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Brokenhead First Nation UFO Sighting Report  April 1st 2015 10:10pm


UFO details report: The 3 of us were heading north on HWY 59. I seen a odd shaped slow moving almost hovering light above the HWY it was pretty low. I said what is that. My mom replied probably SARS (emergency helicopter) then I thought oh no I hope no one is hurt. But as we got closer there was no sound, the three lights were round and so bright, it was barely moving and way too low for a plane. As we drove under it I seen it was dark in colour, triangular shaped and had three points where the lights were. My son also seen that it was not a plane or a helicopter. I shouted its a triangle!!! I pulled over to the shoulder and my mom jumped out of the van it was so silent then it headed south west. Slow at first then more quick. In the distance we notice it was moving in dashing like motions. We were in amazement. I still can't believe what we just seen. Crazy. I want to call the airport because I doubt what I've seen I can't believe it. This was at approx 10:10 p.m.


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