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Nova Scotia

This happened a few years ago in Sackville Nova Scotia, 2007 and i believe it was early summer. I was watching tv one night around 11pm and my boyfriend was outside fixing something in his car, i heard him yell to me "come see this quick" i went outside and we were watching 3 vertical red lights (the middle one was a little off centered)it was moving very slowly, we didn't hear any noise coming from it and was apprx 400 feet away, we could tell it was flying low because it disappeared behind some trees. I could not tell what shape it was it was too dark, could only see the lights. I am amazed that no one else saw it that night but everyone that saw it probably did the same thing we did and just didn't say anything so people wouldn't think we were crazy, but i will never forget it, was so unusual and we cant think of an explanation to what it could have been.

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