldwide database of UFO sighting reports.