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Nova Scotia

At 2am (September 13th 2012) I went out on to the front deck of the house to have a cigarette. As I usually do when I go outside at night is "star gaze." As I look up facing south I notice a large V shaped "Object" not far from the overhead of the house. I estimated that is was approx 2-3,000 feet above the house. It moved slowly and made an "Arched" turn and silently glided away. At first i thought it was an airplane of some sort, but there was a plane flying past at a higher height and was traveling faster. The object did not have flashing lights as an airplane does. As it moved away it picked up speed and when up higher until I had lost sight of it. The one thing that I did notice that night while this was happening was that there wasn't an animal or bird to be heard. It was "oddly and eerily" silent. Not a sound. It really made me think and second guess myself on what I have just seen. When I came back into the house I had told my girlfriend about it. She had mentioned that I should have taken pictures or a video of it. To be honest, even if I had done so, I still don't think anyone would have believed me anyway. Also, This isn't my first time seeing such "objects".

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