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Ile des chene, Manitoba February 23rd 2015 Odd lights


ufo details report: i was out for a drive with my friend when we saw what looked like an airplane but it was not moving it was just hovering in the sky so we pulled over and u could see it just hovering in the sky it had four lights like an airplane but an airplane cant stop in mid air and after about 2 mins of it not moving it started to move again and then went off really fast into the night sky


Another report same date and location:

ufo details report: Me and my friend were in his car driving down the main stretch of ile des chene near the gas station where I saw four white lights in the sky in an x shape with a light on each end and it was'nt moving I said to my friend what's that and he said it must be a tower with lights but I new there was no tower there I told him to pull over I got out of the car and saw the four lights not moving then after about 2 minutes it shot off at about 3 times the speed of a plane


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