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Centipede-like UFO Sighting Report Manitoba March 4th 2015


ufo details report: On March 4, 2015 about 8 P.M. I was driving on Hwy 59 going north of Winnipeg. About one third of the way between Garvin Rd. and Birds Hill Park I started to shoulder check to the left to make sure the passing lane was clear. I saw a formation of huge multicolored lights that looked maybe two miles away at a 10 oclock position. I immediately pulled off the Hwy to park on the side of the road. The front orb was considerately bigger than the 4 or 5 that followed it. It was so big and bright i couldn't understand why the other cars weren't pulling over too. i called my husband completely panicked and he said try to get some pictures with your I phone. these orbs moved mainly right behind each other. like a centipeed from the old Attari game. The larger orb was sometimes at the bottom of the orbs.  they flew at wierd angles and very quickly. when i first noticed the objects, they were so big and bright i thought for a moment could this be a carnival ride.As soon as i saw it, i immediately panicked, dropping my phone i was scared to death.i was so happy to get home without causing an the object got further and further away i kept my camera running. on the last picture i took you can see it stop for a moment then went west at a high rate of speed. i have 10 or 12 pics.


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