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March 4 1977, 0600hrs. SUNDOWN (MANITOBA : CANADA)


Ludwig Siegal was driving east along Provincial Road to his farm outside Sundown when he saw a sort of shimmering oval luminosity, the size of a car, about 4.5m above the road directly ahead. The thing’s outer edges were white-cream, getting yellower towards the centre. Ludwig drove under the silent light and about 1km further along his headlights illuminated three entities in the middle of the road, arranged in a row less than 8m in front of his vehicles. These things were 1.5m tall and shaped rather like bowling pins, with large heads, think necks and a sort of flared body “like a skirt”. He was unable to break and ploughed into the things but felt no impact, and when he looked back he saw the things stand up again and then shrink down, “like a balloon deflating. The matter was reported to the police but there were no traces of things and no sign of impact on Ludwig’s car.


•Swords 2005, p212 citing John Timmerman (gives time as 0400)

•Rutkowski 1993, p44, citing Winnipeg Tribune 3,4,5, 8 March 1977.


Our thanks goes out to researcher Albert S Rosales for the above information.