PSICAN - Paranormal Studies and Inquiry Canada

New Brunswick

Campbellton NB Summer 1987 to 1989 approx 6-7pm


UFO details report: This was between 1987 and 1989, I was between 10 and 12 years old. - my aunt was babysitting my younger sister and I. She lived on Prince William St at the time and at around 6 or 7 pm we all went for a walk on the wharf. It was summertime, so lots of daylight still at that hour. My sister and my aunt were walking ahead and I was trailing slowly behind when I suddenly turn around and looked straight up. What I saw made me freeze in place. There was a very shiny metallic roundish object hovering in front of a cloud above us. It looked like the classic saucer shape but more rounded then flat. It was pretty far up, but close enough that I could perfectly the shape of it and that it was metallic. So I stared at this thing for a while and I could not speak I just simply could not believe my eyes. Them my aunt turned around and when she saw me looking up she also looked and saw it. Now, she is a very religious person and the believes in anything out of this world does not fit with her believes I think, plus, she probably did not want to scare us. So she started laughing very uncomfortably. She kept saying "Oh my this is strange, is this a bird? And then is this a plane... (Yes I know I know, but she was seriously saying this anyway. It got even weirder when this thing suddenly went behind the little fluffy cloud it was hovering in front, and then it came back out. Then, it went back around and I did not see it again. So I could easily leave this story like this, but to add to this, several years after, at the age of 14, we were assigned to do a research project in school and one of the subject was mysteries. It was a group project and a few of us gathered together excited about this. I really wanted to write about this story. Anyway, suddenly, an older girl who was in my class whom at the time I did not know much asked if she could be in our team because she had a great UFO story, and a picture! Anyway, she came to school a couple of days after with a photo of exactly the same distinctive object I had seen 4 years before. Apparently it had been taken by somebody close to her from the lumber yard at what was then JN Savoie. It showed the object overing high above the river. The photo had been taken I believe but not 100% sure, 4 years prior as well. Anyway. I can assure you that I will remember this for as long as I live. Oh and just another note, I always never really understood why my aunt and I could see it, but my sister who is just a year younger then I could not see anything, but just recently, we were discussing that event and we realized that she got a very strong eye prescription in the years that followed so she may have simply needed glasses. But she remembers our reaction to it very clearly.

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