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Nova Scotia

UFO details report: Sunday 06 Oct 2013 I was playing golf with my buddies at the Greenwood Golf and Country club.  We were hitting our approach shots  on hole #6 and I looked up and spotted this white looking object moving fluently in the sky. This golf course is right next to CFB Greenwood, and I see aircraft flying everyday. This one was different,  it was approx 20,000 feet, but it had no contrails.  It had no definition of wings.  It drifted East to West, then flew towards the horizon.  I watched it for a long time and it got smaller and smaller.  I snapped a picture of it and you can judge for yourself.

This is the second time that I have seen something I can't explain.  A couple of years ago in Eastern Passage, I was talking with my neighbour over the fence when a craft,  which I thought was a stealth bomber flew about 1000 feet above us with absolutely no lights.  All aircraft must fly with landing lights below 10,000 feet. This didn't even have a beacon light.

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