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Nova Scotia

The witness writes:


"On December 10, 2000 in glen margaret, (st. Margaret’s bay) nova scotia we observed two points of light side by side one on left lower. It is 7:15 pm and -20 windchill. The unflickering light on the left comes up next to the other as straight and smooth as a ruler.  Shocked.  Later, the light on the right flies slowly over us unchanged, with a whirring sound.  The remaining one turns a dull red and sinks straight and smoothly as the other went up. Someone else in the Aspotogan area must have seen this over an hour period. Not a combustion engine or a headlight—certain of that.  Light was steady and round and no aircraft can ascend or descend without bouncing or headlamps flickering.  We would have walked right past the cove without noticing them had they not moved.  They were brighter that Jupiter, Saturn or Venus and bigger and none of them moves like that!!! More details of our route if needed. It was not a life changing event and will not likely ever see anything like it again.  However, it is not the first sighting in the area. In the 60’s, an elderly man got up to wee and saw an actual craft over the house next to him.  He did not want to speak of it but felt responsible to report it to the homeowner. He stated he did not wish to talk about it again. He was described as a dependable and sober man who would not want to admit to such an event.  This was at the seaside campground area in glen margaret. Witness is deceased."


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