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Northwest Territories

We received the following report of UFO activity in April 2011, but the actual events occurred many years ago:


"I lived in the NWT off and on for approximately 16 years, living in Inuvik, Norman Wells, Ft. Smith and the eastern Arctic  (Lake Harbour as it was known in 1985).

In 1991-92 I was living in Ft. Smith, NWT.  One night I received a phone call from a boy friend (during this time frame) in the middle of the night. I was talking to him in my bedroom sitting at a desk beside a rather spacious bedroom window.  I believe it was about 2:00 am. As we were talking a huge white orb suddenly appeared overhead. It was so large and so blinding that I began saying " Oh my God" over and over.  It made a slow arc across the sky.  It did not appear to be a meteor or a least I did not feel that it was.

After I ended the phone call I woke up my young daughter to tell her what I had seen.  I was convinced that whatever I had witnessed was too large and too slow moving to be a meteor. It also seemed to be in close proximity although I had no way of determining that.

I went downstairs with my daughter and we sat together on the couch looking out the window.  The interesting thing was that the living-room window faced a completely different direction.  I sat for about 20 minutes with her and then saw a string of lights flash across the sky at what seemed to be an incredibly fast rate. It definitely was not a satellite or plane as they are both very slow moving. This was something completely different.

I was working for Parks Canada at the time and the next day when I went into work  I inquired if anyone had seen anything. No one had. I listened to the news also to see if anyone else had reported something.  Nothing.  I called the airport and they also had not heard anything.

I remain convinced that something out of the ordinary was in the sky that night."
Our thanks and appreciation go out to the witness for sharing the above report.In further correspondence the witness kindly shared another possible UFO event and gave us permission to share it as well:
"In the time that I spent in the NWT over the course of 16 years, I was told a UFO sighting story by 2 different people who apparently had been present at the same incident.  When the 2nd person told me the story he was unaware that the 1st person had told me his version of events.  Both stories were exactly the same.

I should also tell you that I have always been fairly neutral to the whole UFO sighting thing, neither believing, nor disbelieving.  When I heard their story I had not yet witnessed my own event.  I am the kind of person that really isn't convinced of anything unless I see it for myself. After my witnessing something unusual I became more open to the possibility that there are far too many credible reports of unexplained phenomena for them to be dismissed or explained away.

I think I mentioned that I had worked for Wood Buffalo National Park as a radio operator. I worked in Fire control (forest fires). During the course of fire season and depending on weather conditions during fire season we could have as many as 100 fires. At one time there could be as many as 25. Fire camps would be set up and if there were a large numbers of fires, EFF's or extra fire fight fighters would be hired. Many of them were aboriginal people.

The two people who told me their UFO story had both been hired on in the early 80's as a number of fires were burning out of control that summer.  They told me that one night when things had quietened down for the evening  in camp. a group of four or five decided to walk over to where a stream was.  In the NWT there is almost 24 hour daylight in the summer hours so they would have been able to see quite well.  As they walked over to one of the streams they witnessed a craft landing on the other side  and according to what they told me they witnessed several beings exiting the craft. Both of them told me that they panicked and ran back to camp where a number of elders were seated around the fire.  They told the elders what they had just witnessed and were cautioned about returning to the area. The elders who often ran trap lines in the winter and spent a lot of time out on the tundra told them they had often seen these things and simply left them alone.  One of them grabbed a rifle and a couple of them returned to where they had seen the craft and it had left the area.

The two told me that out of the number that had witnessed this event, some refused to talk about it again, some to the point of denying they had ever witnessed anything.....

The trappers have probably seen a lot out there......."
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