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Glenboro Manitoba. SEPT 6 2015 APPROX. 10 PM

UFO  details report: Glenboro Manitoba. SEPT 6 2015 APPROX. 10 PM Standing in our backyard discussing polaris and the big dipper when a formation of dim lights. Spotted by myself and nine yr old son approached from the north headed almost directly south. There were six lights in a triangle formation estimated altitude of 1-2 km. It covered our view of the sky in approx 3-4 seconds. Its body blocked out the light of stars in the backdrop so i was convinced it was very large.. the parculiarthing was that there was no report ( no sound) of engine or jet as it passed and the rate of speed was way too fast to my belief that it could have been a craft that i had ever seen.  Has left us in ??????? In thirty plus years ive never witness quite an event in our skies and have spent many nights star gazing.awesome!!!!


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