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New Brunswick

UFO details report: Thursday August 20 2015. 21:10hr, my wife and I were sitting on my front deck at (full address edited out for privacy) Moncton,we were looking to the east when out of the corner of my eye here was this light moving across the sky,the whole thing was a light no noise,the same time we saw this straight above was the high fliers heading over seas and we could see flashing lites on there wing tips as they passed over head,this object appeared to be at least half or less there altitude.I got my 12 by 50 power optics hoping to get closer look my wife said it was gone,I sat and waited and at 21:40 here it was again on a reverse course coming straight over the house my wife saw it also again no noise appeared to be lower in the sky one big lite no flashing,when I looked at using my optics to me it looked like a giant glowing almond shape craft no wings,passed over the house silent again at the same time planes were in the sky also that we could hear as they passed over.we sat there talking about what we just witnessed my wife got up and went inside, when I looked back to the east again here came another same type as before as it approached I called to my wife to come back out watching through my optics as it approached like turning off a lite it just vanished in front of me. stunned with what I just saw I sat there, at 20:30hr here was another one coming from the east this one passed over my house again no noise no wings just one large almond shaped lite.


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