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Northwest Territories

"On the 10th of January 1991 I was traveling with a friend checking a trapline approx 20 miles southeast of Ft. Resolution Northwest Territories. My snowmachine experienced mechanical difficulties which resulted in us being forced to walk approx 12 miles back to a highway where we had left our vehicle and snowmobile trailer. The weather at the time was quite mild for January minus 10 and there was light snow falling. My snowmachine had broke down at approx 11:00 a.m. We walked for several hours until about 5: p.m. at which time we stopped for a lunch break. We made a small fire to warm up and boil some water for tea. We were in the center of a small clearing roughly 300 ft in diameter and sitting under a large spruce tree. We had been there for approx. fifteen minutes when we began to hear a low humming sound approaching from the east. The sound grew steadily louder and the hum turned to a very low throbbing sound-like a huge engine running at idle. The whole area was charged with an electric tingling. We looked up but did not see anything of any substance. After about one minute the object seemed to be hovering directly above our location. We still did not see anything. Suddenly there was an intense flash of light like a million flashbulbs going off at once. There was a pause and then another intense flash of light approx 5 seconds after the first and finally a third flash.

At this point the noise began to move west in the direction that we whad been travelling. The low heavy throbbing sound continued and finally faded away.

We packed up our belongings and continued our walk back to the highway. At no time did we observe anything, just the incredibly deep throbbing sound and the three flashes of light. We arrived back at the highway at 23:00 and returned to Ft. Resolution. I am a private pilot with several hundred hours of flight time. I also have approx 12,000 hrs of time in various types of helicopters and fixed wing aircraft as a professional firefighter. I am familiar with all the types of aircraft that are flown in the NWT and have never experienced flight characteristics that this object exhibited."


Our thanks to The National UFO Reporting Center worldwide database of UFO sighting reports